Chosen by Mr. Araki, a traditional craftsman
Highly crafted Sanuki Kagari


Sanuki Kagari

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A beautiful Temari rooted in traditional techniques

"Sanuki Kagari Temari" is a culture that has been loved and carefully inherited by women in Kagawa.

The Temari, which is made by dyeing cotton thread with vegetation and gently wrapping it one by one, is as beautiful as a kaleidoscope . You can feel the warmth and abundance born from the blessings of nature and the work of your hands.

The Sanuki Kagari Temari Preservation Workshop is the one that protects the culture of "Temari", which is disappearing from everyday life, and adds new charm as a craft. We are proposing new ways to enjoy Temari, not only by looking at them, but also by wanting them to become familiar with us in our daily lives.

Please enjoy the Temari with colorful and soft dignity in your life.

The following works are all one-of-a-kind , and were selected by Eiko Araki, a traditional craftsman and representative of the Sanuki Kagari Temari Preservation Society, for By Emotion. (With Mr. Araki's comment)

Hyakka Renran (diameter about 12.4cm)

Chrysanthemums, roses, daffodils, irises, etc. are in full bloom, and butterflies fly around in this gorgeous work. It is a masterpiece that can be enjoyed from every aspect.

Asaba of the 廿 (Niju Asano is about 7.7cm in diameter)

You can enjoy a different color scheme no matter where you look. The auspicious traditional pattern is refreshingly hung.

Mitsubishi and chrysanthemum indigo / madder set (each diameter about 7.7 cm)

Akane no Mari, which uses only threads dyed with Akane root, Akane no Mari, which uses only indigo dyed threads, and traditional Japanese colors have been made into a three-dimensional Temari with new expressions.

Triangular peony chrysanthemum (diameter about 7.7 cm)

Four kinds of triangular peony chrysanthemums are in bloom in the leaves of three feathers. Chrysanthemums dyed with Akane, Cochinil, Indigo, and Safflower are in full bloom on all four sides.

Plum (diameter about 6.5 cm) (sold)

The plum blossoms, which are expressed in red gradation dyed with Akane, are a work that brings out the cute and accurate overhang.

Cloisonne hemp leaf (diameter about 6.5 cm)

The cloisonne pattern, in which the circles are connected forever, is an auspicious pattern with wishes such as harmoniousness, harmony, and ties. "Hemp leaf" is a hexagonal geometric pattern and is said to have been named because it resembles a hemp leaf. It is a perfect Temari for gifts, with the meaning of healthy child growth and amulets. Finished with cochineal thread.

16 chrysanthemums (about 6.5 cm in diameter)

Ai also has a beautiful Japanese name. Peeping jars-Mizuasa-iro-Asagi-iro, Nado ...

Four-leaf clover and chrysanthemum (diameter about 7.7 cm) (sold)

A chrysanthemum made from Akane-zome thread with a delicate gradation. It is a cute Temari surrounded by four leaves.

Tortoise shell tethered cherry blossoms (diameter about 7.7 cm) (sold)

The cherry blossoms expressed by the gradation of safflower dyeing and the green hexagonal hexagonal turtle shell pattern express the springiness.

Shirakiku (diameter about 10.2 cm) (sold)

I was taught by my mother-in-law when it started with chrysanthemum and ended with chrysanthemum, but it is a traditional pattern that I want to cherish. It is a beautiful white and refreshing masterpiece.

16 chrysanthemums on three wings (diameter about 7.7 cm) (sold)

Looking at the three feathers on the leaves, 16 florets are in bloom. There are many kinds of flower dyeing materials such as Akane, safflower, Kariyasu, logwood, and cochineal, and it is a lovely Temari that you can enjoy on every side.

Behind the Scenes

The blessings of nature and the hands of humans
Beautiful colorful "Temari"

Kagawa has a culture that is loved by women and has been carefully inherited. One of them is "Sanuki Kagari Temari". It is a local toy of Kagawa. The pretty flower pattern and geometric pattern drawn with colorful threads are ...

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Creator Sanuki Kagari Temari Preservation Society
Title of work Kagari Sanuki
Material Rice husks, thin paper, cotton thread
Size Listed in the table below
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Shipping fee As follows. However, domestic shipping is free for purchases of 11,000 yen (tax included) or more.
Hokkaido: 990 yen (tax included)
Tohoku, Kanto, Tokai, Shinetsu, Hokuriku: 770 yen (tax included)
Kinki, China: 550 yen (tax included)
Shikoku: 495 yen (tax included)
Kyushu: 660 yen (tax included)
Okinawa: 1,100 yen (tax included)


Title The work itself Box
① Shirakiku Diameter approx. 10.2 cm (circumference approx. 32 cm) Length 10.5 cm x Width 10.5 m x Height 10.5 cm
② 16 chrysanthemums on three wings Diameter approx. 7.7 cm (circumference approx. 24 cm) Length 8.6 cm x Width 8.6 m x Height 8.6 cm
③ Triangular peony chrysanthemum Diameter about 7.7cm (circumference about 24cm) Length 8.6cm x Width 8.6m x Height 8.6cm
④ Plum Diameter about 6.5cm (circumference about 20cm) Length 8.6cm x Width 8.6m x Height 8.6cm
⑤ Cloisonne hemp leaf Diameter about 6.5cm (circumference about 20cm) Length 8.6cm x Width 8.6m x Height 8.6cm
⑥ 16 chrysanthemums Kagari Diameter about 6.5cm (circumference about 20cm) Length 8.6cm x Width 8.6m x Height 8.6cm


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