In online shopping, the concept
I often sympathize with the story and buy it.

my Emotion vol.8
Seitaro Takahashi

By Emotion asks connoisseurs about things that move their feelings
"my Emotion".

The 8th meeting will be held in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture for over 300 years.

Mr. Seitaro Takahashi, a vinegar craftsman.


I also keep in mind when I make vinegar, but I think that I can make good things by having a face-to-face relationship with the farmers who make rice and fruits, which are the raw materials for vinegar. increase.

The person who makes it makes it after knowing the person who uses it.
Even in daily shopping, we value encounters with such makers.

By Emotion also has an interview with the creator, so I think it's good to feel the personality and feelings and feel like talking to that person.

I especially like the work of Zenemon Sakakura, and I gave it to his wife's mother last year on her birthday. I have talked with Mr. Sakakura before, and I feel that his personality is reflected in the work as a gentle color.

Also, I like the idea of ​​the creator of LiBCACAO's chocolate, "If you can notice the casual happiness that blends into your daily life, you will feel more happy every day."

I feel that this kind of connection with the creator is more luxurious than the price.


Seitaro Takahashi

Shobun Vinegar Co., Ltd. Vinegar craftsman

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