In online shopping, the concept
I often sympathize with the story and buy it.

my Emotion vol.9
Jiro Imoto

By Emotion asks connoisseurs about things that move their feelings
"my Emotion".

The 9th was raised in a family of seaweed farming in Manabe Island, Okayama Prefecture

Disseminate the charm of Nori seaweed in the Seto Inland Sea

Jiro Imoto from "Jiroya".


When you feel the story of what kind of feeling you are making, you want to support it.

The world is full of things, and the number of people starting businesses is increasing recently, but

I'm not so interested in pursuing only profits,

For example,

that you want to convey the charm of the local area that you have been accustomed to since you were little.

I think storylines are important.

Also, you can see the history of the store, how long it has been done.

You can't meet the creator on the internet.

But when you want to support, buy a product and

I wish I could talk to them directly when I went to the area.

In fact, when I go on a trip, I sometimes visit the shop directly saying "it was delicious".

By Emotion often feels the story of the creator.

I especially like yogurt, so I feel that Wood Berry's frozen yogurt is particular about the ingredients.

I also make seasoned seaweed, so what I think is

After all, it is delicious and natural to put it out to the world.

There, in the story of the creator's "from whom" and "traditions and feelings",

I think the material will have more depth and flavor.


Jiro Imoto

Jiroya representative

Born and raised in Manabe Island, Okayama Prefecture, at a family home of seaweed farming.

"I want to revive the seaweed industry on the island," and established "Jiroya," which manufactures and sells first-class seasoned seaweed from the Seto Inland Sea.

Jiro Imoto's "my Emotion"

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