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my Emotion vol.8
Shiori Izumi

By Emotion is for connoisseurs
"My Emotion" asks about things that move you involuntarily.

8th The time is a candle shop in Hakodate, Hokkaido

Shiori Izumi, the president of 710CANDLE.


It has improved now, but a few years ago I was suffering from severe atopy and allergies to my son. The only normal skin was the tip of the nose, and the skin all over the body was peeling off. Holding my child crying day and night, I couldn't go outside and I was crying in the room 1 I was just wandering around for over a year.

After that, I have had the experience of improving the intestinal environment and eating habits, and improving not only my son but also myself.

So this time myEmotion When I heard that, "Yoshimori Makiba"'s rice and soybeans came to my mind.

Makiba Yoshimori who faces nature devotedly every day. From the conventional cultivation that has been passed down from generation to generation, natural cultivation and organic cultivation have started for my own generation. [Challenge] I was impressed with that attitude.

Somehow it sounded like a distant existence SDGs It's easy to criticize pesticides and herbicides, not commercial-based naturalists, but what can we do for the planet on our own? It reminds me.

Take a new step. Taking on a challenge is courageous.

I want to circulate. I want to coexist. I want to keep it clean for the next generation. First of all, I can do it. From a small step. ], Very Emotion I feel.

I sympathize with the theme of [circulation].

I also feel that candles are thrown away once they are used and are consumed.

How can I circulate so that it doesn't happen? I am always trying and error.

You can keep your memorable flowers, such as funeral and proposal flowers, and make them into candles. We add wax and plant herbs and succulents so that they can be reused semi-permanently.

Be like a treasure that you want to keep by your side forever.

Makiba Yoshimori's crops are something that you always want to keep nearby. Every time I see it, every time I put it in my mouth emotion Overflows.

ByEmotion I chose 2 points from the list.

While the old-fashioned things are steadily decreasing, ByEmotion I am very attracted to the broom. There is a tatami room in my villa, and I am aiming for a house that grows and coexists without eliminating bacteria. I make soy sauce, miso, jiuqu, vinegar, etc. by myself. It would be nice to sweep such tatami mats with this broom. When,

It fits well as an interior, and it's nice to aim for a "broom that returns to the soil" that can be used for a long time.

The parasol is also attractive. It was beautiful and came into my eyes. Every time I hold an umbrella, I feel better and feel more positive. With such a nice parasol, you might want to go out even on a hot day. It seems that inspiration will spring up while taking a walk outside, and new works may be born.


Shiori Izumi (Izumi / Bookmark)

710CANDLE Presided over by Nanaichi Maru Candle

1987 Born in Mori-cho, Hokkaido. 2011 Started activities as a candle instructor in Tokyo in 2014, and started a candle specialty store in Hakodate city. 710 candle ( Nanaichimaru Candle ) "open. In addition, instructors for improving the intestinal environment, support for women's entrepreneurship, cultivation of organic cotton, revival project of extinct Japanese cotton in Japan, production of wax produced from seeds, production of candle cores using cotton produced in-house, atopy and A wide range of activities such as developing underwear and clothing for people suffering from skin problems, and producing safe and secure processed food products.

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