Ishiki Hana

I want you to feel the connection with nature
Big nature in a small bowl


"Sekibokka" is a bonsai that is so small and cute that it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The plants that grow from a vessel about 5 cm in diameter are gentle, dignified and beautiful, sometimes strong, and make you feel the breath of nature and make you notice the change of the four seasons.

When you say "bonsai", you may have a slightly stiff image. However, Ishiki Hana conveys the depth of Japanese tradition and the beauty of nature without having to stretch your shoulders a little more.

Adorable palm-sized Ishiki flower

The expression of the tree and the nuances of the vessel are not the same as one . How on earth was this view of the world born?

We asked Mr. Takuya Goto, Managing Director of Hana Ishiki, about his passionate feelings in a small bowl.

Takuya Goto

"Beautiful nature and traditions of Japan in a new form"

Hana Ishiki is a place rich in nature in Yamagata Prefecture, and started in the place of Koji Goto, the father and representative of Takuya.

The family business runs the palace architecture of temples and shrines, and Koji says that he grew up in contact with traditional Japanese culture from an early age. He was influenced by his mother, a gardening enthusiast, and his hobby is bonsai. When he was in the 4th grade of elementary school, he used to pick and grow plants in the field and make them into bonsai.

As time goes by and you deepen your knowledge of traditional culture through the work of palace architecture, you will realize that Japanese traditional culture and nature are inextricably linked.

The traditional Japanese motif has the Japanese sensibility that has been sensitive to the changes of nature and seasons, and many plants are used. Isn't it possible to take the beautiful nature and traditions of Japan into a new form and deliver it to young people ...

Hana Ishiki sprouted small buds from Koji's feelings and has been connected to the present.

Beautiful natural scenery of Yamagata prefecture

The world view of "Ishiki Hana" nurtured in nature

Mr. Takuya also seems to have become familiar with plants in the magnificent nature from an early age.

I have had many opportunities to be taken out in nature, such as mountain climbing, and I have spent my childhood saying, "I have never been to a theme park, but I have climbed a cliff."

I think that the feelings nurtured in nature are connected to the present. For example, when you climb a river and put your hand on a cliff and lift your body, small plants pop up right next to your hand. The moment you see it, you feel the vitality of a plant that has lived for hundreds of years. I think that the accumulation of such experiences has become the world view of Ishiki Hana.

Seeds carried by the wind on a large stone sprout and grow trees. It seems that Ishiki Hana has the image of maturing, blooming, and bearing fruit.

The small bonsai that fits in the palm of your hand expresses the strength, beauty, tenderness and rigor of nature >

"I want to make the best use of the natural goodness of plants"

All the processes of forming stones and trees are done by hand .

Plants sow seeds, affectionately grow, wait for growth, It takes at least 5 years to become a product It seems that it is t49> .

There are hundreds of kinds of plants, but each one has a different facial expression and personality . The timing of fertilizer and watering and the timing of pruning are changed according to the nature of the plant . I always stayed close to the plants, and as I listened to the voices of the plants, I came to understand them naturally.

At least 5 years from sowing to commercialization

Takuya's important thing in growing plants is that do not force the shape so as not to spoil the original beauty of the plant . Is called. There is a characteristic of Ishiki Hana, which is a bonsai but has a flat friendliness.

Sometimes there are things like stupid branches spreading out, but "Isn't this the charming part of this tree? I think . If it is a bonsai, it should be arranged, but even if there is a unique branch, it is unique, and I want to make the best use of the goodness as it is .

Utilizing the natural individuality of plants

For example, each person has a different face and a different personality. However, that person's individuality is unique, isn't it? It's the same with plants.

The kindness of the stone-tree flower plant, which tells us that it's okay to be natural without elbows, may be a proof that we grew up freely with the warmth of the people who grow it.

The timing of care varies depending on the characteristics of the plant

"Leave the heat of manufacturing in the vessel"

We put a lot of effort into the "vessel", and the staff makes all the small bowls and plates by hand .

It is important to leave the amount of heat for manufacturing as it is in the vessel . No single vessel is the same, isn't it? Even if it is a little distorted or somehow missing, it fits nicely when combined with plants .

The facial expressions and nuances of the vessels are slightly different, giving you a feeling of warmth and taste unique to handicrafts and giving you peace of mind.

Set up your own kiln and make all the pots and saucers by hand

It seems that the commitment to manual work has been inherited from the generation of his father, Koji. "Because I have come into contact with various traditional cultures of Japan and have seen the extremes of handicrafts, I want to continue to stick to the amount of heat generated by the hands of people ," says Takuya. Speaks.

The appearance of a single work has been refined and created in the daily process of touching nature, touching the soil, and interacting with trees.

Autumn leaves and a letter

It seems that letters are often sent from customers who receive Ishiki Hana with their feelings.

The most memorable event is a letter from a 90-year-old grandmother who was given by her grandmother.

The letter says that I have been cherishing the autumn leaves that my grandchildren gave me, that I have gradually become blind, that I can touch the autumn leaves with my hands and grow them, and that I can grow them in the future. It was written that I wanted them to grow up instead because I was worried.

The autumn leaves that were sent to me had moss sunk so that I could tell that I would have checked them with my fingers every day. But at a glance, I knew that they had been brought up very carefully. I'm glad that every time I received the feelings of ourselves and felt the existence of customers who grew up with love, I was able to face them seriously . The autumn leaves entrusted to me by her grandmother are still carefully raised at home.

Autumn leaves entrusted to me by my grandmother, who is still growing well

"I want you to feel the connection with nature by growing plants"

The feeling that Ishiki Hana wants to convey is the importance of "feeling."

At the root of traditional Japanese culture is the heart where you can feel the transition and beauty of nature. However, the trend of the times demands more efficiency and simplicity, and it may be difficult to "feel" in the busy days of today.

That's why Takuya says, "I want you to feel the connection with nature by growing plants."

When facing the bonsai, , buds, buds swelled, flowers bloomed, such individual changes You can feel . So Then, not only the bonsai but also the surroundings will change .

I found small flowers by the side of the road and felt that the leaves of the roadside trees were colored. By returning to that kind of feeling, I think there are many things that can be saved by living a richer and healthier life. That is why I want to deliver Ishiki Hana as a door to nature .

According to the concept of "big nature in a small vessel", the feelings put into a small stone tree flower with a colon lead to magnificent nature.

Why don't you spend your days experiencing the charm of plants and feeling the connection with nature in your daily life?