I want to wear this, I want to have it
I have lived thinking every day.

my Emotion vol.5
Kiyoko Tsukamoto

By Emotion asks connoisseurs about things that move their feelings
"my Emotion".

5th times deal with Colombian handmade bags

Kiyoko Tsukamoto, the representative of Mochira Japan.


I'm always looking for something new and that fits me.

Even though

, I like old things and craftsmanship, and my style is to mix standard and unusual things.

How to find it, but if you get a hint by referring to fashion snaps etc., search until you are satisfied.

It takes time, but it's not a pain at all.

I've lived thinking that I want to wear this and want to have it, but I no longer rely on the brand name for shopping.

It doesn't necessarily mean that it is good because it is expensive.

Meet a number of masterpieces you didn't know,

I would like to have a shopping experience that says, "Oh, there is something like this", and I think there is such a thing in By Emotion .

I bought Room Sabo to celebrate my mother's joy.

"It doesn't slip at all, it's light and sticks to my feet," said her dry mother, so she tried it on.

Tanino Christie and JM I was a merchandiser at Weston, so I'm a little noisy about the quality of the leather and the sewing technique, but the fit I wanted to wear all the time and the smell of leather was the best. ..


Kiyoko Tsukamoto (Tsukamoto / Sumiko)

Representative of Mochira Japan

From the impact of craftsmanship that I felt while working for the Japanese subsidiary of Milan's famous shoes, Tanino Christie for many years, to the world of "handmade". She then worked as a merchandiser for the French luxury shoe brand JM Weston.

She established "Mochira Japan", which handles Wayuu handmade bags ethically after gaining a deep connection with Colombia.

Kiyoko Tsukamoto's "my Emotion"

Yamato Genuine Leather Room Sabo

A gentle fit that fits barefoot, which is also used in luxury hotels

¥ 11,000 ~

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