In online shopping, the concept
I often sympathize with the story and buy it.

my Emotion vol.6
Naoki Yamaguchi

By Emotion asks connoisseurs about things that move their feelings
"my Emotion".

6th times, 2100

Co-founder and producer Naoki Yamaguchi.


I want to make a convincing purchase.

However, I'm not the type who actively collects information about things, so I often try to eat things that my friends and acquaintances say "good!".

In online shopping, I often buy by sympathizing with the concept of the shop and the story of the product.

So I bought it once, and if it was good, I would repeat it.

By Emotion I want to support, so I buy various things.

I was a little worried about the

TOOT pants because they have a shallow rise, but I gradually forgot to wear them.

I thought the color should be basic, so I bought some navy blue.

The tea box I bought recently is used as a "rice box".

It feels good to be tightly sealed.

In my case, rice containers have been a problem for many years, but I bought this and solved it.


Naoki Yamaguchi

2100 Co., Ltd. Co-founder / Producer

Joined Dentsu in 2001. He is assigned to a television station in the media content department. After that, he transferred to the sales bureau and engaged in sales promotion planning, TV program production, regional revitalization projects, etc. in various industries such as general electric machine manufacturers, banks, finance such as securities, construction, entertainment industry, restaurant industry, newspaper company. Considering that there is an essential issue of the company deeper than advertising, we proposed a creative business for business owners and succeeded, so we participated as the first producer when the Dentsu Future Creation Group was established, and people and people Also serves as a job type connector that connects. As an outside activity, he is also promoting the revitalization of Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, through the activities of the standing director of the NPO Information Station, which operates a private library.

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TOOT Stretch Cotton Pants

Exquisite tension and hold The entrance to the comfort of "fitting"

¥ 3,300

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Naoki Yamaguchi's "my Emotion" ②

Maeda Kobo Tea Box

From plastic to wooden boxes, various uses beyond tea

¥ 5,720 ~

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