Whole ripe Nanko plums from Wakayama
Wrapped, chilled and refreshing cool confectionery


Godaian Kijuku Ume Jelly Ume Senke 8 pieces

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  • Uses the whole of Japan's finest plum "Nanko Ume"
  • Uses plum juice and plum wine. Dessert for plum lovers
  • A dish recommended for summer
that is chilled to bring out the flavor.


Kishu Minabe Nanko Ume, which is said to be the best in Japan, is nurtured by abundant nature and a long history, and is rich in organic acids and has the highest quality in both fragrance and meat quality. This Kishu Nanko plum was harvested after waiting for ripeness, and plum juice was added, boiled down and wrapped in jelly .

The yellow ripe plums are rich and have a faint aroma . You can enjoy the flavor even more when you eat it chilled.



Distributor Higashi Farm Co., Ltd.
Product name Kijuku Ume Jelly Ume Senke
Ingredient name Plum (produced in Wakayama Prefecture), plum juice, sugar, plum wine, trehalose, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), acidulant, antioxidant (vitamin C) , Carotene pigment
Name of origin of raw materials Wakayama prefecture (plum)
Contents 8 pieces
Container Cosmetic box
Allergy-specific raw materials contained in the product Required 7 items: None Recommended 25 items: None
External dimensions Width 160mm x Depth 160mm x Height 80mm
Product weight 970g
Best-by date 12 months from the date of manufacture
How to save Please save away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.

-The seal is especially hard to prevent the jelly from leaking. Please use the provided spoon (the jagged part).

-The teeth (zigzag part) and tip of the spoon are sharp. Be especially careful when handling children.

-In rare cases, white spots or linear cloudiness may appear on the surface of the plum, but since it is an extract derived from plum, please enjoy it with confidence.

-Since this product uses plum wine, it contains alcohol (0.2g / 100g), although it is a very small amount.

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