The distribution volume is about 0.1%, which is exceptionally rare.
Health gift from Kagoshima primeval forest


Japanese honey bee honey "Rin"

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  • Domestic distribution volume of about 0.1% and rare Japanese honey bee honey
  • Refreshing acidity from the former herb garden and Hetsuka orchid
  • All for manual work 100% pure, unheated, unsweetened raw honey


Fresh taste even for famous pastry chefs

Honey of Japanese honeybee, which is said to be rare. However, beekeeping does not require a qualification or license, so the impression is mixed boulders .

Among such Japanese honey bee honey, is described by a famous pastry chef as "interesting richness. Fresh taste" , and Handmade in the marginal village is Hetsuka (Hetsuka) Honey "Rin".

There is no honey-specific harshness, There is gentle sweetness and refreshing citrus acidity from the primeval forest, which is a treasure trove of nature. Therefore, it is recommended that you take it slowly to like a health food that licks about half a teaspoon of during a relaxing time such as breakfast on holidays or relaxing time before going to bed at night. So, it has been loved in the area as a health gift for loved ones .

Honey that is easily crystallized and opaque due to its high sugar content

Why is Japanese honey bee honey so rare?

Western honey bee honey accounts for 99.9% of the domestic distribution volume that many people usually get, and Japanese honey bee honey domestic distribution volume is only about 0.1% It is said to be .

The reason why Japanese honey bee honey is rare

Furthermore, Western honey bees have a history of being domesticated for use in beekeeping and do not escape from the nest box that was set up, whereas Japanese honey bees are very delicate and wild Therefore, it is difficult to breed bees because they escape from the nest due to external factors such as temperature and humidity, and there are some years when they cannot be collected.

It is particularly vulnerable to pesticides, and even a small amount of pesticide sprayed in a remote area may cause annihilation.

The secret that the deliciousness of "Rin" is exceptional

There is a reason why "Rin" of Hezuka honey has been cherished as a special gift.

  1. The source of nectar is exceptional

    Japanese honeybees collect nectar from a wide variety of flowers, so the taste varies depending on the source of nectar.

    In the Sata area where Hezuka is located, there is the largest laurel forest in western Japan , which is designated as a natural environment conservation area. t3> Untouched evergreen broad-leaved flowers and wildflowers are in full bloom constantly. There was also a herb garden of the Satsuma domain during the Edo period.

    Therefore, a wide variety of medicinal herbs grow naturally , as well as Hetsuka orchids preferred by honeybees and citrus Hetsuka. The refreshing sourness is created by collecting the nectar of flowers unique to this region, such as .

    Hezuka virgin forest

  2. Extraordinary time and effort

    Pollen, bee pups, etc. can be caught together when honey is harvested, but since the work is quick, only conspicuous impurities are removed. Some beekeepers compress it mechanically.

    On the other hand, Mr. Kumanoho, the producer, does not use a machine and all are manually strained . The first time is 4 days and the second time is 2 days. To prevent impurities from entering visually, 100% pure, unheated, unsweetened raw honey You can make .

    Mr. Kumanoho, who has driven away insects that are natural enemies and raised bees with his own wooden hive as if he were his own child We will spare no effort in this last effort to deliver delicious honey once a year.

    Mr. Kumanoho, who treats Japanese honeybees and hives carefully

Why don't you send "Blessings of the primeval forest" cultivated by Japanese honeybees to that person who wants you to stay healthy all the time.



Distributor Haneda Future Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Sea Ag Japan Co., Ltd.)
Product name Japanese honey bee honey Rin
Raw material name Domestic honey
Contents 120g
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Shipping fee (tax included) Nationwide uniform 900 yen
Best-by date Reiwa February 15, 6
How to save Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature. Refrigerator is recommended after opening.
Nutrition Facts Label Per 100g: Energy 326kcal, Protein 0.3g, Fat 0.1g, Carbohydrate 81g, Salt Equivalent 0.01g


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