I'm not just a thing
I also value the experience of buying.

my Emotion vol.2
Masakatsu Saito

By Emotion is for connoisseurs
"My Emotion" asks about things that move you involuntarily.

The second is Minkabu The Infonoid Co., Ltd.

Masakatsu Saito, Executive Vice President and COO.


other EC I am using it for things and experiences that I do not have.

Amazon And Rakuten have a lot of goods, By Emotion There is something else that you can't find anywhere else.

I value not only the things but also the surprise when they arrive, that is, the experience of buying. I bought an umbrella the other day, but I was a little surprised to see the box that arrived. I see.

What else are you buying?

I have decided to buy shoes and bags such as "Berluti" and suits to be customized. However, shoes and bags can be standard, but on the contrary, I want to wear non-standard accessories.

That's why I buy bow ties, umbrellas, and other items that aren't sold at ordinary online stores. Also, I choose shirts, socks, and other essentials that go well with summer jackets that have a story that is a little different from normal.

I also buy food. Is it a feeling that you find it from the perspective of "things that are not sold in the basement of the department store"?

Some people may coordinate with all the strange things, but I like to mix a little strange things in the classics.

After all it took courage to buy clothes at first. I don't know the size and texture of the material on the internet. I think the technology will gradually solve it. By Emotion teeth The gap between the photo and the actual one is small, so I think you should ask on the site what you are worried about. I bought one shirt first and then bought different colors, but I haven't made any mistakes.


Masakatsu Saito

Minkabu The Infonoid Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President and COO

After graduating from Tama Art University, established Japan Online Securities (currently au Kabu.com Securities) after working for Nomura System Service and Itochu Corporation. Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2005 as the president from 2004. Became a subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group in 2007. In 2019, it received an investment from the KDDI Group and incorporated the "au" brand into the company name. December 19 President and Representative Director. He left Kabu.com in 2009 and joined Minkabu the Innoid. He has been in his current position since June 2009.

Masakatsu Saito's "my Emotion" ①

Sato Textile Wool T-Shirt

Hebirote Inevitable Basic Washable Wool Knit Originally Developed

From ¥ 26,400

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Masakatsu Saito's "my Emotion" ②

Sato Textile Wool Socks

Fit + hard to get stuffy. If you want to take off your shoes outside, this is it. Orthodox socks

¥ 4,180

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Masakatsu Saito's "my Emotion" ③

Rigid arm Garoo Shan tie / bow tie

A man's taste that is easy to wear and does not lose its shape

From ¥ 66,000

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Masakatsu Saito's "my Emotion" ④

Makita Shoten monotone Argyle

If you open it up, it feels like a street corner in England.

¥ 14,300

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Masakatsu Saito's "my Emotion" ⑤

BRUSONE wine (red / white)

Annual production of 8,000 bottles, limited distribution wine made by former Armani executives

¥ 9,702 ~

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Masakatsu Saito's "my Emotion" ⑥

Incense Temari incense

A swaying room fragrance A soft space created by Temari

¥ 13,200

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Masakatsu Saito's "my Emotion" ⑦

Rainy mountains

A small wilderness where you can enjoy a small mossy garden with a single flower in your room

¥ 12,100

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