Elegant luster and smooth touch
An art piece with a Scandinavian scent

北欧の著名デザイナー「Stig Lindberg」
サイズ 200×110cm
北欧の著名デザイナー「Stig Lindberg」
サイズ 200×110cm
レッド<br>北欧の著名デザイナー「Stig Lindberg」<br>のテキスタイルデザイナを完全再現
レッド<br>サイズ 200×110cm
ブルー<br>北欧の著名デザイナー「Stig Lindberg」<br>のテキスタイルデザイナを完全再現
ブルー<br>サイズ 200×110cm

muto silk cashmere "POTTERY"

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  • Completed in about half a year with ultra-fine thread like hair
  • Soft and light, elegant luster and smooth touch
  • Scandinavian Textile design by a well-known designer


Glossy, smooth touch, and eye-catching playfulness are the protagonists

A silk cashmere stall that is fun for the eyes and adds an accent to simple coordination.

The design by Stig Lindberg, one of the most prominent designers in Scandinavia, has been reproduced by the skilled craftsmanship of "muto" . Silk cashmere "Lindberg series".

"POTTERY" with various silhouettes of pottery is like a painting. The playful and unique textile of Scandinavian design has a charming world view with different atmospheres in red and blue. It is easy to match with casual styles such as shirts and T-shirts, and Scandinavian pop colors make coordination gorgeous at once . It's a piece that can be a starting point for conversation.

Wearing image: Red, blue from the left

The stall that represents " muto ", which has many fans for its melting comfort, so that people say "I don't want to take it indoors".

"Silk cashmere", which is a mixture of "silk", a natural material made from silk moth cocoons, and "cashmere", a thread fiber of cashmere goats, is elegant luster and smooth. It features a soft touch . Among such silk cashmere, " muto " uses natural extra-fine yarn, and its fineness is almost the same as that of hair . Therefore, requires delicate weaving techniques .

Delicate technique of weaving with extra-fine threads that are almost the same thickness as hair

Its technology and reliable quality are about recognized by the first-class maison at the world's best fabric trade fair "Premiere Vision" held in Paris, France . ..

Because it is a large size, it can be used not only as an accent for coordination, but also when you feel a little chilly or as an indoor air-conditioning measure. You can use it all year round ..

It's a long way to complete the stall for half a year at the earliest

Nishikatsura is located in the southeastern part of Yamanashi prefecture, which has been known as a textile producing area for a long time, including "Kai silk", which is a high-quality silk material. Founded in 1967 there, "Muto" is a textile manufacturer that continues to challenge the possibilities of textiles by handling ultra-fine yarns made of natural materials while preserving traditional techniques.

Nishikatsura Town, Yamanashi Prefecture, where the melted snow of Mt. Fuji flows

When I asked Mr. Muto about the process of weaving silk cashmere stall,

It will take at least half a year to complete a single silk stall.

The surprising answer is


The manufacturing process begins with making ultra-fine, high-quality yarn that is a mixture of silk and cashmere. (This silk reeling was jointly developed by muto and a spinning company)

Next, the number and length of woven fabrics are adjusted by arranging the required number of warps, including a process called "double cover" that increases the strength of the yarn that is indispensable for weaving a unique texture. After "warping" to adjust and "pulling in", which is an important preparation before weaving, it is said that the weaving machine is finally ready to weave.

The period is a long way of about 6 months.

The process of weaving warps

"Pulling" work to connect the warp that has been woven and the warp that is newly woven one by one

And because of the extra-fine yarn, the number of that can be woven on a loom is limited, and it is good that only 4 sheets are a day. increase.

The ultra-fine yarn made of natural materials is blended for the most comfortable touch , and by daringly weaving it with a slow loom, the air and softness are combined, > One finished with the thawed water and wind of Mt. Fuji.

Please experience the lightness and texture created by skilled craftsmen one by one with your skin.

Behind the Scenes

"It takes half a year at the earliest to complete one sheet"
Crystal of the technique of weaving ultra-fine yarn

Nishikatsura is located in the southeastern part of Yamanashi prefecture. In Nishikatsura, which has been known as a famous place for weaving since ancient times, we continue to take on the challenge of passing on the textile culture to the next generation while carefully preserving traditional techniques ...

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Distributor Muto Co., Ltd.
Product name Silk cashmere POTTERY

Silk 70%

Cashmere 30%

Country of manufacture Japan
Size 200 × 110cm
Washing method

-Use a cleaning net.
-Please use a patch when ironing.

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Handling Precautions
  • Earrings Be careful not to catch the belt, chuck, etc.
  • Leaving it wet for a long time may cause discoloration or decolorization.

We accept repairs free of charge for long-term patronage.

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