The enthusiasm of a watch shop in Shinshu was born
Mechanical wristwatch that can be used by parents and grandchildren for 3 generations


TAKUMiSM mechanical wristwatch

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  • Watches created by the enthusiasm and sense of crisis of Nagano watch stores
  • Original parts and designs for "three generations"
  • The collected parts are from Seiko's factory. Assembled at


Watches that have many types as men's particular items. While smart watches with various functions have appeared and quartz watches that are easy to use, mechanical watches are now popular with young men.

Speaking of mechanical watches, so-called brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and domestically produced Grand Seiko are famous. One created by the enthusiasm of watchmakers in Nagano Prefecture I think there are few people who know.

" TAKUMiSM ( Takumism ) This watch named "Shinshu". We interviewed Mr. Kunitada Nakazawa of "Bell Ringing Shop Nakazawa", a watch shop in Chino City, Nagano Prefecture, which created the opportunity for his birth.

"The number of repairers who can fix mechanical watches is decreasing."

It can be said that "Takumism Shinshu" was born from a conversation with Seiko Epson Shiojiri Office Watch Division W Production Department Manager. At that time, quartz watches were in full swing, and the number of repairmen who could fix mechanical watches was decreasing year by year. "Because young people don't become a business, they become repairmen without learning the repair technique of mechanical watches. I want to create an opportunity to learn. "

The advantages of quartz watches are high accuracy and ease of maintenance. On the other hand, repairs often require parts replacement, and the parts are also manufactured by the manufacturer. Ten Since it only lasts for about a year, it can be said that it is difficult to use it for a long time.

On the other hand Mechanical watches are "powered by royal fern, so if you have repair skills, you can repair damaged parts or make new ones and use them for 2 or 3 generations." Says Mr. Nakazawa. Mr. Nakazawa, who was at the forefront of the watch market, said, "The need for mechanical watches will not disappear. Rather, it will increase in the future. Engineers must not stop."

In Nagano Prefecture, the governor of the prefecture, Yasuo Tanaka, established a skill evaluation certification system for various occupations along with the development of skills. 2004 Year 6 Moon 7 Mechanical watch repair skill evaluation "Shinshu Takumi's watch repairman" is the first on the date 1 The watch repair course for Shinshu Takumi was held at the Seiko Epson Shiojiri Plant. Courses are expanding year by year 2018 Since the year, it has been held at the Chino City Vocational Training School.

State of "Shinshu Takumi's watch repairer training account"

in the meantime 16 16 In the year 280 The name is "Shinshu Takumi's watch repairman" qualification. Initially, the participants were only in the prefecture, but now participants come from all over Japan, including the Kanto region such as Tokyo and Kanagawa.

"Shinshu Takumi", a repair technology comparable to overseas luxury watch brands

3 "Watch repairman of Shinshu Takumi" consisting of classes.

3 Class: The watch can be disassembled, assembled, and lubricated.

2 Class: 3 In addition to class technology, we can manufacture parts

1 Class: 2 In addition to the technology up to the class, we have more advanced parts making and rate adjustment technology.

In addition to these, "technology specialized in rate adjustment technology" is classified as Class A. 1 It is a special grade together with the grade. by the way, Only 17 of the successful applicants have passed the special grade.

According to Mr. Nakazawa, the repair system for luxury watch brands that are also popular in Japan is a shared system, and Shinshu Takumi's watch repairman 1 It is said that the number of repairers who can disassemble → assemble → adjust the rate like a class is limited.

Mr. Nakazawa says, "I'm very proud to have a watch shop in Nagano prefecture that has the same level of skill as a repairman who has only a few luxury watch brands such as those made in Switzerland." This has the characteristics of the area of Nagano Prefecture, where the Seiko factory is located.

2006 In the year, "Takumism Shinshu" was born from the desire to have a wristwatch that can be maintained and repaired by ourselves in order to maintain and pass on the repair technology.

Some people said that the design was "brilliant", but we made it simple so that it could be used for a long time. Since it originated from Nagano prefecture, the Japanese Alps was placed on the dial. No. 1 1 The movement of the bullet is made by Orient, and each part is ordered and assembled at the Seiko factory, and a watch repairman of Shinshu Takumi. 1 The rate was adjusted by the hand of the class holder.

Clock design that can be used for 100 years

In making this watch The hardest part was "to be able to use it for a long time". Generally, the "life" of a mechanical watch is 50 Year. 2nd generation, 3 In order to use it with a teenager 100 A clock design that lasts for years is required. Therefore, the case is thick so that it can be polished even if it gets scratched, and the band that is the fastest to use in watch parts is innocent and thick. The watch will have a serial number and a watch chart will be attached.

* This chart consists of a manual, warranty card, serial number, rate certificate, and watch repair history table. Takumism Shinshu 1 It is repaired by the class holder, and the date, contents, and name of the repairer are entered in the repair history table because repair is one of the history of watches.

The reaction after the release was excellent, " The scheme in which the union (Nagano Prefecture Watch Jewelery Eyeglasses Commercial Cooperative) engages with manufacturers to manufacture products and repairs is epoch-making. " Was evaluated.

Recently I asked Mr. Nakazawa 1 Takumism of bullets A customer who purchased Shinshu requested repairs. He was transferred and is now brought in by mail from the person in Sendai. 1 It was repaired by the class holder, and the case was polished to a shiny new look and returned to the owner.

Mechanical wristwatches are a bit of a boom now. At the time of planning, it seems that the times have caught up with Takumism Shinshu, which seemed to go against the times.

I asked Mr. Nakazawa about the future.

I want to continue repairing watches that I made with all my thoughts. I think that continuing to use one watch for a long time is to convey the history of one's life to the next user. And I think that it is necessary to continue using it in order to pass on the watch repair technology to the future.

Takumism, which can be purchased only at union members' stores, this time By Emotion Then the remaining number is rare Takumism No. 3 bullets , No. Four Bullet, No. Five Introducing a limited number of bullets.



Distributor Bell Ringing Store Nakazawa
Product name Self-winding type Mechanical watch (with manual winding)
Product specifications

1. Movement

① Automatic winding (with manual winding), with second stop mechanism

②With calendar display function

③Use seismic bearings to protect the balance from impact

Caliber: TMINE15A (SEIKO Manufacturing (H.K.) Limited)

Vibration frequency… 21,600 Vibration / time

Number of stones… 24 stones

Accuracy daily difference…- 15 seconds to +25 seconds (daily difference)

Maximum winding time ... 50 hours lasting

Date / day ... With date and time display

* Accuracy Daily difference is room temperature Day difference

when 24 hours have passed with the whole volume of the Zenmai in the environment and standing still on the dial. Depending on the movement, winding condition of the watch, etc.), it may exceed the range of portable accuracy.

2. Case

Waterproof function ... Water resistant for daily life (10 atm)

Case band material ... Stainless steel

Glass material ... Sapphire (with anti-reflective coating on the back)

Back cover / crown marking ... Laser treatment

3. Dial

Surface treatment ... Wrapping finish

Hour characters ... Typesetting

Size ... Diameter 3.3cm

Band Adjustment After purchase, the seller will send you a paper measurement kit. By notifying the seller of the measured size, we will adjust the length of the band and deliver it.

3 years after purchase

Normal use according to the attached instruction manual within the warranty period In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, we will repair and adjust it free of charge according to the following warranty provisions.

○ Warranty target part

Watch body (movement)

○ Warranty exemption

Even if the product is within the warranty period or covered by the warranty, it will be repaired for a fee in the following cases.

・ Incorrect use, inadvertent failure or damage. And failure or damage due to improper repair or modification

・ Failure or damage due to natural disasters such as fire, flood or earthquake

・ Changes in appearance (case, glass) that occur during use・ Scratches on the metal band, etc.)

Please contact the seller directly for repairs and aftercare during and after the warranty period.

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