What kind of feeling was it made?
I think that is the added value.

my Emotion vol.1
Hiroshi Onishi

By Emotion asks connoisseurs
things that move their emotions involuntarily "my Emotion".

Former President of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings,
Hiroshi Onishi, President of Haneda Future Research Institute.


Men's fashion is often referred to as suits, shirts, and ties. Total balance is important, but shoes are often out of the concept of fashion.

But I have always thought that shoes are an important item.

Ten years ago, the Isetan Men's Building won the grand prize at the "Daily Fashion Grand Prix", and my predecessor representative took the stage and received the award. He likes shoes, and he wore nice shoes from EDWARD GREEN (Edward Green) that day, but looking around the feet of the people around the venue, the suits are good. Even if I wore it, there weren't many people who were careful about their shoes.

At that time, I was proud to think that the top of the company I work for was a person who was particular about fashion.

When I talk about shoes again, there is a person named Silvano Rattanji who is called "God".

When I had an ordering party in Isetan before, a man in his early 30 generation came first thing in the morning. When I guided him, tearfully said, "I'm from Hiroshima. When I was 18 , I saw a Rattanji shop in Italy so that I could wear these shoes. You will be recognized as a member of society when you become a member of society. "

I started a business with that goal, and when I finally got into that position, I bought 2 and 3 foot shoes that cost hundreds of thousands of yen. ..

When I talk to such a person, I think that I will not understand that person's feelings unless I wear the same shoes, and now I have 4 feet for both custom and ready-made products. I am.

When I'm doing this kind of work this year, I can see the face of the creator.

What kind of thought did the creator choose this material? I think the creator is , thinking about who will use it.

Such things can be reflected more in the price, and I think that is the added value.

I didn't do that before, but now that I have more opportunities to eat at home, I'm conscious of producers when choosing vegetables, meat, and fruits at supermarkets Now.

I think everyone is especially conscious of what they eat. In By Emotion , "Kadocho" soy sauce and "Olio di Porrona" extra virgin olive oil etc. conveys the commitment and feelings for the product.

You can tell that the quality is good by reading the text, and I want to choose a slightly better one because it is something I use everyday. I think it's a perfect gift.


Hiroshi Onishi

Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President Executive Officer

Haneda Mirai Research Institute Co., Ltd. President and CEO

After serving as President of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings, he has also served as Vice President of Japan Airport Terminal from June 2018 and President of Haneda Future Research Institute from July.

We are focusing on regional revitalization, culture and art transmission inside and outside Haneda Airport, and the creation of new value.

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