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例)By Emotionオリジナルラベル
例)By Emotionオリジナルラベル
例)By Emotionオリジナルラベル<br>文字やカラーをオリジナルに変更可能です。
例)By Emotionオリジナルラベル

Original label tea

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  • Visit tea gardens around the world and carefully select only high-quality seasonal tea leaves
  • Also adopted in Michelin-starred restaurants Authentic


A high-class black tea brand that directly visits the world's famous tea gardens and carefully selects only high-quality seasonal tea leaves. Chef-d'oeuvre (Shedouble, meaning "masterpiece" in French).

Remains in the hands of the recipient, A relaxing moment, I suddenly remember you .. How about the original label tea delivered by such shed double and By Emotion?

You can change the color pattern of the striped pattern on the side and the letters and logo of the label to the original one.

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Use 100% natural bergamot fragrant "Premium Earl Gray"

A high-class black tea brand that directly visits the world's famous tea gardens and carefully selects only high-quality seasonal tea leaves. Chef-d'oeuvre (Shedouble, meaning "masterpiece" in French).

Among such shedables, Also offered in fine Michelin-starred restaurants and famous patisseries And there are many fans Premium Earl Gray ..

You will be amazed by the luxurious scent of bergamot that drifts from the moment you open the seal.

In the first place, Earl Gray is scented with bergamot of the Rutaceae family. There are no particular rules regarding the base tea leaves, but it is common to use black tea from China or black tea from Sri Lanka.

Among such Earl Gray teas, the premium Earl Gray tea delivered by Chedouble is a product that thoroughly focuses on the quality and flavor of the material.

The base tea leaves are of high quality, carefully selected for their flavor. Darjeeling Seasonal Picking Whole Leaf (High grade grade tea leaves not cut and not crushed) Luxury tea leaves use. And it was extracted from the peel of bergamot, an Italian citrus fruit. 100 % Natural bergamot An exquisite blend of fruity and mellow aromas.

Cornflower with beautiful blue petals is said to be added for its gorgeous scent and bright light blue when extracted.

From the moment you open the seal, you can feel the difference from Earl Gray, which is scented with artificial fragrances. Overwhelming bergamot elegant scent I get drunk.

The fragrance is so good that some people use tea leaves instead of fragrances.

Further here Premium Earl Gray, For those who are involved in the development of black tea and know various black teas in the world We asked for your impressions.

Based on a refreshing Darjeeling tea, it has a refreshing aftertaste with the scent of bergamot. I don't usually add flavored tea to my meal, but it has an elegant scent, so it seems to go well with my meal.

Experience an elegant tea time at home as if you were in a luxury hotel lounge.

Masterpiece tea leaves adopted in Michelin-starred restaurants

"Shedouble", which is particular about the quality and deliciousness of tea leaves, is available in India, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, etc. Visit one of the world's leading production areas directly , Strictly check the production status and quality of tea leaves.

From the tea leaves produced during the season, Carefully selected by a skilled tea meister (tea appraiser) It's called. Furthermore, in Japan, it is sifted and extracted with Japanese water. Tasting many times , Only the highest quality is selected.

In addition, tea leaves are usually imported by ship over a long period of time, but in Chevre, Freshly picked tea leaves from the production area are directly imported by air. And Best condition for freshness and deliciousness Delivered by. You can see the thorough commitment to quality.

Such shedible tea is Fine dining restaurant with Michelin stars or, Luxury hotel , Adopted by famous patisserie It is loved by people who seek high quality, such as domestic and foreign tea lovers and cultural figures.

Behind the Scenes

Moisturize black tea in your daily life. A masterpiece of tea leaves that I met around the world

Chef-d'oeuvre means "masterpiece" in French. The luxury tea brand "Shedouble" visits the world's production areas blessed with a climate that nurtures black tea, such as India, Sri Lanka, and China.

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Original label tea


50g for tea leaves, 2.5g x 10 packets for T pack

How to Save Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool and dark place.
Best-by date The guideline is 2 to 3 years before opening and 2 to 3 months after opening.
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