"Natural scenery in the palm of your hand"
The universe where pretty flowers crystallize


Colorful flowers bloom in a jet-black vessel.

The appearance with an impressive neat appearance is burned into your mind as a fictitious scenery that you have never seen, and it has a sweet charm that captures our hearts in an instant. ..

Norihiko Kamei, an artist and kadoka, expresses such a beautiful "small universe" in various ways. We asked the person who is the owner of Kamakura's atelier and gallery "Ame Kita Kamakura" and is active both in Japan and overseas about the secrets of his creation.

"Ame Kita Kamakura" in a quiet area

"What will disappear eventually-I feel" preciousness "in that sense of impermanence."

Mr. Kamei was fascinated by the world of flowers in his late 10 generations. He met flower arrangement and tea ceremony when he was a student at Tokyo Zokei University's art department.

A tea room that is simple yet ingenious and has a Japanese aesthetic sense. The seasonal flowers that live in such a sacred space casually add flowers to the world of "Wabi-sabi" and give the universe of four and a half mats, which is a tea room, even more depth. Kamei is said to have been fascinated by the profound charm of such flowers.

Also, at this time, there was something that captured Kamei-san's heart as deeply as the flowers. That is Japanese sweets.

At the tea ceremony, Japanese sweets are always served when you have tea. It adds a small but sure beauty to the unique moment of "Ichi-go-ichi-kai". I was more and more attracted to the elegant and quaint world of Japanese sweets.

There are many charms of Japanese sweets, and I can't tell you all in one word. But for me, the word "transience" fits best. And that ephemeral is not something that stays forever, but that will eventually disappear-- that feels "preciousness" in its impermanence.

In his graduation work, he presented an original work that added his own design to the Japanese sweets of "Toraya", a long-established Japanese sweets shop. Attention was focused on the installation that expressed a unique world view.


was born with the concept of "natural scenery in the palm of your hand"

"Hanayama" where colorful florets grow naturally under organic connections and appear to exist as one beautiful life form.

The background to the birth of these works must be that the artist himself has a scenic view that can be called an utopia, and it is spreading in his mind. And it seems to touch our chords as viewers, quietly and slowly, to the depths of the depths.

"Hanayama Preserved Flower"

Mr. Kamei exhibited the fresh flower "Hanayama" at the exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which he participated in 2019 3 years ago.

It was a genuine pleasure to be able to see the reactions of foreigners in front of me and to directly convey the excitement of the local people. It was a very valuable experience.

However, on the other hand, there is still the problem that fresh flowers alone cannot reach the other side of the sea, and even if you can pick them up, you will not be able to appreciate them for a long time. In order to reach many people and expand my view of the world in the future, I thought that preserved flower works that could be preserved would be good.

The "Hanayama Scenic Wind" series was born in this way, expressing the unknown scenery that fits in the palm of your hand and the wind that sways in the scenery with a scent.

Preserved flowers and dried flowers are colored on the floating stones of Sakurajima, Kagoshima Prefecture. This work has a natural aroma selected with a perfumer according to the image of the scenery, and if you drop a drop, it will have a faint scent. You can feel the "wind".

"Hanayama scenic wind"

Fresh flowers and preserved flowers, each 2 In the "Hanayama" series, where you can enjoy different tastes, while slightly harboring the gorgeousness of Western flower arrangements, the unnecessary things have been removed. It seems that the Japanese aesthetic sense of raising only the "essence" is crystallized.

"The concept of shrinking = making big things smaller is very interesting"

This kind of originality is the basis of Kamei-san's unique expression. It is not only the flower arrangement that has been popular for a long time, but also the paintings and modeling that I learned when I was a student, and the "training" that the flower shop says, which is the result of a combination of various experiences.

When I ask Kamei-san more questions ... I was able to get in touch with more core values ​​and thoughts, such as what I value in creating my work.

In short, I think that the concept of " shrinking" = making big things smaller is very interesting in Japan's unique aesthetic sense. is. For example, creating a garden inside a house is symbolic, and that is a good example of condensing the natural scenery and incorporating it into everyday life as a borrowed landscape. Originally, I dared to make the magnificent scale natural universe smaller and put it into a minimum expression. I think that there is something in the world of Japanese sweets and folding fans.

I see. Certainly, Japan has a culture of "tying, wrapping, and folding." Kamei is probably one of the people who was deeply fascinated by the fun of "shrinking" that overlaps with such aesthetic sense.

However, just because it is physically compressed does not mean that it stays in that "small world."

The world of imagination is free. That's why you can use your imagination to expand the smaller ones by flying or spreading them far away in your head. Not only is it small, but it can be expanded to a large extent depending on your imagination.Such abundance of flexibility may actually be the message I want to put into the expression

A unique view of the world

that you want to taste not only the works but also the beautiful works

One more important element that constitutes Mr. Kamei's unique view of the world is something that must not be forgotten. It is a beautiful work that suddenly appears when you make a work.

Using tweezers, carefully insert the florets one by one. The scenery is spun like a magic trick, without any waste, as if drawing a painting.

Orderly sorted florets

All of these scenes are equally impressive and deeply touching. When I tried to convey the impression that I took straight to the person, I got the following answer.

I think it is influenced by the tea ceremony. Perhaps the basics of the point are unconsciously appearing. The other is that I have a lot of experience in drawing pictures and making 3D objects in high school and university. Whenever I insert a flower, I take a bird's-eye view of the as if I were looking at it with the eyes of a bird, and draw a picture and a landscape there.

The neat and quaint scenery seems to capture the hearts of people not only in Japan but also overseas.

Everyone will be very interested in seeing the series of creative processes in front of you at the exhibition. can't believe it! very! I can't. Many people praise the delicate beauty unique to Japanese culture that is not found in the West and the depth that extends beyond it. Others may say that they are meditative, beautiful, and spiritual.

Speaking of meditative, "Tokiyama", which resembles moss as a natural landscape, is a work that reminds us of the calm and calm heart pattern that is born in silence.

It seems that this was inspired by the fact that many people spend more time at home in the Corona Whirlpool.

Due to social changes over the last few years, the number of people who decorate flowers at home and become familiar with plants has increased. Under such circumstances, I wish there was something that I could enjoy together, even if it was my work, by modifying the viewer. At that time, the image of a single-wheel insert came to me naturally.

By the way, moss is an important and memorable motif for Kamei along with flowers.

A small glass is hidden in the scenery woven by bright green moss, and you can insert your favorite flowers in it, which is a very stylish mechanism.


Not only to express what I want to make, but also to always grasp the present in the ever-changing times and listen carefully to the voices of the people who live there regardless of the state of society. The figure to do.

Where will Mr. Kamei's deep and warm look be directed from now on? I can't wait to see new developments in the future.

Norihiko Kamei

Art product brand produced by artist and flower arrangement artist Norihiko Kamei

With the concept of "natural scenery in the palm of your hand", with small flowers in a vessel that fits in both hands I created an ideal landscape that does not exist, such as grasslands, flower fields, and mountains.

Norihiko Kamei completed graduate school at Tokyo Zokei University in 2007. He studied tea ceremony and flower arrangement from college, and acquired the Sogetsu style master. He uses natural objects such as flowers as materials to create works with an unprecedented approach in the world of flowers. In recent years he has released the "Hanayama" series in the Netherlands, France and Germany. In July 2020, the atelier "Amekita Kamakura" was opened in Kamakura City.