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2022 Canada's Best Cospray Trip Nova Scotia 8 Days

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  • A golf tour that is held only in June and July of the year with a short summer.
  • Play on four best courses by world-renowned designers.
  • A veteran tour operator accompanies the area in the eastern end of Canada, where individual travel is difficult.


Golf trip in Nova Scotia in early summer of this year

Nova Scotia, in Latin, at the eastern end of Canada, meaning new Scotland . It is characterized by a culture that blends the characteristics of various regions such as Scotland, and there are many pubs and other things that make you feel Celtic culture along the coast. In Nova Scotia, where you can feel the beautiful scenery of the coastline and the scent of the sea, and there are many spots where you can feel the history of the state, the weather is We will guide you through tours that can only be conducted in June and July of the year.

Enjoy Canada's best course

This port city on the Atlantic coast of Canada is known for its treasure trove of maritime heritage, as well as its many beautiful forest parks and sandy beaches. Introducing 4 best play courses to enjoy golf in Canada.

① The Links at Brunero (5th in Novanscocia)

A course designed by Thomas McBroom , who has worked on famous courses all over the world.

The Links at Bronero

Cabot Cliff GC (No. 1 in Canada)

Legendary course designer Birkua and twice the Masters Canada's No. 1 seaside course designed by Ben Clenshaw . It features a breathtaking view of Cape Breton and a gentle fairway.

Cabot Cliff GC / 16th hole

Cape Breton Highland Links (4th in Canada)

Located on the eastern side of Cape Brayton Highlands National Park, Canada's first national park on the Atlantic coast, Play overlooking Canada's majestic waters can.

Although the height difference is small, the fairway has slopes and swells, so even if you keep the fairway, you cannot be alert.

Cape Breton Highland Links

Cabot Links GC (3rd in Canada)

Designed by Canadian golf course designer Rod Whitman , Lynx offers sea views from every hole. .. The undulating greens and fairways in beautiful nature tickle the golfer's challenging spirit.

Cabot Links GC

Because it is a rare area in Canada, veteran tour conductors will accompany you .

■ Hotel to be used

〇 Harifax

  • Road Nelson Hotel (The hotel homepage is here )
  • The Westin Nova Scotia (The hotel homepage is here )

〇 Inverness

  • Cabot Links Golf Resort (The hotel homepage is here )
  • Cape Breton Villas (The hotel homepage is here )

■ Planned airline

Air Canada

■ Product price per person

6/24 departure: ¥ 700,000 (tax included) ~

7/15 departure: ¥ 750,000 (tax included) ~




Tour Name

2022 Canada's Best Cospray Trip Nova Cosia 8 Days

Period From June 24th (Friday) to July 1st (Friday), 2022, July 15th (Friday) to July 22nd (Friday)
Crew Accompanying


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