Japan's only manual work "Tenkin processing"
A book that condenses printing shop technology


"I want to do my best to respond to those who trust me"

Shinbashi, Tokyo. This city, which is the birthplace of Japanese railways and where many business people come and go, has long been known as an area crowded with famous major famous companies including government offices due to its location.

Kawachiya, founded in 1971, stands in a quiet place one step away from the center of Shinbashi.

The beginning was derived from a merchant who carried iron scraps by ship from Osaka to Tokyo in the late 1700s. While flexibly changing the business format with the times, it has a history to this day while inheriting the high technology of handling "iron" which is a living business.

The foundation of the printing industry was Kunizawa Ryosuke's grandfather Kunitaro Kunizawa 's generation . , which can be said to be the dawn of the Japanese printing industry. was started .

Mold used for printing

As we move from letterpress printing to offset printing, Kawachiya is flooded with requests from many clients.

The area around Shimbashi is a area where there are many major advertising companies, newspapers and magazines, and it is close to Ginza, where high-end stores gather. Thanks to the advantage of such land, we are fortunate to have been blessed with relationships with advertising agencies and high-brand customers.

Representative Mr. Kunizawa says so.

Various types of ink are neatly stored on the shelves

The people who are at the top of the creative world are, of course, first-class connoisseurs. For that reason, the standards required for deliverables are high, and no compromise is allowed. It is said that there were not a few unreasonable challenges.

However, even in such a situation, quality must be guaranteed. I want to do my best to respond to those who trust me. That feeling was always strong. In that process, the craftsman's skills were refined, and unique know-how was accumulated to flexibly respond to any order.

However, a turning point will come to such Kawachiya. 2000 From As media shifts from paper to digital, conventional print requests are gradually decreasing . At , when I was thinking, "Is there any way to overcome it?", I had an idea that suddenly came to my mind.

That was the long-cherished wish of Mr. Kunizawa , "I want to create my own original brand."

The special printing technology and processing cultivated through client work for many years is Kawachiya's strength and valuable property . If you can make good use of it and incorporate it into your own expression, you will surely be able to give shape to something new that has never existed before. I was convinced so.

Driven by the passion and inspiration that arose within me, the first new frontier original brand Note that I saw for the first time was born in this way.

Kawachiya original brand "KUNISAWA"

"As a result of pursuing the real thing, the number of people who sympathize with me has increased." At the large-scale stationery exhibition ( 2017 ), which was the first time the

brand was unveiled, it was said that it was able to receive a greater response than expected.

The arrangement in the notebook is the technique of arranging gold leaf on the edge called Tenkin processing. There are only 2 print shops in Japan that inherit this technique. Of these, is the only one that manually applies foil one by one, and only Kawachiya is called .

Manual metal processing

The notebook, which has been carefully processed with such rare gold, is sparkling in a dazzling golden color, making it a space that stands out even in the exhibition hall! It has attracted many people.

The appearance of gold processing, which is rarely seen in modern times, must have been reflected freshly. Of course, we were very particular about the quality of the paper. Uses Passepied paper, which is well-adapted to ink and has a silky feel. As a result of pursuing the real thing, KUNISAWA's unique view of the world was created, and more and more people sympathized with it.

And, starting with this exhibition, in addition to receiving voices from domestic high brands that everyone knows, that catches the eye of overseas royal families and receives requests , etc. It is said that he was blessed with a new development that was unthinkable.

It was a courageous decision for us to launch an original brand and send it out from the traditional style of build-to-order manufacturing. But I'll shake it off because I'll do it. I think that the decision to make such a decision and steered the rudder would surely bear fruit.

By pursuing the real thing that we believe in without compromise, we will surely "transmit to those who convey it." This was also a moment when I was so strongly convinced.

"I hope that using it will give you an opportunity to regain the physical sensation you had forgotten."

KUNISAWA series items, in fact, they are not positioned as so-called notebooks.

For example, if this item was casually placed on the desk ... What kind of impression would you have on the person who chose it? A person who can pay attention to the details and can work with consideration for the surroundings. Or you may come up with the face of a person who can cherish a casual scene in everyday life.

If you say so, it's true.As the phrase "beauty dwells in the details", a person who can take care of every detail should have a certain presence in every scene of work and daily life. I think that the person and the background, including the atmosphere, beautiful behavior and appearance that are created, are naturally recalled.

Sometimes you'll be surprised at the moment someone shows you, such as the casual behavior when turning pages, or the appearance of carefully spelling letters with a fountain pen. I hope that by using this a item, you will be able to regain the physical sensation that you had forgotten about .

From analog to digital, and with the wave of paper - less, the value of paper and the meaning of writing on paper is what . right.

Mr. Kunizawa uses the question while seriously facing , the body sensation that is being lost and paper . It is said that he arrived at the answer that is a beautiful behavior and appearance as a person born in .

Especially after Corona, the wave of paperless offices is accelerating. However, on the contrary, people who like paper and want to keep important notes and events that left an impression at the end of the day on paper, , who come back to realize the charm of paper again. There are also many. That's why we can do something. I would like to reinterpret the paper culture that has been nurtured in Japan for a long time and convey its appeal with a new approach.

"I want to continue to create items that touch the subtleties of people's hearts."

PONT-NEUF was born with the image of a partner of "KUNISAWA", having the same background as "KUNISAWA", such as being treated with gold and being particular about the quality of the paper. (Pon-Nuf).

Born with the theme of " Create your own style ", this brand is an independent woman who can easily express her style by easily jumping over all barriers such as nationality, race and age. , It is said that a woman who is active worldwide was born from the image of u .

Among such " PONT-NEUF " items, the item printed by William Morris is loved by a wide range of people Yes .

William Morris is a leading figure in the Arts and Crafts movement in England in the 19th century, and is a well-known figure in the art world. He left behind a huge number of works in his lifetime. In particular, he has a unique knowledge of printing, and is said to have tried all kinds of printing techniques, from letterpress printing to silk screen printing.

What kind of chemical reaction will occur if Morris's world view is updated, reinterpreted and expressed?

The Morris series, which can be said to be the true value of Kawachiya, was born from such curiosity and the spirit of craftsmanship.

This is made by applying resin on paper and then exposing it to ultraviolet rays to shrink it. By arranging gold leaf on the delicate unevenness created by shrinkage , gold leaf The luster of the color changes to a deep color color , creating a unique texture and three-dimensional effect or .

Morris series cover that feels like a cloth

Morris, who made a revolution by maximizing printing, is a person who pursued craftsmanship. That spirit has something to do with Kawachiya's work, albeit in a hurry. I would like to continue to inherit the spirit of Morris by creating items that touch the subtleties of people's hearts.

Mr. Kunizawa speaks so powerfully.

By creating a lifestyle brand that organically fuses

fashion and craft, we want to become a new bridge that transcends genres. The brand named after the " PONT-NEUF " bridge in France is not only domestic but also , in Asia and Europe, and now in more than 20 countries around the world. It is said that the fans are spreading to Europe.

" New bridge = Shinbashi " Starting from , people with this item will be connected in various ways, and from now on, a wonderful chemical reaction that will spread more and more. I can't take my eyes off.