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"I want to revive the old-fashioned pharmacy in Taiwan"

In Japan, "Kanpo" has a strong image as a kind of medicine to be taken when you catch a cold.

However, in neighboring Taiwan, the way of thinking about Chinese medicine is different from that of Japan, and it can be used in any household, including growth promotion, menstruation, and postpartum care. Chinese medicine is generally adopted as health care It's called. Such Taiwan is the land of Taipei, 40 "Iichido" is a clinic and Chinese medicine pharmacy that is loved by many patients every year.

Mr. Jang Kinki, the director of the hospital, is a Chinese medicine specialist in Chinese medicine in collaboration with medical organizations. A unique prescription that studies traditional knowledge and utilizes a wealth of clinical experience Therefore, we provide treatment suitable for each patient's constitution.

Chinese medicine doctor Mr. Jiang Kinki

It is said that Seiichido, who has been sincerely dealing with such patients' physical problems, underwent a major renovation in 2016. There is a desire to "revive the old-fashioned Chinese medicine pharmacy".

There was a desire to realize the functions of Taiwan's traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy. In the old days, there were various pharmacies, and there were places where seasonings were sold and there was a supermarket function, and there was also a cafe where you could go drinking seasonal Chinese tea. A pharmacy is a place where people gather was.

Of course, nowadays, the number of people who go to supermarkets and cafes is increasing rather than going to Chinese medicine stores, and the number of people who succeed is decreasing, so the number of Chinese medicine pharmacies is decreasing at a tremendous speed.

So, by renovating and paralleling the functions of not only the clinic but also the pharmacy, I want people today to know about old-fashioned Chinese medicine pharmacies That feeling was really strong.

It was Sarah Jahn of Ichido who told me that.

Originally it was a clinic, but it is said that it has reached the style of the current clinic and Chinese medicine pharmacy in order to regain the old-fashioned pharmacy where people gather.

The 1st floor is a Chinese medicine pharmacy, and the 2nd floor is a clinic.

Self-care before problems occur "Chinese products for the general public"

And at Seiichido, we are working on our own Chinese medicine products for people who have not yet adopted Chinese medicine.

Whereas clinics can only prescribe, pharmacies can make products for the general public. Therefore, it has a different role of not only providing medical care when something goes wrong, but also taking care of it with Chinese medicine before getting sick.

In Taiwan, medicinal foods and pearl powder are generally sold as foods in supermarkets, and it seems that they have a strong impression that they are familiar products rather than special ones. Therefore, when thinking about the original product as a whole, he said that he didn't hesitate about what kind of lineup to make.

Surprisingly, however, it is rare for a pharmacy to make products like Ichido.

At other Chinese medicine pharmacies, you can buy it on the spot by asking how many grams of 〇〇, but I think that it is difficult to do without being quite familiar with Chinese medicine. So even people who are not so familiar with Chinese medicine If you can get a chance to adopt Chinese medicine That thought led to commercialization.

At Ichido, we are developing items that are often used as daily care in Taiwan and items that are always bought at pharmacies with the big timing of life.

And the Chinese medicine bath pack, which is a popular product of Seiichido, is Developed for Japan with bathing habits It is said that it was done, and it is popular that you can easily experience a medicinal bath using Chinese medicine at home.

The bus series was actually developed for Japan. Japanese people have a habit of bathing, and some people have been drinking Chinese medicine for a long time.

But can it be absorbed by other means than drinking? In response to the request, the doctor's medical treatment also gives a prescription for bathing, which was the trigger for the development of the bath series.

Chinese medicine bathing pack

In Taiwan, it is common to adopt Chinese medicine during the growing season

In the first place, it seems that the surrounding environment has an influence on the difference in the way of thinking about Chinese medicine between Taiwan and Japan.

Generally women 12 , 13 From around the age of adolescence, awareness of body care has become extremely high. During menstruation, be careful not to drink cold foods, and be sure to eat medicinal food before and after winter and spring.

For example, when buying ice cream or cold food, everyone is highly conscious of having conversations between friends who care about their bodies. There is such a social trend.

So, what I felt when I came to Japan was that I think about and investigate my body myself, but I don't consult with the people around me very much. Compared to that In Taiwan, consult with people and collect information There is an atmosphere where you can talk to each other.

Mr. Jean, who has a high awareness of self-care from the early teens, says that he was "naturally nurtured in the surroundings" such as Chinese culture, home and friends. By discussing your body, you can work hard together.

"Listen to the voice of your body that you will be dating for the rest of your life."

In Japan, there are many people who take care of themselves after something happens to them, such as a major illness or childbirth.

But still Since it is my body that I will be dating for the rest of my life, I will listen to the voice of my body and be aware of the changes. I think that is important. I would be happy if Ichido could get a chance to do that.

Jean says so.

It is said that many people from distant places such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia visit the Chinese medicine pharmacy of Yiichido. Before you get sick or upset, face and prepare your body Taiwan's self-care culture is likely to continue to grow.