Luxury combination of pearls to the limit
Adjust the texture, praise and make your skin shiny

フェイス用:円形 ボディ用:四角形
フェイス用 単品イメージ
ボディ用 単品イメージ
フェイス用:円形 ボディ用:四角形
フェイス用 単品イメージ
ボディ用 単品イメージ
Ichido Pearl Soap

Ichido Pearl Soap

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  • "Pearl soap" produced by a Chinese medicine pharmacy with a history of 40 years in Taiwan
  • Pearl powder with high beauty ingredients is about 5 times as much as usual (15) %) Combination
  • Fine-grained foam tones up the skin and makes it transparent


Approximately 5 times more than usual, luxuriously blended with pearl ingredients

"Pearl" has been used in cosmetics in recent years due to its high beauty ingredients.

The reason why it attracts attention is the ingredient called "conchiolin" contained in pearls. It is a type of protein and is made up of 17 amino acids, and because it has a very similar amino composition to collagen, it has moisturizing, antioxidant, and turnover-promoting effects. It is said that t17> etc. are expensive.

Such pearls can be molded with a high concentration , which is a clinic with a 40-year history in Taiwan. It is a pearl soap of "Iichido" of Chinese medicine pharmacy .

Ichido in Taiwan

While it is said that pearl soaps that are generally available have a pearl powder content of about 2-3% , Ichido's pearl soaps are for the body. t7> 13 % , For face, 15 % and luxurious combination .

For face: Circular For body: Square

Therefore, the texture of the foam is fine and the foam is fluffy.

A moisturizing ingredient derived from pearls that tones up skin and leads to fresh and transparent bare skin .

Handmade manufacturing method with great care, which took 2 years for trial production

However, due to the large amount of pearls, it was not straightforward to reach the ideal shape.

With the cooperation of a Japanese soap maker, it took some time to make a soap that was convincing. It took almost two years of trial and error, such as shaping the shape, good color, and blending so much pearl powder that the pearls remained rough on the surface.

We have developed pearl soap with as many pearls as possible, which have been popular in traditional Chinese medicine for a long time, and products that you can use on a daily basis. Until now, we have only made basic products such as cutting and powdering Chinese medicine, so it has become a product in a new field as a whole.

That's what Salar Jahn of Ichido said.

It is carefully made one by one by the traditional manufacturing method of cold press manufacturing method , which is slowly aged without applying heat. Pearl soap. By blending natural essences such as olive fruit oil and coconut oil, the goodness of the material is utilized as it is, and high moisturizing is achieved after washing.

Behind the Scenes

Prepare your body for the rest of your life.
Daily Chinese medicine care rooted in Taiwan

In Japan, "Kanpo" has a strong image as a kind of medicine to be taken when you catch a cold. However, in neighboring Taiwan, the way of thinking about Chinese medicine is different from that of Japan, and every household generally adopts Chinese medicine as health care, including growth promotion, menstruation and postpartum care ...

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  • Sunscreen can be turned off by washing your face if it says "no cleansing required" or "can be removed with soap".


Distributor Ichido Japan Co., Ltd.
Product name Pearl soap
Ingredients Olive fruit oil, water, palm oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, 100% pearl

For face (circular): 75g

For body (square): 170g

How to save Save in a cool and dark place with good ventilation
Country of origin Japan
Shipping Schedule After ordering, it will be shipped within 7 business days excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) Nationwide uniform: 1,200 yen

・ Should you have an abnormality on your skin, or should this disagree with your skin, discontinue use.

・ Natural pigments and scents may change over time, but there is no problem in using them.


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