Authentic detox in the bath
Chinese medicine bath to heal accumulated fatigue


Ichido Chinese bathing pack

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  • A full-fledged "Chinese bathing pack" by a Chinese medicine pharmacy with a history of 40 years in Taiwan
  • Detoxification and blood circulation promotion effect with 3 different effects
  • Bathing In addition to packs, it can also be used as a body warmer or scent bag


This is a real detox! Bathing pack

born from the knowledge of Kampo medicine

Japanese people who have valued the habit of bathing in the bathtub even from a global perspective.

Therefore, you can see a wide variety of bath salts in the streets, but Clinic and Chinese medicine pharmacy with a history of 40 years in Taiwan The bathing series created by "Iichido" is a bathing pack that allows you to easily experience a full-fledged medicinal bath.

Based on the traditional knowledge of Kampo medicine, it relieves physical disorders and fatigue.

The bath packs are carefully made one by one under strict quality control at our own factory in Taipei. Like herbal tea, the herbal extract spreads slowly from the cloth bag and hardens due to cold, tension, tiredness, etc. It gently warms and loosens the body.

Such a full-fledged bath pack is

among people who are sensitive to health care and beauty.
  • The way you sweat is great, Ideal when you want to detox
  • Impressively comfortable, You can sleep soundly

, it is said that there will be a series of repeaters.

Cairo with a scent bag, how to enjoy it twice or three times

And I asked Mr. Sarah Jahn of Ichido about the recommended way to enjoy this bath pack.

You can use it as a body warmer by warming it in a microwave at 500W for about 20 seconds before using it in the bath. For people with poor circulation, it is also recommended to warm the area around the abdomen and the back of the neck where many acupoints gather. If you have eyestrain due to disc work, it is a good idea to warm your eyes.

Also, many Japanese people attach great importance to scents, so I was particular about scents. It is a gentle scent derived from nature that can be easily removed from the nose such as mentha and mugwort so that even those who are not good at the scent of Chinese medicine can use it easily. You can also enjoy it as a scent bag before using it in the bath.

Not only as a bathing pack, but also as a body warmer or scent bag, you can effectively enjoy it twice or three times .

3 types of Chinese medicine bathing packs with different effects

〇 This is for detox! Body warm "Suho Bus"

Suho warms the body promotes blood circulation progress, lymphatic flow improves, swelling is eliminated very much It's effective. The roots of irises are said to be effective in promoting blood circulation, relieving fatigue, poor circulation, stiff shoulders, and fatigue. It can be expected to be effective for people who have a lot of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen and tend to have constipation.

In addition, the ingredients (asarone, eugenol, terpene) contained in the scent of irises have aromatherapy effects that refresh the mind and body, and can be taken in through breathing or skin. It leads to a higher effect.

Lead to beautiful skin! Tightening and moisturizing "Peaceful bath bath"

The scented bath will tighten the skin, moisturize the skin, and support the finely textured skin . Byakushi has been used for beauty by women in the courts of China since ancient times because it moisturizes and removes swelling from the dilation of the tube and the use of anti-inflammatory.

In addition, Angelica acutiloba has the effect of increasing the body's body weight and improving circulation, and it also has the effect of discharging waste products, so it is also effective for beautiful skin and health.

"Moe bath bath" that is kind to babies with weak skin

Moeyu is a natural ingredient of mugwort, , which moisturizes dry skin . It is fragrance-free, uses natural pigments, and does not contain preservatives. It is especially easy to use for babies with weak skin, and is effective for rough and eczema skin .

The good scent and efficacy of medicinal herbs make your body warm and lead to a deep sleep. Of course, it can also be used by adults.

Behind the Scenes

Prepare your body for the rest of your life.
Daily Chinese medicine care rooted in Taiwan

In Japan, "Kanpo" has a strong image as a kind of medicine to be taken when you catch a cold. However, in neighboring Taiwan, the way of thinking about Chinese medicine is different from that of Japan, and every household generally adopts Chinese medicine as health care, including growth promotion, menstruation and postpartum care ...

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Distributor Ichido Japan Co., Ltd.
Product name

Suou Bus

Renkousekiyoku Bus

Mokuyoku Bus


"Suho Bath"

Kawamidori extract, Shobu root extract, Hosoba okera root extract, Bowfu root extract

"Peaceful bath bath"

Karatouki root extract, Senkyu extract, Yoroigusa root extract, Chigaya root extract

"Moeyu Bath"

Yomogi extract, Ezokogi root extract, Nyukou extract, Hacka extract

Contents 30g (1 packet) 3 pieces
How to save Please save away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.
How to use

Put 1 packet of this product in hot water, soak the pack in hot water, and knead gently.

You can expect more effect by soaking in hot water for about 15 minutes before taking a bath. We recommend that you take a bath at a temperature higher than your body temperature (at least 38 ° C) for about 15 to 20 minutes. We recommend that small children take a bath within 10 minutes.

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Shipping fee (tax included)

Kanto: 800 yen

Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands: 1,200 yen

Other areas: 1,000 yen


The product is not edible, so please be careful of accidental ingestion by small children.

Also, after using this product, if you leave the hot water in the bathtub for a long time, pigmentation may occur, so it is recommended to wash it off as soon as possible after use. ..


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