Outdoor space that takes advantage of the land environment
An architect with great trust in Karuizawa

Architect Masaharu Senoo
Architect Masaharu Senoo
Architect Masaharu Senoo
Architect Masaharu Senoo
Architect Masaharu Senoo
Architect Masaharu Senoo
Architect Masaharu Senoo
Architect Masaharu Senoo
Architect Masaharu Senoo

Architect Masaharu Senoo

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  • Design advice that is familiar with the land environment
  • Production of extraordinary space that values ​​outdoor space
  • Widespread reputation Many achievements in Karuizawa properties


In today's world, where diversification of work styles and lifestyles is accelerating, there is a demand for living spaces that support more diverse lifestyles than ever before.

Furthermore, a home that can understand and utilize the land environment will lead to a comfortable life.

Masaharu Senoo As a representative of the architectural office, Masaharu Senoo handles a wide range of urban housing, villas, corporate offices, stores, and medical facilities. Especially in housing Taking advantage of the characteristics of the land, we valued the connection with the outdoor space The design that allows you to feel the breath of nature is attractive.

Extraordinary that integrates indoor and outdoor

Designed as a corporate guesthouse near the Mampei Hotel in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, the U-shaped property has courtyards in front and behind that allow a pleasant breeze to escape.

Since there is an opportunity to invite foreign guests to eat, the living-dining room is about twice as large as usual at the request of the owner, and the Japanese-style room and Japanese garden where you can feel the harmony of Japanese culture while taking a break are the hearts of the guests. Soothes.

Dining where you can enjoy meals with a large number of people and connect to the terrace

Japanese garden seen from a Japanese-style room

This property has a hybrid design that can be used separately for the personal use of the president who requested it and for the entertainment of the customer.

Because of the desire to eat outdoors and the fact that the president's children like nature observation, I was conscious of an open space so that I could see birds when they came.

Terrace space where you can spend a relaxing time such as dining and observing nature

The characteristics of the area are utilized to create an open space where the sun shines and you can feel the refreshing breeze.

Especially in Karuizawa, it is cool when the wind blows even in the summer, and there is a lot of rain on the land, so the terrace roof is useful.

Also, if it is a property in the center of the city, make it as open as possible in the courtyard, or if it is on a hill, make it possible to see the view as much as possible. Awareness of valuing the outdoor space and connecting the inside and the outside Is always there ..

Living room with a cool breeze even in summer

The connection with the outside is an important factor that leads to refreshing feelings even in the center of the city, but when building a villa such as Karuizawa, it is an extraordinary production that is also important.

In the case of Karuizawa, for example, I am conscious of getting out of the bath to the garden and feeling an extraordinary space that is not in the city center. I think that how to apply lighting such as indirect lighting is also an important factor.

An extraordinary space where you can go out from the bath to the garden

A corridor designed to balance natural light and lighting

Design advice that is familiar with the characteristics of the land

And because Mr. Senoo himself is the owner of the villa in Karuizawa, Familiar with climate and land pattern And then design plan advice It is said that it has been done.

Since it rains a lot in Karuizawa, we propose a terrace with a roof and strengthen the screen doors for female customers who are worried about insects so that they will not enter the room at night.

And in preparation for the cold winter, the windows are made of paired glass (double glazing) and all rooms are basically underfloor heating.

Mr. Senoo said that he has worked on many Karuizawa properties so far, with his reputation for giving specific advice that is familiar with the local characteristics. Strong trust from villa owners The reason is.

Terrace roof

The joy of building together

An architect who incorporates the needs of the owner, which cannot be verbalized, into the design by repeating detailed communication. Mr. Seno says that he will deepen his understanding visually, sometimes by collecting photos that are close to his ideal image.

Unlike office and store design, the space where people actually live is special because it takes a lot of attention and effort to create with the owner over many years.

There is no such thing as "I have to do this" because of my own particularity, and I like the process of changing the design at the request of the owner and adding my advice as an architect to create it together. It's much better than making it alone.

Guidance process

① We will adjust the meeting schedule from By Emotion.

Including site survey meeting

③ Create the first plan

④ To this contract

[Profile of Masaharu Senoo]

1949 Born in Kyoto

1971 Graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo

1973 Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo

1978 Completed the Graduate School of Briston University, England

1979 In charge of design design at Michael Graves office

1981 Year In charge of design design at Kenzo Tange Urban Construction Design Institute

1985 Established Masaharu Senoo Architects

1989 Part-time lecturer at Kanto Gakuin University (2000)

2001 Visiting Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology (2015)


1987 Annual Commercial Environmental Design Award Best Award

1993 Taito Ward Cityscape Award


Former Karuizawa (480㎡ / approx. 145 tsubo) Karuizawa / Minamigaoka (180㎡ / approx. 54 tsubo) Karuizawa / Minamigaoka (160㎡ / approx. 48 tsubo)
Karuizawa / Minamigaoka (300㎡ / approx. 90 tsubo) Karuizawa / Minamigaoka (160㎡ / approx. 48 tsubo) Karuizawa / Hanareyama (210㎡ / approx. 63 tsubo)
Gunma / Takasaki (430㎡ / approx. 130 tsubo)