Rare porosus is also used inside
Slim and elegant wallet


MORABITO wallet crocodile

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  • Thinness that fits smoothly in your pocket without gusset
  • Uses the high-class crocodile "Porosus" with small and well-organized spots
  • Beautifully sewn and spotted by craftsmen One item


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An elegant shape with no gusset that fits smoothly into the inner pocket of the jacket. The material is "crocodile porosus". It is characterized by small spots (scales), and Morabito uses leather that is particularly uniform in size and has no scratches.

The wallet part is also beautifully symmetrical spots, and the card pocket is also carefully selected and finished with leather so that the arrangement of spots fits neatly . Crocodile is also used inside , a beautiful long wallet that you can hardly see anywhere else.

Card pocket x 8, wallet x 3


engraved " COUSU MAIN " is a Morabito Parisian atelier that has been around since 1905 , and is a outstanding craftsman. It is a proof sewn one by one.

Paris is a mature city with a variety of cultures that is unique in the world. Since its founding in Paris, Morabito's items have responded to orders with customers such as royal aristocrats, movies, and opera stars. It is a true luxury that transcends the trend of the moment and can be expressed as a cultural property to wear.

What is MORABITO ?

Since its founding, the Maison of Paris, France MORABITO (Morabito). The items introduced in By Emotion are atelier in Paris that still keeps the traditional craftsmanship, and are handmade by skilled craftsmen.

Jean Baptiste Morabito founded his own atelier in 1905 , repeatedly saying, "Luxury is not special. Special is luxury." .. Originally a jeweler, he was good at items that were suitable for parties and other occasions.

Boutique at the time of establishment

For example, just as luxury brands that originated in harness making are still good at everyday items, the bags and accessories suitable for gorgeous scenes are Morabito's DNA . Introducing a selection of jewel-like items that are limited in production.



Distributor Morabito Japon Co., Ltd.
Product name Wallet Black
Material Crocodile (Irie Wani Porosas)
Size Width 21 x Height 19 x Machi 13 cm
Pocket Wallet x 3 Card pocket x 8
Country of origin France
Shipping Schedule This product will be shipped within 3 business days excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
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How to care

-After use, gently wipe off dirt, dust, sweat, etc. with a soft, dry flannel. Avoid using water wipes, waxes, alcohol, color creams, etc.

・ If the bag gets wet due to rain, etc., carefully wipe off the moisture with a soft flannel and dry it in the shade for a long time. Avoid drying with a desiccant or heat.

Storage method

・ Avoid using insect repellent as it will damage the leather.

-Since mold may form on the leather surface that is still dirty or stained, be sure to wipe off the dirt before putting soft paper in the bag to shape the leather. Please do not break it. Then store it in a well-ventilated and dry place.

-To prevent fading, be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight for a long time.

Handling Precautions

・ Only carefully selected high-grade leather is used for Morabito products. Even high-grade leather has fine acids and evidence on its surface, but these are not defects, but are characteristic of natural materials. Please note that.

-The leather of Morabito's products is tanned with a natural solvent. Therefore, it is easily affected by ultraviolet rays, and fading is seen over time, especially in light-colored products. In particular, please note that direct sunlight, contact with water or skin may promote fading.

-The color may transfer to clothing due to friction. Be careful especially when it gets wet with sweat or rain.

-Especially crocodile leather dislikes water and causes color bleeding and blisters. Be careful not to get it wet with rain or water.

-Please note that metal parts may be scratched by contact with other metals.


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