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Furniture studio KOMA, whose master is Shigeki Matsuoka, who was commended as an outstanding technician "modern master craftsman" in 2020. Toshihiro Kamei leads KOMA with Mr. Matsuoka, designing and producing watch cases.

Mr. Kamei, who originally worked as a metal engraver. He started KOMA with Mr. Matsuoka in 2003, but once withdrew in a year. He studied at other companies and rejoined in 2006.

I was in charge of built-in furniture and furniture, but I was good at detailed work, so I decided to launch "Bespoke Case" in 2019. We are proposing a watch case made of rare wood because "there is a good watch, but the watch case does not."

The watch case is carefully polished and completed

KOMA's flagship store in Ogikubo, Tokyo is visited by visitors from all over Japan. What they pay attention to is KOMA-style management. Although Japanese manufacturing is attracting attention, KOMA thinks that the environment in which the craftsmen of the makers are placed is not sustainable.

The reason is that in the field of manufacturing, not the creativity of craftsmen, but the production that conforms to the "sellable" standard that data is released is required. In this case, the craftsman becomes a "subcontractor", and no matter how seriously he makes it, the reward will reach a plateau and the number of people who aim to become a craftsman will not increase.

In order to change such a situation as much as possible, KOMA emphasizes the craftsman's ability to produce. "Making good things" is a matter of course, and each person thinks about making good things and getting users to recognize and buy them.

By finding and developing the individuality of craftsmen, each individual's individuality will become a feature of KOMA and will be able to appeal to many users.

The answer I asked Mr. Kamei about his future goals was impressive.

It's not enough time to think about your goals.

Mr. Kamei says that manufacturing with friends is purely fun now. How can craftsmen who want to build themselves up in manufacturing can demonstrate their creativity? KOMA may have that hint.