Sweep the leftovers of the vacuum cleaner
One of the cleaning finishes that can be used for 20 years


Takakura Kogei Organic Small Broom

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  • Sweep out dust in the back of tatami mats and carpets with uneven tips
  • High cost performance because it can be used for 20 years if used correctly
  • Nature Natural environment-friendly broom
using silk thread dyed with material


"Southern broom" that covers the weak points of vacuum cleaners

Even if you try to vacuum the dust and dirt that you noticed,

  • It's late at night so it's a nuisance to the neighborhood
  • I don't want to make a loud noise because my child has just fallen asleep
  • Vacuum cleaner does not reach in places that are small or expensive
  • It's entwined with the carpet and it's hard to get it

For that reason, many people may have given up on cleaning.

At that time, I would like you to remember the old-fashioned cleaning tool "broom".

Even in a broom, if used correctly Used for over 20 years Takakura Kogei, who makes southern brooms that have been loved because they can be enjoyed as an interior when the color of silk thread is not beautifully used, has created a small broom made from organic dyed yarn with the aim of "returning to the soil". I will introduce you.

A small broom that you can choose from two types of patterns, "Shiraki" and "Dry lacquer"

There are two types of patterns on the small broom, "Shiraki" where you can feel the warmth of wood With the pattern of "Dry lacquer" that has an antiseptic effect on lacquer, is not slippery, and makes hand stains inconspicuous. There is a pattern of.

The small broom with the pattern of "dry lacquer" is better than the small broom of Shiraki. Use the one with stronger curling of the tip Because of the rarity of the material Only dozens of bottles can be produced annually , You can squeeze out the trash more firmly.

(Left: Shiraki pattern, Right: Dry lacquer pattern)

Differences from commercially available brooms that you can feel as if you are sweeping

What is the difference between a commercially available broom and a small broom made by Takakura Kogei?

  • Uneven length tips
    Many of the broom tips are trimmed, and it is necessary to press them with force in order to sweep out the dust in the back of tatami mats and carpets. No need.
    for that reason, Good to have tatami mats It is said that.

  • Hard to generate static electricity
    Have you ever had the experience of picking up a broom with dust on it? It is due to static electricity. Small brooms made from Great Millet are less prone to static electricity, so Dust is hard to collect in the broom It has become.

  • Since the tips are aligned diagonally, you can firmly touch the surface you want to clean even if you handle it with one hand.

There is a difference.

Organic dyed yarn made of natural materials born from customer feedback

The opportunity was from Mr. Takakura's customer

I want you to make a broom that can be used by people with multiple chemical sensitivity.

I received the request.

Dyed yarn that does not use chemical fibers where it touches With the cooperation of craftsmen from each prefecture, Research and development over 3 years The organic silk thread that is finally completed is made of natural materials and is colorful, yet it makes the handle of the beautiful broom gorgeous.

(Shiraki pattern small broom, blue, red, beige from the left)

Three things you should never do

Please be careful not to do the following three points so that you can use the small broom that can be easily swept with one hand for a long time.

  1. Do not hit anything, do not insert it into the gap
    Hit the futon
    Hit the broom on the step to remove the dust on the broom.
    Insert it into a narrow gap (the tip will break in the opposite direction)
    Please do not do such things.

  2. Do not cut the tip
    If you cut the tip of the broom, the sweeping power will be reduced due to the uneven tip of the broom. If the tip of the ear becomes dirty, rinse it with water containing a neutral detergent or lukewarm water to dry it in the shade. (If you wash it during the rainy season, the center of the broom may not dry out and mold may grow. Please be careful to dry it thoroughly.)

  3. Do not sweep with force
    Even if you put in enough force to break the tip, you will not be able to remove the dust and the tip will be damaged.

In addition, if you use it only in the same direction, you will get a habit, so please use it in both directions as much as possible. If you are not using it, hang it on a nail or hang it with the tip of the ear facing up.

    Southern broom's commitment and sophisticated technique

    "Southern broom" made from Great Millet cultivated in Kunohe Village, Iwate Prefecture. There is a peculiar "curly" on the tip of the ear, and it firmly digs into the gaps between tatami mats and carpets and thoroughly sweeps out fine dust and dirt.

    Southern broom Broom millet cultivated completely pesticide-free Is carefully knitted with silk thread one by one by skilled craftsmen, so it is environmentally friendly and can be used for a long time with peace of mind.

    Behind the Scenes <Takakura Kogei>

    Nature in Kunohe Village, Iwate Prefecture grew up
    "Southern broom" that is close to daily life

    Kunohe Village, Iwate Prefecture. The southern broom made here is a bit different from ordinary brooms. It is the unique "curly" of the tip. The frizzy tips of the southern broom firmly bite into the gaps between tatami mats and carpets, so you can comfortably expel fine dust and dirt into every corner ...

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    Distributor Takakura Kogei
    Product name Organic small broom
    Product features
    • Uneven tips to sweep out dust from the back of tatami mats and carpets without force
    • If used correctly High cost performance because it can be used for 20 years
    • Natural environment-friendly broom using silk thread dyed with natural materials
    Materials / Raw materials Broom millet, silk thread
    Size Length: Approximately 80cm, Width: Approximately 20cm
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