I want you to remember it and continue to use it
A wine gift with a box as the main character

Maeda Kobo GFC Tea Box
Maeda Kobo GFC Tea Box
Maeda Kobo GFC Tea Box

Maeda Kobo GFC Tea Box

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A gift box that will appeal to you as it is or made to order

I'm thinking of giving wine or champagne as a gift, but I want another twist.

I want to make it a gift that will last forever, not the end after drinking.

In such a case, GFC tea box is recommended.

  • I want to add a message and date to make it memorable (the top plate of the tea box can be engraved with a laser)
  • Simple wood grain is good, but I would like you to make it an interior tea box (upholstered tea box) and continue to use it in various forms.

And so on You can apply the original processing according to your wishes. Because.
(If you would like laser processing or upholstered decoration, please contact us first.)

The inside of the tea box is filled with cushioning material, and the inside of the interior tea box is covered with a removable protective cushion to protect the contents. Also, take out the cushioning material and cushion, Can also be used as a storage box for accessory cases, etc. ..

Left: Interior tea box Right: Bare tea box

Original tea box Moisture proof, insect proof, oxidative proof Is well equipped, so keep what you put inside in a safe place for a long time.

A unique and sustainable gift box that gives you a gift for the entire box and contents.

Environmentally friendly and human-friendly tea box

The tea box is made by Maeda Kobo in Kawane, Shizuoka Prefecture. In an attempt to preserve the tea box culture that had been declining Mainly craftsmen in their 30s and 40s The tea box is handmade by inheriting the business from a skilled tea box craftsman who was thinking of going out of business.

Tea boxes of any size The height of the lid and the "san" is well-balanced in the height of the entire box. It is designed so that the material of the box itself is also carefully selected.

Tea box is a culture. And in order to preserve the culture, we have a factory in Kawane, which is the local area, based on the idea that it is essential that the local area loses money and the local area becomes healthy. Using thinned cedar wood cut from a local mountain doing. The cedar used by Maeda Kobo is generally over 30 years old. Since cedar has a light scent, it does not easily transfer odors and has an antifungal effect. increase. In addition, since sap does not easily come out and it is easy to process, it has come to be used as a material for tea boxes for storing delicate tea leaves.

I cut this cedar tree into parts for a tea box, but this work is not easy. It is necessary to imagine the parts of the tea box and cut it out while looking at the grain and habit of the wood. It takes about 10 years to cultivate the eyes It is said that.

Photo: Hitomi Sato

Inside the box Galvanized iron, which is the secret of moisture-proof, deodorant, and antioxidant effects Is stuck in Lead-free solder It is joined using. It is a device unique to Japan that pursues practicality.

In addition, in order to protect the seams of the wooden boards and the boundary between the box and the galvanized iron, we will apply "meshing" to wrap Japanese paper around the key points. Japanese paper increases the strength of the box It is. Japanese paper uses fine fibers, and glue is used. "Sparrow sticks" rice flour starch I am making it.

Original tea box by laser processing

The top plate can be engraved with an original pattern with a laser.

Laser processing image in a tea box Photo: Hitomi Sato

for example,

  • For birthday celebrations, 60th birthday celebrations, promotion celebrations
  • For the celebration of adults of children and grandchildren

You can give a gift with a date and a message.

Clear black and white letters and illustrations Anything can be engraved.
(Please note that it is difficult to produce gray tones, and the image changes depending on the grain of wood).

Laser processing cost is separate from the box fee About several thousand yen to 10,000 yen depending on the design Because it is possible with Please contact us first from inquiries .. We will give you a quote.

How to care for the tea box

A properly made tea box Service life exceeds 100 years It is said that.

When cleaning, do not let the outer wood get wet as much as possible, and use a dry wipe or a tightly wrung cloth. (Washi is pasted with rice flour starch glue, so it can be easily peeled off with water.)

Damage to galvanized iron and trees can be repaired depending on the degree, so please contact us if you wish.

Behind the Scenes <Maeda Kobo / Interior Tea Box Club>

Bringing tea box culture to the world!
From the crisis of decline to new possibilities

In modern times, the chances of seeing tea boxes have decreased. Some of you may remember that when you were a kid, a big wooden box was stored in the closet ...

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Distributor Maeda Kobo Co., Ltd.
Product name GFC tea box
Material Domestic cedar, galvanized iron, Japanese paper, rice flour starch paste
Box size Described below
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Box type Box size (outside) (cm) Box size (inside) (cm)
GFC-S Approx. 37x13.5x11.5 Approx. 32 × 9 × 8.5
GFC-L Approx. 39x18x16 Approx. 34 × 14 × 13


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