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Kanmonkai Natural Domestic Trafugu Set (Tetchiri, Tessa, Hot Spring)

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  • フグの大様トラフグの中でも希少な国産天然モノ
  • てっちり、てっさ、身の湯引きと様々な味わい方
  • 高タンパク低カロリーで鰻にも勝る滋養食


Hot pot dishes such as mizutaki, motsunabe, and chanko nabe, which are easy to prepare by simply cutting the ingredients, and often decorate the table from the satisfaction of enjoying the ingredients.

Among such hot pot dishes, we cannot easily cook at home because we need a cooking license, and the amount of landing is small. ..

Set image (Ingredients not included in the set such as vegetables are included.)

In addition to the

500g, which is full of volume, the table is decorated with " Kikumori no Tessa " (150g).

Fugu has a solid fruit, so it is thinly pulled to make it easier to eat while leaving its chewy texture, but this thin making requires skill. The chrysanthemums lined up on a large plate of about 30 cm will bring surprises and smiles to the family . ( Quick-frozen in a large plate to contain the taste of the ingredients and deliver it.)

Kikumori no Tessa

Furthermore, like the hot water that is served at high-class restaurants, not only the skin but also the body hot water is . The mouthfeel that gradually melts from the initial crunchy texture tells us that it is a good quality collagen.

Takifugu contains 5 times more taurine to nourish vitality than eel, and is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Eel has a high calorie content of about 21 g per 100 g of fat, while tiger puffer has about 0.3 g of fat per 100 g. As a high-protein, low-calorie diet that is rich in collagen, you can expect nourishment through deliciousness .


set also comes with collagen for the pot, so after taking the soup stock with kelp, take out the kelp and put the collagen of tiger blowfish in the soup stock. Torafugu collagen dissolves immediately.

Fugu can taste itself while staying light, so it is recommended to eat with sake from Junmai Daiginjo, which has a good taste of sake itself.

Behind the Scenes

High quality tiger puffer for everyday food. What is "aged blowfish" that is delicious even in summer?

Fugu in the summer? ...... For those who think so, this article may be an opportunity to change the idea that "blowfish is delicious in winter" ...

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Manufacturer Kanmonkai
Product name Natural torafugu set (about 3 servings)
Contents Natural tiger blowfish 30g, natural tiger blowfish 150g, natural tiger blowfish 500g, tiger blowfish hot pot collagen 150g, ponzu vinegar 50㏄ × 4, red grated 45g, 1 piece of kelp
Raw material name Torafugu for pot (domestic, standard Japanese name Torafugu), Torafugu for Tessa (domestic, raw food, standard Japanese name Torafugu), body vinegar (Torafugu skin, Torafugu) Meat (domestic, raw edible, standard Japanese name Torafugu)), pon vinegar (soy sauce (domestic production), fruit juice (sudachi, yuzu), sugar (grape sugar fruit sugar liquid sugar, water candy, sugar), rice fermented seasoning, katsuo-bushi extract, Boiled dried extract, rice vinegar, salt, kelp extract, shiitake mushrooms, extract (including some wheat and soy sauce), Torafugu collagen for pots (Torafugu skin collagen extract (domestic production), kelp soup stock, katsuo-bushi Dashi, salt, fermented vinegar), grated red (daikon (domestic), chili, salt, brewed vinegar / thickener (xanthan)), kelp (Hokkaido)
Storage method Freezing required (-18 ° C or less). After thawing, please consume within the day. Consume ponzu within 3 days after thawing.
Wrapping Wrapping paper is not available. Since it is for home use, it will be delivered in a white box.
Delivery time After ordering, it will be shipped within 7 business days excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) Included in the product price


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