Exquisite ensemble of 3 types of tea leaves
It goes well with Japanese sweets and meals.

By Emotionオリジナルブレンド「RICH ENSEMBLE」
By Emotionオリジナルブレンド「RICH ENSEMBLE」 40g
By Emotionオリジナルブレンド「RICH ENSEMBLE」 イメージ
By Emotionオリジナルブレンド「RICH ENSEMBLE」
By Emotionオリジナルブレンド「RICH ENSEMBLE」 40g
By Emotionオリジナルブレンド「RICH ENSEMBLE」 イメージ

By Emotion Original Blend Tea

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  • "By Emotion Limited" Special blended tea of ​​3 kinds of tea leaves
  • Authentic school
  • which is also used in Michelin-starred restaurants Carefully selected only tea leaves


[By Emotion Limited Blend]
3 A pleasant astringent x sweet ensemble of tea leaves

Chef-d'oeuvre , a high-class black tea brand that directly visits the world's famous tea gardens and carefully selects only high-quality seasonal tea leaves. Double, meaning "masterpiece" in French).

Such an ensemble specially blends three kinds of tea leaves for By Emotion " RICH ENSEMBLE " (rich ensemble).

Indian "Darjeeling Second Flash" and "Assam Second Flash" blended with Taiwanese "Dongfang meiren", just like wine Rich The aroma, pleasant astringency and sweetness are exquisite .

Dongfang meiren of oolong tea leaves, also known as "Oriental Beauty", has a high degree of fermentation and a taste close to Darjeeling, and is characterized by a unique scent. You can enjoy an ensemble rich in taste and aroma by blending with Darjeeling and Assam tea leaves.

It is recommended that you drink it straight so that you can feel the aroma directly, but you can also add a small amount of milk or lemon to make it delicious.

We asked people who are involved in the development of black tea and know about various black teas in the world about their impressions of this rich ensemble.

At the beginning of drinking, the mellow aroma of Assam, the richness, and the moderate astringency of Darjeeling stand out, but the refreshing and mild aftertaste is probably due to the Dongfang meiren. This should be straight and you should enjoy the deliciousness of the tea leaves!

A fascinating scent that floats when you bring your face close to the cup.

It goes well with Japanese sweets as well as Western sweets, so please enjoy the afternoon tea time with your favorite sweets.

Masterpiece tea leaves used in Michelin-starred restaurants

"Cheduburu", which is particular about the quality and deliciousness of tea leaves, directly visits world's leading production areas such as India, Sri Lanka, China and Taiwan , production status and tea leaves. Strictly check the quality of.

It is called , which is carefully selected from among the tea leaves produced during the season, by a skilled tea meister (tea appraiser). Furthermore, in Japan, it is sifted, extracted with Japanese water, tasting many times , and only the highest quality is selected.

Furthermore, tea leaves are usually imported by ship over a long period of time, but in Chevre, tea leaves picked from production areas are directly imported by air . We deliver freshness and deliciousness in the best condition . You can see the thorough commitment to quality.

Such Chedouble tea is available in Michelin-starred luxury restaurants , luxury hotels , Adopted by famous patisseries , it is loved by people who seek high quality, such as domestic and foreign tea lovers and cultural figures.

Behind the Scenes

Moisturize black tea in your daily life.
Masterpiece black tea that I met around the world

Chef-d'oeuvre means "masterpiece" in French. The luxury tea brand "Shedouble" visits the world's production areas blessed with a climate that nurtures black tea, such as India, Sri Lanka, and China ...

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Distributor Agreia Co., Ltd.
Product Name By Emotion Original Blend Tea "RICH ENSEMBLE" (Rich Ensemble)
Ingredients Black Tea (India) , Oolong Tea (Taiwan)
Contents 40g
How to Save Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool and dark place.
Expiration date The guideline is 2 to 3 years before opening and 2 to 3 months after opening.
Delivery specifications Canned
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