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Made-to-order black tea just for you

茶葉 全10種
フレーバー 全10種 
ハーブ&フラワー 全12種
ハーブ&フラワー イメージ
名入れラベル イメージ
Made-to-order original blended tea
Made-to-order original blended tea
茶葉 全10種
フレーバー 全10種 
ハーブ&フラワー 全12種
ハーブ&フラワー イメージ
名入れラベル イメージ

Made-to-order original blended tea

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  • Custom-made black tea that can be ordered from small quantities
  • Hundreds of blend combinations
  • World Carefully select only high-quality tea leaves


Original black tea that can be made with your favorite combination

There are many delicious black teas, but if you can make your own original black tea,

That was unlikely Makes your dream of tea lovers come true Is a luxury tea brand, Chef-d'oeuvre (Chedable), made-to-order original blended tea.

Combine your favorite ① tea leaves, ② flavors, ③ herbs & flowers to suit your mood and scene. You can make your own original blended tea It is a custom-made service that keeps you excited.

How to order "Made to Order Original Blend Tea"

Step1: Base 【tea leaf】 To choose.

Step2: Add to tea leaves 【flavor】 To choose.

Step3: Add to tea leaves [Herbs & Flowers] To choose.

Step4: Select an option. (Only if you wish)

Enter the [naming] and [other items you want to add] that you want to write on the original label.

① Choose tea leaves

The base tea leaves , Darjeeling, Assam, etc. all Ten seed You are able to choose from these options.

In addition to the name of the tea leaves, it shows the grade of black tea that is divided according to the size of the leaves.

OP (Orange Peco)

7-11 mm tea leaves twisted in a needle shape. Many of them contain core buds and have a strong flavor. The color of the water is bright orange.

FTGFOP (Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe)

Orange Pekoe with a golden flower-like scent with many splendid core buds.

BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe)

Fine size of 2 to 3 mm. It contains a lot of core buds and has a strong flavor. The color of the water gets darker.

CTC (Crash Tier Curl)

The tea leaves are rounded like sesame seeds using a special machine and have a strong taste. The mainstream manufacturing method in Assam today.

Chedouble tea leaves Carefully selected high-quality seasonal tea leaves from famous tea gardens around the world And then of the tea leaves Directly imported by air to protect freshness The more you do, the more you are committed to quality.

Carefully selected by Tea Meister (tea appraiser) The tea leaves of the shedible that can be piled up Also adopted in Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury hotels It is the highest quality.

② Choose a flavor

And of tea Flavor too , all Ten seed You can choose the one you like from.

One of the pleasures of custom-made tea is that you can choose a flavor that you have never tried before, or that you have a standard in yourself, depending on the scene and season.

* It is also possible not to add flavor. In that case, please select "Not required" in the flavor column.

③ Choose herbs & flowers

Finally, it is indispensable for blended tea All herbs & flowers 12 seed From the maximum 3 type You can choose.

* It is also possible not to add herbs and flowers. In that case, please select "Not required" in the Herbs & Flowers column.

The taste and aroma differ greatly depending on the type of blend, and that Hundreds of combinations It also extends to. Please enjoy from the process of making your own blended tea while imagining what kind of taste and aroma it will be.

Recommended combination

And I asked Mr. Kudo, the representative of Chedouble, about the recommended combination.

■ "Apple chamomile tea" that is soothing with a gentle and pleasant taste

Tea leaves: Ceylon

Flavor: Apple

Herbs & Flowers: Chamomile

■ Fresh "peach rose tea" recommended for iced tea

Tea leaves: Darjeeling

Flavor: Peach

Herbs & Flowers: Rose

■ "Orange tea" that is healed by the moderate sweetness and citrus scent

Tea leaves: Uva

Flavor: Orange

Herbs & Flowers: Orange Peel

■ "Maple Cinnamon Tea" that relieves your body and soul with a sweet scent

tea leaf: Dimbula

Flavor: Maple

Herbs & Flowers: Cinnamon

■ Recommended for milk tea "Caramel ginger tea"

Tea leaves: Assam

Flavor: Caramel

Herbs & Flowers: Ginger

■ Refreshing "lemon mint tea" when you want to refresh

Tea leaves: Kenya

Flavor: Lemon

Herbs & Flowers: Peppermint

It is also popular as a gift that can express originality, and it is also recommended for tea lovers as a gift that is a bit different from usual. Why don't you give a memorable tea while thinking of the surprised and happy face of the other party?

Behind the Scenes

Moisturize black tea in your daily life.
A masterpiece of black tea that I met around the world

Chef-d'oeuvre means "masterpiece" in French. The luxury tea brand "Shedouble" visits the world's production areas blessed with a climate that nurtures black tea, such as India, Sri Lanka, and China.

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Distributor Agreia Co., Ltd.
Product name Made-to-order original blended tea t6>
Ingredient name


* Depends on the herbs you have selected.

Contents 100g / 200g
Storage method Direct sunlight, high temperature Avoid high humidity and store in a cool and dark place.
Best-by date The guideline is 2 to 3 years before opening and 2 to 3 months after opening.
Delivery specifications Aluminum pack
Shipping schedule Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays after ordering It will be shipped within 7 business days excluding.
Shipping fee (tax included)

South Tohoku / Kanto / Shinetsu / Chubu Hokuriku 550 yen

North Tohoku / Kansai 660 yen

China 880 yen

Hokkaido / Shikoku 990 yen

Kyushu 1,100 yen

Okinawa 1,540 yen

* Free shipping on purchases over 6,000 yen (tax included)


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