Moisturize black tea in everyday life
A masterpiece of tea leaves that I met around the world


Commitment to quality and freshness, which is also accepted by Michelin-starred restaurants

Chef-d'oeuvre means "masterpiece" in French.

The luxury tea brand "Shedouble" is blessed with a climate that nurtures black tea in India, Sri Lanka, China, etc. t29> Fragrant Tea leaves are carefully selected .

High-quality tea leaves that have been carefully hand-picked and produced by skilled craftsmen to determine the degree of fermentation and bring out the aroma and taste. Sky Imported directly from the production area .

Further extracted with Japanese water, Tea Meister (tea appraiser) Repeated tasting , Only the highest quality tea leaves are selected.

What is surprising is its rich scent. Pour hot water into the aroma-like fragrant tea leaves and add a bit of the extracted black tea to soothe the rich taste.

The Chedouble tea that "pursues the most delicious tea in the world" is Michelin-starred luxury Restaurant , luxury hotel, famous patisserie adopted .

Due to the thorough commitment to the original taste and aroma of tea leaves, has been evaluated by tea lovers not only in Japan but also overseas , and from people who seek high quality. Producing a beloved cup.

A cup of "Darjeeling" that changed fate

I wanted to tell many people that there is wonderful tea in the world.

Shedouble started from the thoughts of Masato Kudo, the representative.

After graduating from university, Mr. Kudo worked for a trading company and engaged in importing black tea for major beverage manufacturers. He also participated in the development of black tea drinks that can compete with the original taste of tea leaves without spices or additives, and traveled around the world in search of delicious tea leaves.

Darjeeling Tea Farm, India

Mr. Kudo, who had only drank black tea in ordinary tea bags on the market until then, said he was shocked by the deliciousness of freshly picked black tea from overseas production areas. increase.

One day when I was extremely busy with work, the single estate tea of ​​"Darjeeling" that I drank with a colleague as a sample tasting during a break during overtime was exceptional than any tea I had ever drank. It was something like that. It is said that the elegant scent and taste relaxed the tense heart and made me feel relaxed and relaxed.

Isn't the rich aroma and moisture of black tea necessary for the life of Japanese people who spend their busy days?

After that, he was exposed to the culture of enjoying tea time around the world through expatriates and study abroad, and even if he changed jobs, he could not forget the mellow scent and taste of that "Darjeeling" from the corner of his head.

We want to provide a relaxing time with delicious tea in our daily lives.

In this way, Mr. Kudo launched "Shedouble" with professional colleagues in each field and realized his long-standing desire.

Craftsmanship that is hand-picked in the season of black tea and maximizes the individuality of tea leaves

In such a shed double, it is suitable for the name of "masterpiece", hand Picked Sa High quality Tea leaves only is used .

For example, "Darjeeling" picked in the Darjeeling region at the foot of the Himalayas reaches the season three times a year in spring, summer and autumn. The taste and aroma change greatly depending on the harvest time, so you can enjoy the depth of black tea.

In the spring when the snow melts and becomes warm, the first flash of the year is picked up and picked up. The lush tea leaves turn into a brilliant golden color when hot water is poured. The fresh flavor like young leaves is a refreshing taste similar to green tea.

Summer picked "Second Flash" grows into tea leaves with the most fulfilling taste and aroma, and is characterized by a gorgeous and fruity aroma and a mellow taste. And the "autumn null" picked in autumn turns into a mature and mellow taste.

Left: Darjeeling "First Flash" Right: Darjeeling "Second Flash"

Of course, the producers are particular about it. High-quality tea leaves are made by carefully picking the softest sprouts that have just sprouted in the morning dew, one by one, by hand, and carefully examining each process of wilting, kneading, fermentation, and drying. And brings out the scent.

Even though the method of making black tea is the same, it seems that the technique to maximize the individuality of tea leaves is in the hands of craftsmen. Time to pick tea leaves, how to knead, Time for fermentation , The taste of tea leaves changes depending on such as the timing of burning . To go.

"LIFE with TEA" Tea in your life

Because there are many people who are busy and keep running, I hope that you can take a break with tea and refresh yourself. I would be happy if I could add tea to my life, have a lively conversation, enjoy afternoon tea, and have a richer life.

Mr. Kudo wants many people to smile with delicious tea, just as he once was saved.

Black tea contains theanine, a component , but has a relaxing effect, promotes comfortable sleep, and concentrates. The effect of increasing power is also expected

According to recent data, black tea has more conversation than coffee or green tea . The research result of bouncing is also reported. Black tea is excellent as a lubricant for the business scene and as a communication tool.

At Chedouble, you can also make your own custom-made tea leaves, so you can meet your favorite cup.

A masterpiece filled with the feelings of the people and craftsmen of the production area, who are thoroughly particular about the taste and aroma, should relieve your mind and body.