Let the tea leaves dance and bring out the umami
Beautiful heat-resistant glass pot

Craft You Manmaru Pot
Craft You Manmaru Pot
Craft You Manmaru Pot

Craft You Manmaru Pot

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  • Heat-resistant glass that is hard to break and does not easily transfer odors
  • Form design that maximizes the flavor of tea leaves
  • Glass x brass appearance Beautiful design


Heat-resistant glass that is hard to break and brass that tastes better as you use it

A glass pot with a lovely round shape. The golden brass handle complements the clear glass, creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

It's a picture as an interior, and it's so cute that you'll want to keep it where you can see the room. The handle is set to draw a beautiful arch upward without tilting.

The material is Heat resistant glass .. It is made of the same material as glassware used as laboratory equipment such as beakers and flasks. Therefore, it is resistant to temperature differences. Hard to break , Difficult to smell and color transfer It has become.

Mr. Tokuma of Niigata Prefecture's glass studio "Craft You" did that. Melting, molding and processing with the flame of the burner one by one I am making it.

These techniques are called burner work, and in fact, melting heat-resistant glass at the individual level is difficult because it requires enormous cost and equipment, and we use product materials from specialized manufacturers. There are almost no places in Japan that are produced and commercialized in individual workshops. ..

This is Tokuma-san's first collaboration work between glass and a different material metal. As a result of various trials such as stainless steel and copper as the material of the handle, Brass that changes to a tasteful color as you use it It is said that he decided on.

Taking advantage of the cute roundness of the pot body, the silhouette of the final standing behavior is a beautiful and sharp design. Of course, as a handmade feature, we also paid particular attention to the shape of the hanging strap arch and spout.

Mr. Tokuma talked about his commitment to design.

We are creating simple and easy-to-use works while adding some ideas unique to individual production that cannot be mass-produced.

Such It has both beauty and functionality. Tokuma-san's teapot is available even among people who are particular about their time at home.

"Craft tea (tea with flowers) grows in a round water bowl."

"It's safe because the lid doesn't fall even if you tilt it."

It is a reputation.

The secret to brewing delicious black tea is jumping tea leaves

Not only does this round pot look cute. Maximize the flavor of tea leaves , It is made to be delicious.

Have you ever seen the "jumping" of black tea?

Jumping is when boiling water is poured into a teapot containing black tea leaves, and the tea leaves jump up and down in the pot and move around. When jumping, The aroma and flavor of tea leaves stand out well. , You can make very delicious black tea.

The shape of the pot is one of the important points to cause this jumping. This round shape maximizes the convection space and has a generous amount of hot water. Designed for jumping tea leaves is.

Because it is transparent glass You can see the tea leaves inside. It's also fun to watch the tea leaves dance in the pot.

The strainer, which acts as a tea strainer, is inserted into the spout. In addition to being easily removable, it does not interfere with the tea leaves that dance freely in the pot.

Plug-in type strainer

Diverse uses, not just teapots

A round pot that can be enjoyed in various ways other than making tea.

When I asked Mr. Tokuma about the recommended usage other than the teapot,

・ Tsuyu pitcher to match noodles and tempura

・ Put a slice of lemon or herbs, and split the spirits with water or a water pitcher.

And, there are various ways to enjoy it regardless of the season.

The size is 2 You can choose from the types.

capacity 0.5L size Is a cup 2 , 3 As a guide, one cup

capacity 1.0L size Is a cup Four , Five You can use it with a cup as a guide.

A round teapot that is soothing just by looking at it is a strong ally to enjoy your time at home.



Seller With You
Product name

Round pot

Main body, lid, tea strainer (wire strainer) set


Body, lid: Heat-resistant glass

Handle: Brass

Strainer: Stainless steel


0.5L: W130 × D108 × H205

1.0L: W160 × D135 × H233


0.5L: Approx. 500ml (full) / approx. 400ml (8th minute)

1.0L: Approx. 1100ml (full) / approx. 880ml ( 8th minute)


0.5L: Approximately 225g

1.0L: Approximately 285g

Shipping fee (tax included)

Kanto / Shinetsu / Hokuriku / Chubu / South Tohoku (Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima) 660 yen

Kansai / North Tohoku ( Aomori, Iwate, Akita) 770 yen

Chubu / Shikoku 880 yen

Hokkaido / Kyushu 1,100 yen

Okinawa 1,958 yen

Delivery Shipped within 10 business days from your order, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Precautions for use

-The brass handle is not designed to be removed. If it is unavoidable to remove it, please check the instruction manual.

・ Open flames, microwave ovens, and dishwashers cannot be used.


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