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BORNN tray set

BORNN tray set

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  • Japan's unlanded brand
  • The marble pattern is one-of-a-kind like an art work
  • Hand-made by Istanbul craftsmen


Update your dining table with a versatile multi-tray

Hollow wear from Turkey with a beautiful marble pattern that makes your everyday dining table a fashionable cafe at once. BORNN (Bone).

The marble pattern with its contrasting colors is eye-catching, as if you were pouring paint into it. All by hand Because it is produced in Each one has a different facial expression Is also attractive.

It can be used not only as a tray for carrying dishes, but also as a plate rice by serving some dishes on one plate. It is also recommended to serve salads and main dishes at home parties and share them with everyone.

The marble design is as beautiful as an art piece just by decorating it, so it is a multi-tray that can be used as an interior such as placing your favorite items.

Currently, it is attracting attention from select shops and museums around the world. BORNN .. Japan also MARBLE Don't miss this opportunity as the popular colors in the collection are becoming harder to come by.

Traditional manufacturing method x modern design

BORNN Inspired by the fascinating history of enamel, sisters from Istanbul, Turkey Basak Onay When Oyku Thurston By 2015 Born in the year.

Growing up in a global environment such as Istanbul, their hometown, Tokyo, Barcelona, and Los Angeles, the two have gained experience in the creative industry. We combine manufacturing methods with Turkish tradition to produce high-quality tableware with craftsmanship.

Incorporating a modern and innovative design into traditional enamel wear, the collection is impressive once you see it and enjoy it with your unforgettable eyes.

and All works are made by skilled artisans in Istanbul ..

Enamel wear with excellent durability, heat resistance, and heat retention

Enamel is made by baking a glassy glaze on the surface of a metal material such as iron or aluminum at a high temperature. for that reason, Durability, heat resistance, heat retention It is excellent in and features a beautiful glassy luster. In recent years, it has become more popular as an outdoor product due to its excellent performance.

BORNN In, the steel part that becomes the main body is formed by machine or hand, and after glaze is applied, it is fired in a kiln so that the surface becomes smooth. We use a traditional kiln that can be fired at a very high temperature, and the temperature changes depending on the position inside the kiln, causing shades in the color of the product. There is no same design as one , Each product has its own unique beauty.

Enamel wear that is easy to clean and can be used habitually for a long time as tableware that will not age if used correctly.

Combines design and functionality BORNN Why don't you try updating your home rice with the multi-tray?

How to care for long-term patronage

Enamel has a smooth, non-perforated surface made of glass that prevents the growth of bacteria and is easy to care for. You can use it for a long time with the correct usage.

・ Wash with a soft surface of sponge or a soft brush. Do not use wire brushes, metal scrubbing brushes, abrasives or sponges containing ceramic particles as they may damage the surface.

・ When using the dishwasher, set it to support glass. Hand washing is recommended to enjoy the enamel shine for a long time.

・ Do not use strong cleansers or harsh chemicals. Dirt can be easily removed with lemon juice and baking soda.

-The enamel may appear to be cracked or scratched, but it may have been attached with a metal cookware. In that case, the metal residue looks like a scratch and there is almost no damage to the underlying enamel. Enamel is much harder than stainless steel, so you can remove the marks by gently polishing it with a compound.

-The glossy surface of colored enamel is easily affected by highly acidic foods and may lose its luster when used in citrus-rich dishes. Avoid using it in dishes that are high in lemons and oranges, as it will not spoil the luster of the product.

* White enamel products can be safely used for acidic foods.

・ Durableness is also a major feature of enamel, but if you handle it roughly or hit it against a hard object, the top coat of the enamel may be chipped or the casting underneath may be exposed, but you can use it as it is. No problem.

The following is a part of enamel processing. Please check in advance.

-Enamel wear hangs the main body in the manufacturing process to dry it and fires the edges, so the paint in the vicinity may peel off, but it can be easily wiped off.

・ On the inside of the handle of the product, fine linear marks generated during enamel coating may be seen. I will.



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Materials / Raw Materials Enamel
Size Length 26cm x Width 18cm x Height 2cm
Delivery schedule Late June 2022
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Kinki 700 yen

China / Shikoku 800 yen

Hokkaido / Kyushu 1,000 yen

Okinawa 1,200 yen

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About ordering

・ Since it is made by hand, the marble pattern on the surface is different one by one.

・ The full price of the product will be accepted at the time of ordering.

Precautions for use

-Cannot be used in a microwave oven.

・ Hand washing is recommended, but if you use a dishwasher, please set it to glass.

・ Avoid using a wire brush or metal scrubbing brush, and wash with a soft sponge.

・ Since the enamel luster on the surface is easily affected by strongly acidic foods, the surface may lose its luster when used in dishes containing a large amount of acid such as lemons and oranges. Please be careful.


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