With a delicate pattern that does not overlap with others
A room for adults to enjoy even on rainy days

長傘 レイクブルー:親骨の長さ 60㎝ 直径 95㎝ 全長 91㎝
長傘 レイクブルー:親骨の長さ 60㎝ 直径 95㎝ 全長 91㎝
長傘 レイクブルー
親骨の長さ 60㎝ 直径 95㎝ 全長 91㎝
長傘 ルージュ:親骨の長さ 60㎝ 直径 95㎝ 全長 91㎝
長傘 ルージュ:親骨の長さ 60㎝ 直径 98㎝ 全長 88㎝
長傘 ルージュ
親骨の長さ 60㎝ 直径 95㎝ 全長 91㎝
折りたたみ傘 レイクブルー
親骨の長さ 55㎝ 直径 93㎝ 全長 66㎝ 収納時の全長 32㎝
折りたたみ傘:親骨の長さ 55㎝ 直径 93㎝ 全長 66㎝ 収納時の全長 32㎝
折りたたみ傘 レイクブルー
折りたたみ傘 ルージュ
親骨の長さ 55㎝ 直径 93㎝ 全長 66㎝ 収納時の全長 32㎝
折りたたみ傘 ルージュ
親骨の長さ 55㎝ 直径 93㎝ 全長 66㎝ 収納時の全長 32㎝
折りたたみ傘:親骨の長さ 55㎝ 直径 93㎝ 全長 66㎝ 収納時の全長 32㎝
折りたたみ傘 ルージュ
長傘 レイクブルー:親骨の長さ 60㎝ 直径 95㎝ 全長 91㎝<br>「顔色をパッと明るく美しくみせる」切り絵のような繊細デザイン
長傘 レイクブルー:親骨の長さ 60㎝ 直径 95㎝ 全長 91㎝<br>織生地の魅力感じる裏地の美しさ
大切な方へのギフトにも<br> 専用ボックスでお届けいたします
長傘 レイクブルー<br>親骨の長さ 60㎝ 直径 95㎝ 全長 91㎝
長傘 ルージュ:親骨の長さ 60㎝ 直径 95㎝ 全長 91㎝<br>「顔色をパッと明るく美しくみせる」切り絵のような繊細デザイン
長傘 ルージュ:親骨の長さ 60㎝ 直径 98㎝ 全長 88㎝<br>織生地の魅力感じる裏地の美しさ
長傘 ルージュ<br>親骨の長さ 60㎝ 直径 95㎝ 全長 91㎝
折りたたみ傘 レイクブルー<br>親骨の長さ 55㎝ 直径 93㎝ 全長 66㎝ 収納時の全長 32㎝
折りたたみ傘:親骨の長さ 55㎝ 直径 93㎝ 全長 66㎝ 収納時の全長 32㎝<br>織生地の魅力感じる裏地の美しさ
折りたたみ傘 レイクブルー<br>持ち手の素材:バンブー(寒竹)
折りたたみ傘 ルージュ<br>親骨の長さ 55㎝ 直径 93㎝ 全長 66㎝ 収納時の全長 32㎝
折りたたみ傘 ルージュ<br>親骨の長さ 55㎝ 直径 93㎝ 全長 66㎝ 収納時の全長 32㎝
折りたたみ傘:親骨の長さ 55㎝ 直径 93㎝ 全長 66㎝ 収納時の全長 32㎝<br>織生地の魅力感じる裏地の美しさ
折りたたみ傘 ルージュ<br>持ち手の素材:バンブー(寒竹)

Makita Shoten kirie chintz

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* Umbrellas with various patterns are available in addition to this product.

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  • Delicate design like a paper cutout that "makes your complexion look bright and beautiful"
  • Three-dimensional and glossy jacquard fabric woven from thread
  • Rainy season-summer rainy season umbrella with UV cut function


Cosmetic-like umbrella that makes your skin look beautiful

A series that weaves , a delicate and beautiful design like a paper cutout, kirie . It has a good reputation as " Umbrella that makes your complexion beautiful ". When exposed to the light coming in through the woven umbrella, the light that spreads the color of the fabric creates a sense of transparency on the skin and makes the expression brighter.

"Chintz" is a fabric with a wide variety of patterns such as trees, flowers, paisley, animals, and geometric patterns. As the name suggests, various patterns are drawn intricately on the entire umbrella fabric.

It is a design full of originality that is not the one-pattern pattern that is often used in ordinary umbrellas, and is perfect for those who are looking for a pattern that does not overlap with other people.

Three-dimensional and glossy woven fabric

The folding umbrella fits compactly and weighs about the same as an apple. The handle is high-class bamboo , and the handle of the folding umbrella in the bag makes you feel good when you look through the mouth of the bag.

Unusual for luxury umbrellas, long umbrellas are jump type. It can be opened with one touch. It also has a UV cut (90% or more ) function . You can go out together even on a sunny day.

Bamboo material handle that feels good

What is Japan's only umbrella made from thread

Umbrellas from Makita Shoten where you can look forward to rainy days with beautiful woven fabrics. Most of the umbrellas on the street are vinyl and print, but the umbrellas of Makita Shoten are dyed from thread and jacquard weave that weaves the pattern directly into the fabric. The jacquard woven fabric is three-dimensional and glossy , giving it a luxurious feel, and the difference from the print is obvious.

The secret of the bright and beautiful thread is the abundant thaw water from Mt. Fuji. Nishikatsura Town, Yamanashi Prefecture, where Makita Shoten is located, is an area overlooking Mt. Fuji surrounded by abundant nature. It is said that pure water from Mt. Fuji can be dyed vividly because it is filtered over a long period of time and has low hardness and few substances that interfere with dyeing.

One of the leading textile producing areas, Nishikatsura Town, Yamanashi Prefecture

Since the Edo period, Yamanashi textiles have their roots in Kai silk, which has a unique luster and texture, and is known as one of the leading high-class textile producing areas in Japan. It inherits the high technology of silk .

A design that is eye-catching no matter where you are, can only be created by Makita Shoten. Only Makita Shoten in Japan (maybe the world) can weave a free pattern that straddles the triangle of an umbrella. I am particular about the design that can only be expressed by "woven".

Jaguar fabric that is carefully woven one by one

Umbrella for both sunny and rainy weather, but the material of the fabric is the same polyester as a normal umbrella, waterproof, water repellent, UV is post-processed. The feel is the warm texture of the woven fabric, but it is also suitable for umbrellas with solid functions.

Waterproof, water repellent, UV cut post-processing

, leaving the texture of the woven fabric

And at Makita Shoten, we do everything from manufacturing the fabric to assembling the umbrella in-house, and it takes about 3-4 to finish the 1 . > It is said that it takes months. From making the dough to assembling and finishing the umbrella, it takes more than 15 processes, and it is a 1 book with craftsmanship.

Umbrellas carefully made one by one to loved ones

Makita Shoten's umbrella made from thread is a gem that you will want to use carefully for a long time. Therefore, it is said that many people choose it as a gift for their loved ones.

With elegant wrapping designed to prevent it from collapsing and deliver it in a beautiful condition, we will deliver it with your loved ones.

Delivered in a special box

Behind the Scenes

The world's only all-process in-house
A work of art that goes beyond the umbrella made from thread

At the foot of Mt. Fuji, Makita Shoten has a history of 150 years and continues to weave beautiful umbrella fabrics recognized by the imperial family. From making jacquard woven fabrics to assembling umbrellas, we make everything in-house ...

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Manufacturer Makita Shoten Co., Ltd.
Product name kirie Sarasa long umbrella / folding umbrella

Fabric: 100% polyester

Bone: Fiberglass / Aluminum

Hand: Kantake


Long umbrella: Length of rib 60 cm Diameter 95 cm Overall length 91 cm

Folding umbrella: rib Length 55 cm Diameter 93 cm Total length 66 cm Total length when stored 32 cm


Long umbrella: Approximately 360g

Folding umbrella: Approximately 290g


Long umbrella: 8 bones / one push

Folding umbrella: 8 bones / hand opening

Function UV cut (90% or more)
Shipping Schedule

After ordering, it will be shipped within 7 business days excluding weekends and holidays.

* Made to order depending on the stock status.

In that case, it will be shipped in about 2 months, so we will contact you by email separately.

Shipping fee (tax included) Free
Wrapping fee Free

Umbrellas can be repaired for long-term use.

The cost varies depending on the repair location, so please contact us if you wish.


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