Zeon Shoji [c-crest]

Ageless and timeless
The classic is really high quality


I think it's okay to make something that is loved only by people who like it, rather than something that is safe for masses that anyone can reach.

is c-crest designer Yoshinobu Takeuchi. The origin of the idea is his experience when he once lived in France.

At that time, the momentum of fast fashion was booming, and the word "Vêtements jetables" was popular. I was very shocked by the idea that I would wear it for one season and put it in the trash can. I was sad that this is the case in France, where there is an image of valuing things

From that,

Items that can be worn regardless of gender, items that can be expensive, items that can be worn for a long time. When the season is over, I would like to take the SDGs approach so that people can use the clothes they like and buy for a long time instead of wearing them anymore.

He says he came to think of it as


Soft and glossy, top quality cashmere

In order for the wearer to use it for a long time, it must be of good quality. In that respect, the quality of c-crest products can be conveyed simply by touching them.

The c-crest knit items introduced in

By Emotion are all soft and glossy 100% cashmere. In recent years, we have seen cashmere products everywhere, but they are very different from mass-produced products.

c-crest uses the hair of Inner Mongolia cashmere goats, which is world-famous for its high quality, and especially the items in the Baby Cashmere line can be taken from baby goats under 12 months old only once in a lifetime. We use hair growth that boasts extremely softness.

The finer the fiber, the higher the quality of cashmere. If even a little thick one is mixed in the thin one, the feel will be bad, but only the one with only 14 micron = 0.014 mm is used, and the difference in fineness in micro units is not overlooked and it is strictly selected. I am.


indicating that "baby cashmere" is used The

Collaboration of skilled technology that Japan is proud of

The first manufacturer in Japan to spin cashmere, the high quality is "Toyo Spinning Industry" with origami, and the excellent technology and high fashionability of the knitter " Long-established stores that have been leading the production of Japanese clothing such as "Umedanito" (producing the Baby Cashmere collection) and "Fine Label" (producing the Claris collection).

Toyobo spinning process

I want to support the exhaustion of the Japanese apparel industry and sales floors, so basically it is Made in Japan. We made full use of our network, focusing on which production area, which thread, and which factory would be most convincing to our customers. As a result, the skillful techniques of Made in Japan were put together to create a gem work


Mr. Takeuchi called

. It is the result of the relationship of trust that we have had for a long time.

Yoshinobu Takeuchi and the c-crest team