Wrap a single flower
Hanaire in the night sky with glittering stars

Galaxy Glazed Hanaire Sorori (Large)
Galaxy Glazed Hanaire Sorori (Large)
Galaxy Glazed Hanaire Sorori (Large)
Galaxy Glazed Hanaire Sorori (Large)
Galaxy Glazed Hanaire Sorori (Large)

Galaxy Glazed Hanaire Sorori (Large)

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A single-flowered insert with an impressive deep indigo color and shimmering crystals that will captivate you at first glance. Crystals of galaxy glaze like stars shining in the night sky are shining in a standard shape.

It was that that won two awards at the same time at the exhibition at the Louvre Museum that produced such a starry sky-like glaze "Galaxy glaze" Ceramic artist Nakao Tetsuaki-san.

Left: Tricolor Art Peace Award (Paris, France, Beauty Revolution Exhibition IN Ruble)

In France, which contributes to cultural exchange between Japan and France and respects freedom, equality, and philanthropy, we evaluate that its high spirituality contributes to world peace, and we award it here.

Right: Pre-de-Lion

For the work at the "Beauty Revolution Exhibition" held at Carrousel du Louvre, in honor of the exceptional creativity and the universality of the work created by it, it became an eternal "Mona Lisa". The award is given here in honor of the gate "Porto de Lion".

"Galaxy Glazed" representing the infinite universe and starry sky

Mr. Nakao was born and raised in the pottery's house, and entered the world of pottery from the 20 generation. 30 The glaze (glassy chemical applied to ceramics), "Galaxy glaze", which was inspired when I was in my generation, was realized in about 8 years . Its unique beauty, in which metal crystals shimmer like stars in the night sky, has won numerous awards and acclaim overseas .

Using a potter's wheel, we use a kiln that has been uniquely improved to produce the ideal color by creating a shape with a delicate hand that is like digging a sculpture.

Appearance to wander without having flowers

Mr. Nakao who is familiar with the world of tea ceremony. I also have a strong feeling for the hanaire, which is often displayed in the tea room.

Hanaire makes things that can be wandered without flowers. When I put a flower in it, it gives an expression that makes the best use of the flower, and I tried to make something that looks nice even with a vase alone, and I was particular about the shape.

It's hard to feel the change of seasons because I spend more time at home, but if I insert a single flower with morning dew, the space will be tighter and I can feel the four seasons of Japan.

Behind the Scenes

Countless stars floating in the pottery

The feelings of a potter who fascinates the world

The crystallized metal element makes you feel like a myriad of stars floating in the night sky, and its name is "Galaxy Glazed". While following the traditional pottery technique, it was the one that created a technique that had never been seen before ...

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