Galaxy Glazed Tamamine Kiln

Countless stars floating in the pottery
The feelings of a potter who fascinates the world


"Galaxy Glazed " representing the infinite universe and the starry sky

The crystallized metal element makes you feel like a myriad of stars floating in the night sky, and its name is "Galaxy Glazed".

[Galaxy Odyssey-2003 Florence Glory Neo-Renaissance Exhibition Costanza de Medici Art Reward-]

While following the conventional method of pottery, we have created a technique that has never been seen before in Takeo City, Saga Prefecture since we were in our twenties. It is Mr. Tetsuaki Nakao who has received high praise from.

I want to express the night sky with floating stars with pottery

Mr. Nakao said that his parents' house was a kiln and he had been helping since he was a child, but he had no intention of taking over the house. He went to college and he went to the philosophy department.

I went to the Department of Philosophy thinking "I want to pursue my own way of life", but I feel that the university is not a place for academics or research, but a "preparatory school for employment". It has become like that.

At that time, I was impressed to see his father who went home to his parents' house and worked on ceramics. He dropped out when he was in his fourth year of college, then returned to his hometown and went on the path of pottery.

The hint of the galaxy glaze was born when Mr. Nakao was in his thirties. He was hospitalized for retinal detachment while he was working on pottery making. He was having anxious days asking, "Will I be able to do ceramics again?"

When I was sleeping in the hospital bed, I suddenly saw countless stars in the night sky in my heart. When I was discharged from the hospital and returned to the world of pottery, I wanted to express colors like the night sky in my work .

If you look at the earth from the night sky, you can't see the borders or races, and all the people are the same. I wondered if such a world could be expressed with pottery.

Creating works that transcend national borders, races, and language barriers

After leaving the hospital, Mr. Nakao started researching glaze (a layer of glass attached to the surface of ceramics). He continued his research steadily, collecting literature from all over the world.

It was about eight years later that the metal crystals reached the "galaxy glaze" that shines like a starry sky due to the color change due to the chemical reaction. It was a distinction from traditional pottery.

Mr. Nakao says that he never thought of giving up even after spending a long time.

I thought it would take more time before I could express the world I wanted to create. It was not easy to learn and experiment with science knowledge because I was a liberal arts student, but I didn't think about stopping halfway through.

I want to realize the world view like the starry sky and the universe that I am aiming for as soon as possible. That was my heart.

Mr. Nakao puts such a message in his work.

Through the galaxy glaze, I would like to convey beyond borders, races, and language barriers.I want to send the message " Even if they are of different ethnicities and races, they are all the same person " to the world

Why did various ideas come about in the history of the earth and humankind, and in various parts of the world? How can we recognize diversity, overcome differences, and coexist with people of different races and ideas? I'm always thinking about that.

Unique color produced by the improved kiln

Mr. Nakao's work has been accepted by the world and won numerous awards in France, Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, etc. . Before the smooth travel, many foreigners were impressed by Mr. Nakao's work and visited there.

[Distant Chang'an-2001 Monaco Japanese Culture Festival Monaco Principality Honor Award, 2010 Thai Royal Somsawari Princess Art Gift-]

Mr. Nakao feels that her way of thinking about ceramic art and potters is different between Japan and overseas.

I think that foreigners have a strong desire to know what kind of life view and philosophy the author who created her work has, and what kind of person he is. After knowing the author, I feel that she will evaluate her work again.

On the other hand, even in Japan, people of all ages, from high school students in the lower to those in their 80s, come to see solo exhibitions and become fans, and Mr. Nakao's work continues to capture the hearts of people in Japan. increase.

Mr. Nakao currently lives in Takeo City, Saga Prefecture, with her wife, Chikako, who is in charge of her office work and some pottery making. Her son, Masanori, is in charge of her homepage and SNS. Mr. Nakao is working on all the productions using the potter's wheel by himself.

[Tetsuaki Nakao, Masanori Son, Chikako Wife]

A work that uses a potter's wheel creates a shape by pulling a rotating mass of soil, so it is like making a sculpture.

The shape and originality are completely different depending on the sense of the creator, and high technology is required, so I think it is a work with a world view that only my father can make.

, says Masanori.

The potter's wheel is unglazed and then honyaki. It may take half a year for a long piece to produce the color you want.

There are 6 kilns for producing colors, and improvements such as changing the gas flow for each kiln are being made. This is also to get the ideal shade. Not all of them have the same shape, and if you don't get the color you like, you may need to remake it.

I want to continue to convey the culture of pottery

With the passage of time, the pottery industry is now in a difficult situation, and it is said that few young people are coming in. At the same time, the number of potters with proper skills and skills is decreasing.

On the other hand, some people visit Mr. Nakao with a strong belief that he wants to learn pottery.Mr. Nakao actively teaches such people techniques and knowledge

I think I have to convey the techniques and knowledge I have cultivated to those who are aiming for the world of pottery. Otherwise, the culture of pottery may eventually be destroyed.

As with the world of tea and flowers, most of the culture in Japan now is an improvement of what came in from overseas to make it your own culture, and there is almost no culture unique to Japan. I think.

, but I think that the charm and goodness of Japanese culture will be attracting attention from the world again in the future. I happen to be in the field of pottery, but I would like to continue to convey my thoughts by incorporating my wishes for world peace and coexistence into my work.

Mr. Nakao, who holds his own thoughts and beliefs firmly, flexibly accepts changes in the times and various differences, and reflects them in his work, without being bound by existing frameworks.

The "Galaxy Glaze" pottery created by Mr. Nakao, who is an artist with a delicate sensibility but has a philosopher-like and researcher-like aspect, makes our lives richer. It should be easy to color.