Motokaze Nakamura

"Pottery is science"
Make your mind positive with your own glaze

I have never seen that three-dimensional and glossy luster, at least in "pottery".

Mr. Motokaze Nakamura creates works that bring positive fluctuations to the viewer's mind by fusing the current techniques as a contemporary artist, while keeping in mind the tradition of Kutani ware that has been handed down. ..

Arts & Science

Mr. Nakamura, who grew up in a fishing village in Ishikawa prefecture, which is rich in nature, became interested in life from an early age. He engages in biology at university and ecology at graduate school, but be skeptical of his approach to treating life as a thing.

Then, I feel that the art that gives shape to what I see is what I am looking for in life, and I enter the path of production. The dynamic balancing that Mr. Nakamura learned, which is not biased toward either quantitative scientific methods or creativity, continues the subsequent work production.

Red that has been sought after, red that opens up the future

Mr. Nakamura, who says "pottery is science," puts a lot of effort into developing the materials used in his work.

Since there are no materials on the market that can embody your own image in your work, we are proceeding with our own research and development of glaze, and the accuracy is 10 10,000th 1 gram ( 0.00001 gram) unit, firing temperature is also adjusted and thoroughly adjusted in 1 degree units.

Color painting porcelain is made by baking colored glass on white porcelain. The color scheme used for white porcelain is said to be "Gosai (yellow, green, dark blue, purple, red)", and among them, only red was glassy and there was no color material that could express the thickness.

In such a situation, Mr. Nakamura will create the world's first glaze that realizes exquisite excitement in deep red after more than 25 years of research. The color was born in this world on the morning of the day when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck on 2011 year 3 month 11 . If this red became the desired red, it was named "Kiseki".

Please enjoy the works with the transparency and brilliance of colors created by repeated trial and error.

[Profile] Nakamura Genfu (Nakamura Ganpu)

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1955.

Completed the Department of Biology, Graduate School of Science, Kanazawa University in 1981.

Recommended as a regular member of the Japan Kogei Association in 1995.

Invited to exhibit at the Keitokuchin International Ceramics Expo in 2004. Since then, it has been exhibited continuously.

Exhibited at Ambiente (Frankfurt, Germany) in 2008.

Held a solo exhibition at Keitokuchin (at Ceramics Garden) in 2010. Held a solo exhibition at the Shanghai Historical Museum. Exhibited at Shanghai Art Fair.

2011 Completed the glassy crimson glaze "rare red". world's first.

Exhibited as a representative of Japan at the 2012 Japan-China-Korea Gallery Art Expo.

2014 Invented the glaze "Glaze" that makes the brilliance of water eternal. world's first.

2016 Transformed into a contemporary artist. "Grey's" -Shining is born from a challenge (Tokyo).

Exhibited at SOEN Paris (Paris, France) in 2017.

2018 Motokaze Nakamura "Birth" The Glaze 2018 is held (Tokyo).

2020 Shinjuku Isetan, Omiya Sogo holds Nakamura Motofu exhibition.

In addition, many solo exhibitions are held in Japan and overseas.