It's only when I hold the light and dark
There is a perpetuation of "life"

<Torus> 23.2×23.2×23.5cm
中村 元風さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
<Torus> 23.2×23.2×23.5cm
中村 元風さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
<Torus> 23.2×23.2×23.5cm<br>中村 元風さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
<Torus> 23.2×23.2×23.5cm<br>中村 元風さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ

Motokaze Nakamura Torus

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  • A work by Motokaze Nakamura, a contemporary artist who is highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas.・ Sake set that you can enjoy colors


Torus refers to the shape with a hole penetrating the curved surface .

at all levels, from familiar things such as cross sections of oranges and apples to macro things such as the magnetic field surrounding the earth and the flow of galaxies, and micro things such as the structure of atoms. It is a shape commonly found in the natural world.

Since we can find a cycle of going around the outer circumference of the sphere from the hole and returning to the hole again, we regard the torus as a permanent symbol .

Yellow expresses "bright" and black (actually dark purple) expresses "dark", and life lasts only when both sides are held . I put a message with .

We aimed for a presence like a living organism that is about to start moving, and a universal beauty that transcends Japanese and Western styles .

Mr. Motokaze Nakamura is a contemporary artist, based on the tradition of Kutani ware, which has been handed down to . I am creating works that bring positive fluctuations to my heart.

" Pottery is science ", says Mr. Nakamura, because there are no materials on sale that can embody his image in his work, We are proceeding with our own research and development of glaze , and the accuracy is thoroughly adjusted in units of 1 / 100,000 grams (0.00001 grams) for color formulation and in units of 1 degree for firing temperature.

Please enjoy the transparency and brilliance of the colors created by repeated trial and error.

Behind the Scenes

Mr. Nakamura, who grew up in a fishing village in Ishikawa prefecture, which is rich in nature, became interested in life from an early age. Although he engages in biology at university and ecology at graduate school ...

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Distributor Motokaze Nakamura
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