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Kaneroku Matsumotoen Smoked Black Tea Tea Leaves Set

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  • Japan's first smoked black tea
  • Whiskey barrels aged for decades are used for smoked chips
  • Japanese black tea
, which is the only long-established black tea specialty store in France


Smoked black tea drink comparison set of 5

Japan's first "smoked tea leaves" Recommended for a drink comparison set where you can enjoy a variety of flavors Five We have prepared the types. The moment you open the bag, it has an amazingly mellow scent. .. You can enjoy the individuality of each flavor due to the material of the smoked chips, which has a high scent that lasts even when cooled.

Not only cheese and meat dishes, but also the mariage with sweetness such as cholate is outstanding.

"Western liquor barrel" : Smoked smoky scent of whiskey barrels

"Cherry Blossoms" : Smoked cherry tree, slightly sweet floral scent like sakura mochi

"apple" : Smoked apple tree, smoky yet fruity and refreshing scent

"Japanese cypress" : Smoked cypress tree, gentle and calm scent that feels Japanese

"Pine" : Smoked pine tree, habitual oriental scent

The first domestically produced smoked black tea approved by a long-established French tea shop

Kaneroku Matsumotoen's first "smoked black tea" in Japan Far beyond imagination The mellow smoked scent spreads throughout your nose, and you will want to immerse yourself in the afterglow for a while.

Its authentic aroma and taste are The only Japanese black tea available at the main store in Paris, a long-established French tea specialty store. From that, I think it can be easily proved.

Smoked black tea was produced in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which is a well-known tea-producing region, with a new focus and ability to "smoked tea leaves." Hiroki Matsumoto, the third generation of "Matsumotoen".

At Kaneroku Matsumotoen, as a traditional farming method that we want to pass on to the next generation, "Tea-grass farming method" which is also certified as a World Agricultural Heritage I continue to protect.

It is said that the aroma and taste of tea can be further improved by applying Japanese pampas grass, bamboo grass, and other grasses to the tea plantation to create high-quality soil. Regular mowing is also highly regarded worldwide as it leads to the conservation of endangered flora and fauna.

Mr. Matsumoto continues to explore the possibilities of tea while adhering to such traditional farming methods. Since around 2010, he has been working on cultivating oolong tea and black tea as well as Japanese tea.

At first, he said he never imagined selling overseas, but he said, "I wanted to create something with originality that not only people in the tea industry but also the general public can enjoy a special feeling." It seems that the quest for smoking became the entrance to the new challenge of smoking.

Smoked in a whiskey barrel, overwhelming scent

"I didn't want to use additives or fragrances to make it." With a wide variety of flavored teas already available, Mr. Matsumoto's clear feelings for making black tea lead to the rich aroma created by smoking tea leaves.

Smoked tea overseas is generally smoked with pine trees, but I wanted to make tea from Japanese tea leaves that has never existed in the world, so if I do it, I need to stick to it. I thought it wasn't there.

I started with several types of smoked chips sold at mass retailers, and after that I tried all the materials I was interested in. The first thing I found interesting was the whiskey barrel.

Among the many materials, the whiskey barrel chips that Mr. Matsumoto is most particular about. The whiskey maker in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, which has won numerous awards at the World Whiskey Awards, is used. Barrel chips that have been aged whiskey for decades And that. I am convinced by the fragrant aroma when I drank it.

And the various flavors are the charm of Mr. Matsumoto's smoked black tea.

You can enjoy the rich scents of whiskey barrels (Western liquor barrels), cherry blossoms, apples, cypresses, pine trees, cacao, etc., and you will be intrigued just by imagining them.

Unknown potential of smoked black tea

Smoked black tea with whiskey barrel chips is unprecedented in the world, and its reputation as a unique Japanese black tea that can be enjoyed by whiskey lovers has crossed the boundaries of the industry.

"Did Japanese tea come this far?"

Mr. Matsumoto said that he received such happy words when he participated in the whiskey festival.

Also, at Salon de Chocolat Paris, which is a festival of chocolate, Chocolate using smoked tea leaves won the highest award When I hear that I have done it, I cannot help feeling the unknown possibility of how to enjoy it.

When asked about the recommended arrangement method for Mr. Matsumoto, the homemade smoked plum wine made by adding smoked tea leaves with plums is exquisite. The plum wine arrangement, which perfectly matches the sweetness and sourness of plums and the smoky flavor of tea leaves, is said to be popular with families.

Discovering your favorite combinations, including whiskey, is a unique way to enjoy smoked black tea.



Distributor Kaneroku Matsumotoen
Product name Smoked black tea 5 types set
Raw material name Tea (from Shizuoka)
Contents Western liquor barrel 50g
Sakura 50g
Apple 50g
Hinoki 50g
Pine 50g
How to save Please save away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.
Best-by date Approximately one year from packing (Please check the description of the purchased product correctly)
Shipping Schedule After ordering, it will be shipped within 7 business days excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) Nationwide uniform: 400 yen
Precautions After opening, avoid high temperature and humidity, and consume as soon as possible.


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