Improve your home time from your feet
Challenge of a long-established sandal maker


Based on the quality of Made in Japan

With the increase in home time, many people may have shifted to the idea of ​​"I want to spend a comfortable and comfortable time at home."

We recommend Room Sabo Reela, which is woven by a long-established sandal maker backed by her many years of experience and advanced technology.

Reela is manufactured by Yamato Co., Ltd., a sandal maker located in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. Since its founding in 1963, we have continued to manufacture with "Sandals" . We have been working on sandals with orthodox designs regardless of the times, Japanese pattern sandals targeting overseas such as Europe, and OEM of famous Japanese apparel shops.

Yamato's Reela is all domestically produced . Working at a manufacturing plant in Matsuyama City is a small number of craftsmen, mainly veterans with decades of experience. (Sandals are made in Japan, but there are also many made overseas.)

One of the reasons for sticking to domestic manufacturing is the desire to retain the appeal of "Made in Japan," says Satoshi Tanio, a director of the company.

One of the concepts in Japan is the word "beauty of use", but I think that beauty of use cannot be achieved unless it is close to people's lives.

I think that the products we make are also beautiful and comfortable footwear as a result of pursuing to leave the necessary elements by omitting unnecessary items as much as possible.

We use foreign leather as the material, but All processes such as tanning and manufacturing are carried out in Japan , and we are particular about handmade products. ..

Undecorated and unpretentious, but good things

Reela was born about 4 or 5 years ago. She was triggered by a joint exhibition in 2016 at an exhibition of manufacturing support, which was held with the support of Ehime Prefecture. We asked Mr. Tanio, who was involved in the planning and manufacturing of Reela, about that time.

Actually, the exhibition was an interior exhibition. It seems meaningless to exhibit the sandals that we had made for outdoor shoes, so I decided to make indoor shoes there.

However, even if you make a general "slipper", you will not be able to beat the manufacturer who is good at manufacturing slippers at a cost. So, when I thought about making indoor shoes that make use of our technology and know-how, the idea of ​​"genuine leather room shoes" was born, which was unexpectedly rare in the world.

The prototype room sabo that we made is also popular at exhibitions. "Reela" started in 2017 after repeated preparations such as preparing the equipment and system of the manufacturing factory and changing the design to make it easier to wear. The concept of Reela is Simple & Relax. We want you to spend quality time at home because it is not decorated and unpretentious, but it is good.

Reela was created with the aim of providing a comfortable feel that feels like barefoot . I am surprised at the feeling of being there.

And now, in addition to home use, it is also used in luxury hotels, high-class inns, model rooms of luxury mansions, etc. as hospitality for visitors.

Pursuing beauty and comfort using wooden patterns

Reela's room support has a soft feel and a solid shape. She has a simple yet sophisticated design that not only makes her feel comfortable, but also makes her feel rich every time she sees it.

Mr. Tanio says that the manufacturing process hides the invisible commitment and hardships of a long-established sandal manufacturer.

As with sandals other than Reela, the work of putting "last" used for general shoe making into the finished mold. I am doing.

This is a big difference from a normal sandal maker. Reela cannot be mass-produced, and it takes about a week to complete , and the limit is to make dozens of pairs in one production.

One of the reasons is that there is a limit to the number of wooden patterns that can be used, and you have to leave them for several days after putting them in the wooden pattern. No other sandal maker may have as many wooden patterns as our company.

It is from the first generation that we have used a rare wooden pattern for sandals. While competing in the manufacture of footwear in Ehime Prefecture, which was not originally a production center for shoes and sandals, we adopted this method in order to pursue a comfortable fit and beauty that fits our feet better.

Even if you don't put it in the wooden pattern, it will be in a certain shape, and not everyone will feel a clear difference, so I feel "I don't have to bother to do that kind of trouble". There may be people. But after all, those who understand it can understand it.

In human terms, it may be close to the feeling of "making your appearance more beautiful."

However, it is said that the work of inserting a wooden pattern is never easy. When asked in detail, it seemed to be a trade secret saying, "Don't open the bran (laughs)", but it seems that some of my peers said, "I can't even try to imitate it."

The upper uses natural leather (cowhide) made in Japan. In the case of artificial leather or vinyl material, several layers of fabric can be cut, while natural leather can only be cut one by one . Therefore, Reela is made by carefully taking the time and effort of each pair.

Slippers Refugees can feel comfortable at home

Reela's future goal is "to remain unchanged." As a long-established domestic sandal maker, we have the pride that we have been supported by many fans and repeaters for many years.

Mr. Tanio and his colleagues want to take good care of not only each and every customer, but also everyone involved in Yamato's products, including Reela.

Among the customers who love Reela, there are so-called "slipper gypsies" who have been unsatisfied with any slippers and have been searching for slippers that suit them.

I was very happy when I met Reela and said, " I don't have to look for slippers anymore" .

Reela is recommended not only for yourself but also as a gift for your loved ones. We will continue to aim for manufacturing that makes people who wear it smile.

A pair of discerning shoes that wraps bare feet softly, born from many years of technical capabilities as a long-established manufacturer. Why don't you take in that gentle comfort as a companion for your time at home?