Dream Hill Tomlausi

The rich blessings of Mt. Tomuraushi
Luxuriously used new "canned food"


Plenty of raw materials grown at the foot of Mt. Daisetsu

Shintoku-cho, Hokkaido, surrounded by mountains called the "Daisetsu Mountains". The population is about 6,000, but the number of cows growing in the town is about 33,000. The total area of the town is about 1,064 km², and one town alone boasts a vast area of more than half that of Tokyo.

In Shintoku Town "Mount Tomuraushi" The abundant nature that surrounds Daisetsuzan is designated as a national park. Not only loved by the locals, but among mountaineering enthusiasts "A mountain that you definitely want to climb while you are alive" It is said that it is said.

Overlooking Mt. Tomuraushi

I grew up in Shintoku Town Yezo deer, Jersey beef, Shintoku chicken breeding chicken, lamb "Tommaushi meat is delicious" that conveys the rich taste of nature's blessings in a completely new form called "canning". Stews Series "commonly known as" TOMCAN ".

Mr. Yutaka Takakura, who is the manager of the "Dream Hill Tomlausi", which carries out ecological capture, processing, processing and sales of Yezo deer, was involved in the planning and development.

I want you to bring back the charm of Shintoku Town

Takakura was born and raised in Obihiro, and after graduating from a vocational school, got a job at a hotel. I worked as a chef at a teppanyaki restaurant at affiliated hotels in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Tokyo, and Fukuoka.

Yutaka Takakura, Director of Dream Hill Tomlausi Office

It seems that the background to the birth of TOMCAN was the feelings of the townspeople, including Mr. Takakura.

In Shintoku-cho, for example, the Yezo deer that we also handle, there are many interesting meats that are highly rare, such as jersey beef for meat, domestic lamb, and local chicken that is rare in Hokkaido.

At one point, I was asked if I could make something in the town that could appeal the charm of the town to the people who came to Shintoku.

However, it is difficult to take refrigerated / frozen items such as sausages home from the destination, and it is also troublesome to mail them to your home. After some ideas, I came up with the form of canning, saying, "At room temperature, something that can be taken home as it is, even if it has some weight."

"Canning" is a means to express meat

The concept of TOMCAN is "how to express our meat". The purpose is not to make canned food, but to the last Get to know the deliciousness of "meat grown in the wilderness of Shintoku Town" in the best possible way Therefore, the method of canning was chosen.

However, this is the first time to manufacture canned food. R & D has never been so easy, Takakura recalls.

In the first place, in order to keep the canned food at room temperature, the cooked food is packed in a can, sealed, put into a pressure cooker with a temperature range of 120 ° C or higher, and heated for several tens of minutes to sterilize. It seems that "heating" is required, which was especially difficult.

Even if you think that it was delicious after cooking, the aroma disappears, the flavor changes, and the meat becomes tattered due to pressure heating, and the finish is different from what you expected. I often end up with it, and I made many improvements.

Make TOMCAN a "standard item" in Shintoku Town

After trial and error, three types of canning using Yezo deer are completed. A year later, utilizing Mr. Takakura's canning skills, each producer gathered and discussed to develop each canned product using cows, chickens, and lambs. From 2017, a total of 6 types of TOMCAN have been on sale.

When you open the can Meat is packed tightly However, it is far from the general image of "canning". This is because he wants the meat grown in Shintoku-cho to be enjoyed as deliciously as possible.

The price range is a little high for canned foods, so at first there was a concern that they wouldn't buy it. However, when he started selling at local stations and facilities in the town, he was surprised at the unexpected sales.

As well as the raw meat, there are many vegetables and seasonings used, so If you try to make it from scratch, it will take a lot of time and it will be difficult. is.

When you want to eat elaborate food, I'd be happy if you could use it as the main dining table or as a dish for a party where people are invited to a party.

Says Mr. Takakura.

In the future, it seems that there is a goal to continue to cherish TOMCAN as a "standard item" in Shintoku-cho, and to create products that can be easily picked up by as many people as possible.

The "TOMCAN" series, which is canned but has more quality and surprise than you can imagine. Born from the heartfelt love of Takakura and his friends for Shintoku and Mt. Tomuraushi, this brand, which is full of the blessings of Hokkaido's nature, will continue to be loved for many years to come.