Thin / light / good color development
Compact enough to fit in a notebook

KAMIKA business card holder SLIM (for about 8 to 10 cards)

KAMIKA business card holder SLIM (for about 8 to 10 cards)

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"KAMIKA" is a paper product brand that applies French Cartonnage (a method of assembling thick paper into a box and pasting paper or cloth), mainly for items that are intended for the business scene. This time, we would like to introduce a completely new business card holder made from "paper".

Business card holder that can only make a few pieces a month

Mika Goto, who is active in Oita prefecture, has launched the "KAMIKA" brand and makes all the items by herself .

A lizard pattern is used for the leather-like paper made of

. It seems that the most suitable material was selected in consideration of the abundance of colors and color variations, luxury and appropriate thickness that can be used in the business scene.

At first, the corners of the business card holder come out sharply, but as you use it, the corners gradually become more familiar, and one of the attractions is that you can enjoy a different texture.

The best features of the business card holder are lightness and good color development unique to paper . There are plenty of color variations, and it is also a point that you can customize it according to your taste and image, such as matching it with the company's corporate color and logo, or combining colors that seem to suit the other party and giving it as a gift.

Many formal business card holders are made of genuine leather, but because they are made of paper, they are evaluated from the viewpoint of animal welfare and sustainability . increase.

Thin enough to fit in a notebook

It's so thin that you can put it in your chest pocket or put it in your notebook. Even if it is thin, it will never be cheap, and it is also a point that there is a sense of luxury that can be used for business.

, says Mr. Goto.

The number of business cards that can be entered is about 8 to 10, but nowadays, the chances of meeting people in person and exchanging business cards are decreasing, so this smartness is rather popular. It is also recommended for those who do not usually carry business cards with them or for a second business card holder.

Because it uses a magnet, the crisp feeling when opening and closing is refreshing . It seems that there are many customers who like that "the taste has come out" as they continue to use it.

This item is useful because the way of working has changed flexibly, such as a playful and compact business card holder, and a business card holder for work other than the main business such as side business and side business. Why don't you try incorporating the "KAMIKA" business card holder in a new era?

Behind the Scenes

"Cartonage" known as a traditional French craft. Cloth or paper is pasted on a box made by cutting thick paper called carton to make an accessory case. Taking advantage of such Cartonnage method ...

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Distributor KAMIKA
Product name Business card holder SLIM
Material Leather paper [lizard pattern]
It is a water-repellent and glossy paper material that can be wiped with a wet tissue to remove light moisture and dirt. It is not processed to make the best use of the original luster and feel of the material. Due to the characteristics of paper, please avoid water.

Please be careful not to get close to things that are easily affected by magnetism, such as cards and passbooks.
Size w 108mm x d 70mm x h 5mm
Weight 23g
About initial engraving You can choose gold or silver for the color. (The KAMIKA logo will also be engraved in the same color)
If you wish, please be sure to enter "③ Initials" and "④ KAMIKA logo and initial colors".
* There is a period between the letters. Unless otherwise specified, only the logo (silver) will be engraved.
About ordering ・ This product is an ordered product that is produced after receiving your order.
・ Custom-made one by one. Please choose the color and engraving.
・ The full price of the product will be accepted at the time of ordering.
Gift wrapping We will deliver it by tying a ribbon to KAMIKA's original light gray paper box. When ordering, please check "Please check for gifts (free of charge) (delivered in the Gift box of the seller)".
* If there is no check, we will deliver it without a ribbon.
Shipping schedule We will ship within 3 weeks after your order.
Shipping fee (tax included) The shipping fee for this product is free.


  • This product is sold by SoGoo Co., Ltd. and shipped by KAMIKA.
  • We cannot accept any cancellations or changes (additions / changes) after ordering. Please be sure to check the contents of your order before completing your order.
  • We make every effort to ensure the quality of the product, but if the product is damaged due to an accident during delivery or if it is different from the product you applied for, we apologize for the inconvenience. However, please contact us within 5 days after the item arrives. In this case, we will bear the return shipping fee.
  • We try to send items that are as close as possible to the color and texture of the product photo, but we cancel after ordering, such as returns, exchanges, changes, etc. because these are different from the image. We cannot accept it. Please note that.