Born from traditional French crafts
A completely new "paper product"


Revolutionary paper product brand "KAMIKA"

Known as a traditional French craft "Cartonage" .. Cloth or paper is pasted on a box made by cutting thick paper called carton to make an accessory case.

"KAMIKA" started in 2018 to make use of such Cartonnage method to create completely new items such as business card holders and accessories with a stylish design.

Mika Goto, who launched the brand in her hometown of Oita Prefecture, is currently in charge of producing all the items by herself.

Impressed by fashionable and functional paper products

Mr. Goto said that he was originally dexterous and was very good at origami and crafts since he was a child.

The full-scale encounter with Cartonnage was about 15 years ago. I was working at a flower shop at that time, and I was dealing with wedding-related accessories, so I went to Paris with the purchase of materials such as lace and ribbons.

I was very impressed to see the antique cartonnage sold in the flea market and the cloth boxes and paper boxes that are carefully used as furniture in the store.

The reason I was attracted to Cartonnage is that I can customize the size, fabric, decoration, etc. to my liking. Rather than making something cute easily, I was strongly attracted to the fact that it was designed with functionality and durability in mind, and it took time and effort to make something that could be used for a long time.

I was really excited to ask, "Is it possible to make such a wonderful thing from paper?"

After returning to Japan, Mr. Goto began to work on the production of cartonnage. I studied under the teacher of the Cartonage classroom, and I also ran the classroom as an instructor for about 10 years.

Cartonnage as a business item

KAMIKA items have a so-called general image High-sense and highly functional specifications that are very different from "handicrafts" are attractive .. The main item, the business card holder, was the first to be made by myself for classroom lessons.

Even if some people have been making elaborate business cards since they started exchanging business cards, Surprisingly few people are particular about business card holders I felt

Goto looks back.

At one point, Mr. Goto brought his own business card holder to the "Oita Creative Practical College" where he was attending. Recommended by the college operator, we will start making business card holders in earnest.

Every day I work on making a large number of products by myself. We made improvements while referring to the voice of the monitor, and successfully commercialized it. For the design, we also asked for the cooperation of product designers and architects.

Making beautiful products with fine adjustment

It's never been easy to make a high quality Cartonnage product that looks simple.

Most of them are done by hand, and in the case of a business card holder, a mount with a magnet embedded in the cut leather wind paper is pasted, and the outside and inside are glued together by processing and processing the corners, and weigh the stone for 1-2 days. After engraving, the product is inspected, a waterproof varnish is attached to the corners, and the product is completed.

When the finish feels "not beautiful" in my own way, I sometimes remake it, so in the process of work, Fine adjustment of 1 mm or less And so on.

In the case of a business card holder, it is adjusted so that when viewed from the front side, it is not possible to see that there is a magnet inside. Depending on how the paper is scraped, it may look dented or raised. We also pay close attention to the processing of the corners so that the base paper is not visible.

We are also conscious of the fact that there is no deviation between the left and right sides and the center, and how to cut and paste the paper inside to evenly straighten it.

Mr. Goto talks about the rewarding and important things that he feels while continuing KAMIKA.

It is my greatest joy and my driving force to please those who feel the value. I We want you to use something that you are satisfied with for a long time. doing. Although it is handmade, we try to deliver the same quality every time.

In general, many handmade products are cheap, and it is not easy to reflect the value in the price. As long as I sell it as a product, I always feel that I need to be prepared to do so as a maker.

I'm really happy to hear that KAMIKA's business card holder has become a good communication tool. Recently, the chances of exchanging business cards face-to-face may have decreased, but I think that it will continue to be necessary as a tool that will be the first step in interacting with people.

Expressing the color and individuality of that person I would like to continue to create tools that can be used while having fun.

A completely new product "KAMIKA" using paper. It should be a brand that will stay with you for a long time in the current era where each person can show their own personality and vigor.