Two different flavors and textures
First-class seaweed produced by the Seto Inland Sea

ノリノリキング、ノリノリクイーン 各6袋
ノリノリキング、ノリノリクイーン 各6袋
Jiroya seasoned seaweed set
Jiroya seasoned seaweed set

Jiroya seasoned seaweed set

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  • Nutrient-rich Setouchi
  • Only seaweed of the highest grade "first-class" or higher is used at the competition
  • Different flavors and textures of the first and second picks


Nori seaweed that is familiar at Japanese dining tables. In particular, seasoned seaweed is a standard Japanese rice companion, including breakfast.

Nori is a seaweed that you can get on a daily basis in our daily lives, but the color, flavor, and aroma change greatly depending on the grade and the order of picking during aquaculture . increase.

Among such seaweeds, Jiroya's seasoned seaweed "Norinori King & Norinori Queen" using only the finest seaweed grown in the nutrient-rich sea of ​​Setouchi ". In addition to its catchy naming and design, it has a commitment to quality that you can rarely encounter with other seasoned seaweeds.

First picked & Second picked seaweed

Nori has different characteristics depending on the order in which it was picked in that year. "Norinori King" uses the first picked seaweed, and "Norinori Queen" uses the second picked seaweed.

  • The most picked "Norinori King"

Because the leaves are young and soft, they are often torn by the wind and waves on the sea during the aquaculture process, and are often eaten by birds and fish. It is , which is characterized by its softness and fragrance. Recommended for rice balls and nori-bento.

  • Second picked "Norinori Queen"

It is more chewy than the first pick, and it is characterized by where you can enjoy the original taste of seaweed . This is also recommended as a snack or snack.

Seasoned Nori King & Norinori Queen Nori is seasoned not too thick and not too light so that the flavor of the seaweed is not erased and the taste can be asserted firmly.

Use only "first-class" or higher seaweed that clears the conditions

Jiroya seaweed is all from Okayama prefecture. It is said that the creator is not the same every time, and Mr. Imoto, who runs Jiroya, actually visits and decides how to handle it after checking the quality of the seaweed of the year. And, among Jiroya, Norinori King & Norinori Queen uses only for grade highest grade "first grade or higher".

Actually, there is a "grade" for seaweed, and a competition is held every year to determine the grade. The appraiser will look at the color, luster, and holes of seaweed one by one, pick them up, and actually eat them to determine the grade.

According to Mr. Imoto, "Nori that is not delicious has little nutrition, and its color and luster are greenish and yellowish, and it has a unique old-fashioned flavor." Jiroya Nori is a carefully selected gem that can be provided because Mr. Imoto himself grew up in his parents' house where he cultivates seaweed and knows really delicious seaweed.

Tsukudani with snacks, how to enjoy your own style

You can feel the crispy texture and the flavor and aroma of seaweed by eating it as it is, but when you use it for warm rice such as rice balls and seaweed valve, the seaweed becomes soft and the texture of seaweed increases. The flavor will also be stronger. Of course, you can enjoy it deliciously even if you roll it with baked mochi.

It's perfect for beer and other "sake snacks" as well as meals, and it's one of the pleasures to find your own arrangement, such as wrapping cheese.

Mr. Imoto's recommended arrangement method is to put the seaweed back in water and boil it with your favorite seasoning. Even at Mr. Imoto's parents' house, he often boiled the harvested seaweed and ate it.

Many customers commented that "white rice goes on and on" and "the scent of seaweed is very good." In addition, the unique package design, which does not seem to be seaweed at first glance, is also popular as a gift, and you can also give it an exciting feeling.

Seasoned seaweed that is more than a first-class product that you can't find anywhere else in terms of flavor, aroma, and seasoning.

Why don't you enjoy a higher-grade rice companion at your usual dining table?

Behind the Scenes

Put your feelings for the island into "Nori" and disseminate the charm of Setouchi both domestically and internationally

One person who aims to revive the seaweed farming industry on the island where he was born and raised and to revive the island in the future by disseminating the charm of Okayama prefecture's seaweed made in the nutritious sea both domestically and internationally. Men are ...

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Distributor Jiroya
Product name Seasoned seaweed "Norinori King & Norinori Queen"
Raw material name Dried seaweed (from Okayama), sugar, protein hydrolyzate, soy sauce (honjo), mirin, salt, shrimp, bonito flakes, beef extract, starch decomposition product, kelp, Yeast extract / seasoning (amino acid), sweetener (licorice, stevia), spice extract
Contents Per bag: 6 slices 12 sheets (for 2 board glues)
Norinori King x 6 bags
Norinori Queen x 6 bags
Expiration date January 2023 (10 months from the processing date)
Storage method Avoid high temperature and humidity, and store at room temperature.
Shipping Schedule We will ship within 7 business days after your order, excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) Okayama prefecture 810 yen
China (Tottori / Shimane / Hiroshima / Yamaguchi) 870 yen
Kinki / Shikoku / Kyushu 870 yen
Hokuriku / Tokai 970 yen
Kanto / Shinetsu 1,100 yen
Okinawa 1,230 yen
Tohoku 1,300 yen
Hokkaido 1,540 yen


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