Wood Berry's

A dream come true with three classmates
Pursuit of materials that are packed to the brim


The combination of materials is "1 + 1 = 2" or more

Among the many ice cream and gelato stores, specializes in frozen yogurt has been loved for over 20 years The store is in Kichijoji, Tokyo. It is in. Wood Berry's, a store specializing in raw frozen yogurt, is loved by all generations for its original gentle taste and is crowded with customers on their way home from shopping.

Wood Berry's frozen yogurt has "raw" in its name. This is because we use self-fermented lactic acid bacteria live yogurt at our own yogurt workshop, using milk from Yatsugatake, which has a good natural environment.

And the fruit mixed with yogurt is also particular about "raw".

We are particular about the taste and quality, and only the fruits that we think are really delicious are purchased directly from the producers .

Basically, it is important to make the taste of the ingredients proper. The combination of yogurt and fruit is not good at 1 + 1 = 1.5, and I try to put out only those that are 1 + 1 = 2 or more .

Mr. Motohiko Tagawa, the representative of Wood Berry's, said so.

In Kichijoji, where he was born and raised, Mr. Tagawa has been pursuing the natural taste of frozen yogurt for over 20 years. Told me.

A chance encounter on a trip to Canada

Around 1998 , when the Internet was not yet widespread, Wood Berry's opened its first store in Kichijoji. (Current Kichijoji Main Store)

Wood Berry's main store at the time of opening

At that time, it seems that the awareness of frozen yogurt in Japan was lower than it is now, but it is said that the encounter between Mr. Tagawa and frozen yogurt was triggered by a trip to Canada with two classmates in high school. increase.

The frozen yogurt I ate at the Vancouver market was really good. And after returning to Japan, the story "I want to do that in Japan" came out naturally among the three.

But at that time, there was no internet and there was no way to find out how to make it, so I made it through trial and error, but in the end I went to Canada again with three people (laughs)

However, when he revisited and ate the same frozen yogurt as last time, he said that he was able to answer at that moment, saying, "Oh? The one we made is better."

When we realized that we were beyond the taste of Canada, which had been retained in our delicious memories, we decided to "make it ourselves!" With three classmates. At that time, Mr. Tagawa worked as a member of society for about half a year, but he seemed to be able to see the timing and the way to go when he felt that he was unsuitable for himself.

And just six months after his determination, Wood Berry's said he was able to row open.

At that time, the power and morale was amazing (laughs) I was so samurai that I still can't remember those days, and I still can't exceed the taste that I mixed at that time. ..

Wood Berry's at the time of opening

In the 10 year of the turning point, the pursuit of the essence

Mr. Tagawa said with a smile that he could not exceed the taste at the time of opening. However, he recalls that Wood Berry's had a major turning point in the 10 years since its opening.

In the 10th year when there was only one store in Kichijoji, which had several stores in Tokyo, I reviewed everything as it was. We seriously worked on the ingredients to deliver only really delicious food.

Mr. Tagawa said that he set up his own yogurt workshop from there and worked on research and development. Since the acidity and taste of yogurt change due to the influence of lactic acid bacteria, the key is the combination of bacteria that is infinite. Originally manufactured "raw" yogurt , which is said to have been prototyped and devised many times so that you can feel the sourness and richness of yogurt even if it is chilled and iced.

Mr. Tagawa says that cleaning and temperature control are more difficult in an environment where bacteria are handled than in manufacturing, but in order to provide a satisfactory taste, self-fermentation in our own workshop is essential. By the way, it is said that 1 classmates who co-founded Wood Berry's manage the workshop.

And it is said that fruits are also purchased directly from producers instead of the previous market purchases. Mr. Tagawa said that the appearance of fruits on the market was prioritized and he had been worried that the quality of taste would not be stable.

By visiting farmers directly, it is said that they now provide only reliable fruits of reliable quality .

We do not use any processed products, and most of them use domestic fruits. We now purchase from about 50 farmers nationwide , including those that can only be served in short seasons and rare fruits that are not familiar to us.

I want you to eat it because you hate yogurt

In the encounter with a farmer who makes such exquisite fruits, "Wood Berry's his Marche store", which also offers menus such as parfaits, was opened as the main store, saying "I want you to taste the deliciousness of the fruits themselves". It is also said to have opened in Kichijoji.

Wood Berry's Marche store

I would like people who are not good at chemical taste and people who are not good at yogurt to eat it. I was addicted to some of our staff who were originally not good at yogurt.

Mr. Tagawa, who says so, is surprised that he was not good at sweets and yogurt.

I was not good at the artificial sweetness of sweets and the too strong acidity of yogurt. To be honest, that hasn't changed.

That's why I think that the synergistic effect of the combination of yogurt and fruits can expand the range of frozen yogurt.

Wood Berry's Frozen Yogurt has a refreshing aftertaste that makes you not thirsty even after eating, and the taste that makes use of the goodness of the ingredients is completely different from ice cream and gelato

I would like to continue to pursue frozen yogurt.

Even if you don't like yogurt, please try it. It can't be helped if you can't eat ours (laughs)

A cup of frozen yogurt that makes you smile in the city of Kichijoji.

Its natural and gentle taste, which cannot be tasted anywhere else, makes many people smile today.