Umami that goes beyond nature while being cultivated
Collagen-rich nourishing food

Kanmonkai Domestic Trafugu Grilled Fugu Set (Tessa, Yubiki, Grilled Fugu)
Kanmonkai Domestic Trafugu Grilled Fugu Set (Tessa, Yubiki, Grilled Fugu)
Kanmonkai Domestic Trafugu Grilled Fugu Set (Tessa, Yubiki, Grilled Fugu)

Kanmonkai Domestic Trafugu Grilled Fugu Set (Tessa, Yubiki, Grilled Fugu)

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The Japanese custom of "day of the Ox" is a promotional phrase that was conceived by Hiraga Gennai, a Dutch scholar in the Edo period. It is said that it is derived from the signboard "Today's Day of the Ox, eels are called" that a famous scholar made for the eel shop that is far away from customers in the summer.

However, in modern Japan, which has nurtured a rich food culture, there are countless ingredients known for their high nutritional value. Among them, farmed tiger puffer fish, which can be enjoyed all year round, is attracting attention as a summer nourishing food that replaces eel.

Takifugu ruburina contains 5 times as much taurine as eel , and is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Eel has a high calorie content of about 21 g per 100 g of fat, while tiger puffer has about 0.3 g of fat per 100 g. As a high-protein, low-calorie food that is rich in collagen, you can expect summer nourishment through deliciousness.

It is the freezing and processing technology of Kanmonkai that created the "genuine" that made this tiger puffer enjoyable even in the height of summer. Cultured tiger puffer fish landed at the peak of winter is aged with our unique freezing technology to enhance the taste. It is said that it has obtained international patents , including the technology to thaw cells without destroying them.

With this unique development, stable supply of tiger puffer has become possible, and high-class fish tiger puffer can now be enjoyed reasonably regardless of the season .

Tessa is salt. Korean wave grilled blowfish.
How to eat tiger puffer to enjoy the quest

How about a surprise that makes tiger puffer appear at the weekend dining table where families gather and the evening drink of summer evening? In the season when cold beer is delicious, we recommend the "Genshin" grilled blowfish, tessa, and hot water.

"Genshin" has a fresher elasticity than normal tiger puffers in the aging process, so I dare to cut it into thick slices. It seems that the workmanship is so good that it is said by the same traders that " natural live puffers cannot produce this texture and color even if they are aged ". As a starter to know, the correct answer is to eat tessa with salt first.

The special red grated hot water (Teppi) has a mouthfeel like that gradually melts from the first crunchy texture . It tells us that it is a good quality collagen .

For the main grilled blowfish, choose a bite-sized piece of blowfish with your favorite sauce from "sweet and spicy jean" or "garlic". In addition, By Emotion limited, the volume was increased from 240g to 300g .

This set, which is white but has a strong taste, is a way to eat tiger puffer, which has both deliciousness and low calories, and makes you want to try it with various kinds of sake. It seems to be pleased as an elaborate dish.

Behind the Scenes

High quality tiger puffer for everyday food. What is "aged blowfish" that is delicious even in summer?

Fugu in the summer? ...... For those who think so, this article may be an opportunity to change the idea that "blowfish is delicious in winter" ...

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Manufacturer Kanmonkai
Product name Domestic tiger blowfish grilled blowfish set (for 2 people)
Contents Set
Torafugu 300g, Sauce (sweet and spicy jean or garlic) 120g, Tessa 100g, Hot water 70g, Ponzu 30cc, Grated maple 15g

Grilled blowfish separately
Torafugu 300g, sauce (sweet and spicy jean or garlic) 120g
Raw material name Trafugu
Ara, skin (domestic) (cultivated) (standard Japanese name: Torafugu)

Sweet and spicy jantale
Mirin (domestic production) , Miso, soy sauce, onions, canola oil, sugar, sesame oil, kochujan, chopped garlic, grain vinegar, synthetic sake, chili pepper, fried onion, fried garlic, boiled shrimp, scallop extract, sun-dried salt, (partly wheat, shrimp, crab)・ Including soy sauce, mackerel, and sesame)

Carrot sardine
Chopped garlic, puffer fish extract (standard Japanese name white saba fugu, kurosaba fugu), mirin, canola oil, sesame oil, lemon juice / seasoning (amino acid, nucleic acid) , (Including sesame), Fried garlic, Chili

Tessa (domestic) (cultivated) (standard Japanese name tiger puffer)

hot water
tiger puffer skin (domestic) (Cultivation) (Standard Japanese name: Torafugu)

Pon vinegar
Soy sauce (domestic production), fruit juice (sudachi / yuzu), sugar (grape sugar fructose liquid sugar, mirin, sugar), rice fermented seasoning, Katsuo-bushi extract, dried boiled extract, rice vinegar, salt, kelp extract, shiitake mushroom extract,

maple grated
radish, chili, salt, brewing Liquor / thickener (xanthan)
Storage method Freezing required (-18 ° C or less). After thawing, please consume within the day. Consume ponzu within 3 days after thawing.
Wrapping Wrapping paper is not available. Since it is for home use, it will be delivered in a white box.
Delivery time After ordering, it will be shipped within 7 business days excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) Honshu / Shikoku / Kyushu: 1,000 yen
Hokkaido / Okinawa: 1,400 yen * 1,400 yen will be charged for remote islands.


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