With freshly fried hot tiger puffer
Raise the level of fried chicken at home

Kanmonkai fried domestic tiger puffer (6-8 servings)
Kanmonkai fried domestic tiger puffer (6-8 servings)

Kanmonkai fried domestic tiger puffer (6-8 servings)

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  • からあげグランプリ素材バラエティ部門最高金賞
  • フグの個性を生かす調合の下味と唐揚げ粉
  • ビールやハイボール、どんなお酒とも相性良し


Fugu food is said to have been introduced from China to Japan since ancient times, but in China, "steamed puffer fish" is the most common way to eat puffer fish. The idea of ​​deep-fried blowfish is , a cooking method for "Japanese people who like fried food", which was born in Japan in recent years.

Among them, the fried torafugu using "genuine" won the highest gold award in the "8th Karaage Grand Prix ® Material Variety Category" . .. Even in the single item menu of the store, it is a popular taste that competes for 1 or 2.

Domestically-produced cultivated tiger puffer landed in winter, with the unique processing, freezing, and aging technology developed by Kanmonkai, the "genuine" has four seasons. Regardless of the taste, it has a reputation for being able to enjoy the natural taste. The elastic texture peculiar to tiger puffer is perfect for deep-fried chicken.

The "Genshin Fugu Fried Chicken Set" comes with a soy sauce-based seasoning of the "Genshin" fillet so that it can be easily eaten at home, and is fried with the included fried chicken powder. only. This flavor and fried chicken powder are mixed in an exquisite balance that makes the best use of the individuality of " Genuine". It doesn't go well with the ingredients.

The fragrant batter has a addictive texture that traps the juicy tiger puffer flavor, and the flesh quality unique to the "genuine" that has undergone the aging process allows you to enjoy the depth of the tiger puffer as you chew. It has a delicious taste that is pleasing to men and women of all ages, and goes well with beer, highball, and any kind of alcohol. Above all, I am glad that can enjoy authentic fried tiger puffer fish at home.

Behind the Scenes

High quality tiger puffer for everyday food. What is "aged blowfish" that is delicious even in summer?

Fugu in the summer? ...... For those who think so, this article may be an opportunity to change the idea that "blowfish is delicious in winter" ...

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Manufacturer Kanmonkai
Product name Deep-fried domestic tiger puffer fish (6-8 servings)
Contents Fried tiger puffer (with seasoning) Approx. 300g x 2 bags, fried powder approx. 50g x 2 bags
Ingredient name Fried chicken (with seasoning)
Standard Japanese name: Torafugu (domestic) (cultivated), soy sauce, cooking liquor, sugar (grape sugar fructose liquid sugar, water candy) , Sugar), salt, boiled and dried extract, scallop extract, chicken extract, yeast extract, rice vinegar, caramel pigment (including wheat, soy sauce, and chicken as part of the raw materials)

Fried flour
Kataguri powder (domestic production), soy sauce, mirin-style seasoning, flavor ingredients (katsuo), sugar / seasoning (amino acids, etc.) (including some wheat, milk components, soybeans)
Storage We will deliver it frozen. It can be stored for about 180 days before thawing. Consume immediately after thawing.
Wrapping Wrapping paper is not available. Since it is for home use, it will be delivered in a white box.
Delivery time After ordering, it will be shipped within 7 business days excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) Honshu / Shikoku / Kyushu: 1,000 yen
Hokkaido / Okinawa: 1,400 yen * 1,400 yen will be charged for remote islands.


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