High-quality tiger puffer for everyday food.
What is "aged blowfish" that is delicious even in summer?


Fugu in the summer? If you think so, this article may be an opportunity to change the idea that "blowfish is delicious in winter".

There is also a devotion that "blowfish is limited to natural products". Furthermore, in terms of price, "Genshin", which has thrown a stone into the conventional blowfish market, was born in Osaka, which has the highest consumption of blowfish in Japan.

With epoch-making umami ingredient improvement technology, Cultured tiger puffer that has a taste that is comparable to that of nature Kanmonkai Co., Ltd., which owns this "genuine" as its own brand, has maintained the highest volume of tiger puffer in restaurants in Japan in recent years.

Trafugu is one of the most difficult fish to grow, and the history of domestic trough farming is so short that it is said that the successful case in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1964. Kanmonkai was founded in 1980, 25 years later.

In Osaka, where there were many high-end stores that used natural products as signboards at that time, Kanmonkai focused on farmed tiger puffer immediately after its establishment. By crossing the boundaries of industry, academia and distribution, and working hand-in-hand with genuine people, we hope that our customers will enjoy the richness and happiness of tiger puffer, which has been regarded as a high-class fish, by providing it in a truly delicious, cheap and safe manner. With the feeling of "I want to" Scientifically pursuing deliciousness I started to do it.

Says Kumiko Yamaguchi, the current president of Kanmonkai.

First of all, in order to deliver healthy tiger puffer fish to the store's cage, we have built a unique distribution route that allows direct delivery from landing to the store in the shortest time without going through wholesalers. Nowadays, "direct production" is commonplace, but this was the distribution revolution at that time. At the same time, it also resulted in a significant cost reduction. Even so, even live fish that swim in a cage until just before cooking may lack the elasticity and umami peculiar to tiger puffer fish depending on the season.

Landing in winter to enhance the taste and further enhance the taste

Stored umami In winter, the farmed tiger puffer fish are landed all at once. It is said that it will be done. "Genshin"'s unique aging, freezing, and storage technology was developed to bring out the umami from its best condition and to enjoy it all year round. Masaki Esaki, who leads the product development of our company, says that the constitution of tiger puffer is suitable for aging.

In the refrigeration technology, we focused on the umami ingredients such as amino acids and sugars that are secreted when the food does not freeze, and established a technology to bring out the unique umami ingredients by controlling the temperature.

Furthermore, by developing a low-temperature aging technology that keeps the umami ingredients trapped inside the cells without dripping, "Genshin" has the same elasticity and taste as nature, and has a fresh quality. became.

Because it is transported to each store in a frozen state and uses a dedicated defroster for thawing, Delicious tiger puffer at any time, regardless of location or season You can enjoy.

Kaimonkai's unique technology and system from landing to freezing, aging, and shipping have obtained patents for processing methods not only in Japan but also in China and South Korea, where puffer fish food is popular.

China has a deeper history of blowfish food culture than Japan, but it is said that many Chinese tourists visit Japan every time they come to Japan if they can eat it more deliciously and with peace of mind than their own country. Not only its taste, but also the blowfish Rich in health-promoting nutrients such as taurine, as well as beauty-focused nutrients such as marine collagen and niacin is.

In the past, tiger puffer fish was thought of as an adult luxury, but probably because of the growing health consciousness, there were a lot of younger generation customers who used the Go To Eat campaign last year. A couple playing a smartphone game while poking around.

Yamaguchi smiles bitterly. The Go To Eat campaign started in early summer last year. For the younger generation, who do not have the feeling of winter, puffer fish may have been an opportunity to eat delicious tiger puffer fish, which is also a healthy food, at a reasonable price.

However, it is nice to be able to easily eat delicious tiger puffer at any time, regardless of age.

Stabilize the price of tiger puffer, which fluctuates greatly in the market price of the year, Dispelling the line between natural and farmed from the standards of deliciousness of tiger puffer "Genuine". Mr. Yamaguchi will be all over Japan from now on Fugu as a general diet Say you want to.

If you give your name to the store in Osaka, you may be told that it is a store that destroyed the price of tiger puffer fish, but in the east of Kanto, you cannot deny the impression that tiger puffer fish is expensive. And even in Kansai, where puffer fish food is popular, the current situation is that puffer fish has a deep-rooted sense of winter taste.

However, if it is a "genuine", you can enjoy it in the summer with tessa and yakimono, and you can know that puffer fish can be eaten in various dishes with the elasticity and depth of taste unique to aging. There was also bashing from the same trader due to the release of reasonable tiger puffer, but Fugu cuisine is one of the Japanese cultures But above all, I want to sympathize with more people about delicious food.