Mr. Zenemon Sakakura

From tradition to legend.
Hagi ware that attracts famous luxury inns


A writer who creates a space for a famous luxury inn

“Hoshi no Resort Kai Nagato” is a luxury hot spring inn that is famous for creating the finest space. Mr. Zenemon Sakakura, a potter of Hagi ware, was entrusted with the furnishings of the guest room. We created different works for each guest room and worked on the space production of the entire room.

In addition, you can spend a luxurious time drinking coffee with Mr. Zenemon's cup while reading at the "Travel Library", which is the best relaxing space in the building.

Hoshinoya's guest room

Hagi ware potter who is paying attention to "warm the old and know the new"

Creating a "tradition" means building a new one while valuing the old one.

Said Zenemon.

The fire of the kiln, which was once cut off in his grandfather's generation, is lit again, and he continues to maintain the tradition of Hagi ware that has continued since the Edo period with avant-garde sensibility.

"Tradition" is said to be alive and flowing.

To imitate the old technique and inherit 1 as 1 is just "folklore".

It is our responsibility to create traditional crafts by further refining the excellent techniques inherited from our predecessors and building new ones that fit our daily lives. In order to make something that will remain 100 years from now, we have to do things that are in line with the present era.

Is this the traditional craft of Hagi ware in Zenemon's work? There are many things that are as dynamic and modern as you might think.

Ichiraku, Nihagi, Sankaratsu

Hagi ware is a traditional craft of Yamaguchi prefecture that has almost no decoration and is characterized by its simple and soft texture. It has been called "Ichiraku, Nihagi, Sankaratsu" for a long time and has been loved by tea masters as a tea pottery.

Hagi tea bowl

Its charm is Deep taste that comes out as you use it .. As Hagi ware is used, small cracks called "intrusive rocks" form in the vessel, and tea and sake permeate into it, changing the color. The fact that the taste gradually increases with the passage of time is similar to the spirit of the tea ceremony, "Wabi-sabi," and it is very tasteful.

Hagi-yaki feels that kind of emotion, but Mr. Zenemon is not bound by old stereotypes and continues to shape innovative ideas, which surprises the people around him.

Title of work: Fake

Title of work: Vase with crab

That sensibility Mr. Kyuyuki Miwa, a major figure of Hagi ware, also admits that "this direction is not good". About.

One of Zenemon's works, pottery fish, is very real and far from the simple image of Hagi ware.

Title of work: Ceramic fish black sea bream

"At first, it was overcooked and looked like charred grilled fish," said Zenemon with a laugh. When asked why he came up with such a work,

I liked fish. Nagato is near the sea and the fish are delicious. But when I eat it, it disappears, so I wanted to keep the three-dimensional shape as it is, like gyotaku and leaving it as a memorial.

Mr. Zenemon who makes what he thinks is good. We make not only artistic works, but also cups and other equipment that are familiar to us in our daily lives. Of course, there is also a commitment that is typical of Zenemon.

This is from the same Yamaguchi prefecture The red shale of the rough stone of the traditional craft "Akama Inkstone" Used for glaze Then, the beautiful jet-black color and texture of the inkstone were reproduced in the cup.

Drink water, drink coffee, drink alcohol.

The familiar and common practice of "drinking", which is performed many times during the day, is very important and lovable when you do it with Hagi Yaki with such a feeling.

Inherit to the next generation and see the "legend"

Mr. Zenemon Sakakura, who keeps the "tradition" of Hagi ware and spins it.

I would like to create many variations by pursuing how to express with the raw materials that can be used now. I wish I could leave it as a technology until 100 years later. If "tradition" remains for 100 years, it will become "legend".

Hagi ware of Mr. Zenemon who may become a legend.

I want to use it carefully for my children and grandchildren while watching the intrusive rocks that enter the cup with the passage of time.