Lasts for 10 years
Inactivate the new coronavirus

Japan Nanotech Ali Terrace Photocatalytic Spray
Japan Nanotech Ali Terrace Photocatalytic Spray

Japan Nanotech Ali Terrace Photocatalytic Spray

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A new type of coronavirus that does not allow for prejudice, such as the occurrence of mutant strains, even as vaccination progresses. In addition to masks and hand washing, there are many people who frequently disinfect the room by wiping the walls and furniture of their homes and offices.

"Ariterasu" photocatalyst Using * A spray that is effective in inactivating the new coronavirus .. Moreover, the difference from a general disinfectant spray is that once applied The effect lasts for about 10 years To do. The base of this Ariterasu was titanium oxide developed at the Saga Ceramics Technology Center, which is famous for Arita porcelain.

* photocatalyst What is ...

A technology that can decompose and remove bacteria, viruses, and even the source of odors into water and carbon dioxide by exposing the spray-coated surface to light.

Titanium oxide is an ingredient originally contained in the glaze applied to baked goods. The invention of titanium oxide processing technology by Dr. Hiromichi Ichinose (currently a technical advisor of Nippon Nanotech Co., Ltd.), who was the director of the center at that time, led to its utilization in photocatalysts. By the way, this invention is still maintained as a patented technology of Saga prefecture.

What is the processing technology? Apply heat to an aqueous solution of titanium oxide to make it into a powder. The components that make the photocatalyst function are titanium oxide + water, but titanium oxide is insoluble in water. Therefore, if titanium oxide particles are processed into a spray while they are still large, they will separate from water and the effect of the photocatalyst after spraying will be uneven.

To make up for this separation other The photocatalytic sprays developed by the company often contain organic solvents, which reduces the function of the photocatalyst and shortens the duration of effect. It may be. On the other hand, Ariterasu realized titanium oxide with small particles by directly powdering it from a liquid instead of powdering it, and as a result, succeeded in commercializing it without organic solvent.

Ariterasu's strength = evidence

The photocatalyst is colorless even when you look at the surface on which the spray is applied, so it may be difficult to tell whether it is effective or not. for that reason, In some cases, there are vendors who sell products without active ingredients as "photocatalysts". , That lowers the overall impression of the photocatalyst. Based on the general public's perception, Ariterasu is actively taking evidence through inspections and experiments.

○ Effect against new coronavirus

① Report by Nara Medical University School of Medicine (1) PDF )

→ The report states that "the surface of the substance may be effective in preventing contact infections caused by the new coronavirus."

○ Safety

① Primary skin irritation test using rabbits (1) PDF )

→ It is stated that the effect of Ariterasu adhering to the skin has been investigated and that it has cleared the standard value without any problem.

(2) Mutagenicity test using microorganisms ( PDF )

→ It is stated that it has no effect on cell DNA or chromosomes and does not induce mutations or drug resistance.

③ Acute oral toxicity test using female rats ( PDF )

→ As a result of investigating the presence or absence of toxicity in case of accidental ingestion, it is judged that there is no problem.

○ Weather resistance

① Metal halide test ( PDF )

→ It is stated that it has weather resistance equivalent to 10 years.

② Tabor wear test ( PDF )

→ It is written that the photocatalyst coating was confirmed after rubbing the stainless steel coated with Aliteras 1,000 times.

○ Anti-virus / bacteria

① Against Staphylococcus aureus ( PDF )

② Against E. coli ( PDF )

③ Antiviral performance evaluation test using bacteriophage ( PDF )

→ It has been confirmed that 99.98% of Staphylococcus aureus, 99.1% of Escherichia coli, and 99.5% of bacteriophage are decomposed and removed.

○ Against gas

(1) Acetaldehyde removal performance test ( PDF )

(2) Formaldehyde removal performance test ( PDF )

③ Toluene removal performance test ( PDF )

→ It has been confirmed that the gas concentration is gradually reduced to a level that does not affect the human body by the photocatalyst.

④ Against ammonia gas ( PDF )

→ It has been confirmed that there is a decomposition function of 99% or more in places exposed to light and 98% even in places not exposed to light.

In addition to the new coronavirus, such as mold in the bathroom

" The difference between "Ariterasu" and sterilization / sterilization methods other than photocatalyst is its cost. .. Bacteria and viruses can be reliably removed at that moment by using hypochlorous acid or alcohol, but regular treatment is required. On the other hand, "Ariterasu" forms a coating layer of photocatalyst, the effect lasts (about 10 years), and it is more economical and less time consuming than wiping each time.

Since it can be sprayed 4 to 5 m2 with one, it is suitable for coating entrances and dining tables that have access to the outside at home, and shared desks and chairs in the office. In addition, the photocatalyst is effective in addition to the new coronavirus. It is also recommended for those who clean the persistent red mold in the bathroom and the smell of the toilet every week.

○ How to use

(1) Remove as much dirt as possible from the coated surface (the coated surface is coated by spraying, so if there is dirt, it will be coated from above).

② Shake well up and down

③ 30 cm Spray while moving away

④ Apply as thinly and evenly as possible while spraying.

* If you apply a thick coat, the coating layer will become thicker and the coated surface may appear white.

⑤ Wait until it dries

⑥ Expose to interior lights, sunlight, etc.

By spraying Ariterasu, a coating layer of photocatalyst is formed, and after drying, it is exposed to light and decomposition starts.



Product name Aliteras IC photocatalyst spray
Ingredients Photocatalyst (titanium oxide), water, silver ion AG +
Contents 200ml (Usage guideline 4-5㎡)
Usable parts

Walls / ceilings / bedding / carpets / toys / clothing / shoes / curtains / inside the car

Entrances where people come and go, small items that are often touched Please use it on the wall of the toilet where you are worried about the smell.

Unusable parts Leather goods / Japanese clothing / Black and colorful things / Fine arts / Precious metals / Electrical appliances / Tableware / Hardware / Glass / Mirror / Waterproof / Repellent Those with water performance

Due to the coating with titanium oxide, the coated surface of glossy materials (especially metal) may appear white.

Apply as thinly and evenly as possible.

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