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tabel domestic herbal tea tea bag set

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  • Domestic herbal tea made from Japanese herbs
  • Caffeine-free cultivation without pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • Inner care efficacy that varies depending on the type of herb


Rie Nitta of " Tabel" (Tabel), who is a graduate of the dining table and is researching domestic herbs, found herself all over the country, each different Domestic herbal tea with hidden efficacy .

The herbs rooted in the climate of various parts of Japan are all pesticide-free and chemical fertilizer-free cultivation .

When you hear medicinal herbs, many people may think that they are good for your health, but they are bitter and not delicious, but the tea of ​​"tabel" is Efficacy Of course, we are particular about the taste of .

For example, "Hasu no Hacha" is one of the most popular teas in " tabael" .

The Hasu leaf tea that Mr. Nitta met in Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture, has a milder and gentler sweetness than any Hasu leaf tea that I have ever drank, and I lose my words the moment I drink it. It is said that he was impressed.

The rare Japanese native lotus leaf has been carefully cultivated in the Yatsushiro city area of ​​Kumamoto prefecture for 40 years with pesticide-free and organic fertilizers.

Mr. Uemura, who protects the native species of Hasu in Yatsushiro

Including such "Hasu no Hacha", the herbal tea that Mr. Nitta met all over the country only Japanese native species is a handy tea bag.

You can easily enjoy tea during meals or between work. It is recommended for home use as well as a gift for friends and parents who care about the body.

Behind the Scenes

Food update from domestic herbs. Bringing a new herbal culture to the next generation

"Eating is the greatest pleasure for everyone until just before they die. Food is a common thing for all people," says a table researcher who uses traditional tea made with domestic herbs. Rie Nitta of "tabel" who works on it.

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Domestic herbal tea bag set ( 10 pieces × 2 box)

Popular 5 types of tea become tea bags, and two of them are combined into a set.

There are 3 types of

sets available.

Beauty & Relax (Hasu no Hacha & Tsukimocha)

Maintenance (Hasu no Hacha & Hanahabucha)

Detox (Glechoma grandis tea & guava tea)

[Lotus leaf tea] : Uses the leaves of the Nelumbo family.

Hasucha, which is said to have been loved by Yang Guifei as her beauty tea. It has a unique sweet scent similar to that of Kanagi, and has a mellow taste that makes you feel at ease. Rich in polyphenols, Recommended for those who want to improve their stomach , this tea will nourish your energy.

[Shell ginger tea] : Uses the leaves and stems of the ginger family.

It has a gorgeous aroma and a little spicy aftertaste. It contains 33 times more polyphenols than red wine, and is recommended for when you want to refresh .

[Flower Habucha] : Uses leaves, stems, pods, and flowers of the legume Senna occidentalis.

Kamairicha has a savory flavor and sweetness like black soybean tea. Recommended for when you want to improve your digestion.

[Glechoma grandis tea] : Uses leaves and stems of Glechoma grandis of the Labiatae family.

Marriage of roasted Coix seeds (Poaceae) with a refreshing flavor of ground-ivy. It has a refreshing mint-like scent and a mellow taste, and is recommended for those who are concerned about diet, beautiful skin, and blood sugar levels .

[Guava tea] : Uses guava leaves of the Myrtaceae family.

A taste characterized by a tropical fruity feeling like tropical fruits and a pleasant acidity. Vitamin C supports beauty and fatigue recovery .



Distributor TABEL Co., Ltd.
Product name Japanese traditional tea tea bag (10) Piece x 2 box set)
Ingredient name

Hasu tea: Hasu (leaf)

Moon peach tea: Moon Peach, Inubiwa

Flower Habucha: Habusou (leaves, stems, pods, flowers)

Kakidooshi Tea: Kakidooshi, Hatomugi, Kuco Leaves

Guaba Tea: Guaba (Leaf)


Hasucha: Kumamoto Prefecture

Tsukimocha: Ishigakijima

Hanahabu tea: Kochi prefecture

Kakidooshi tea: South Kyushu Kirishima

Guava tea: Kagoshima prefecture

Contents Tea bag 1g x 10 pieces x 2 boxes
Delivery specifications With gift box
* Water drawn rubber to hang on the box (Red) has a plum-shaped decoration handmade by a craftsman.
Manufacturer Hascha: Aso Herb Factory Co., Ltd.
Other tea leaves: Yamashita Herb Store
Shipping Schedule We will ship within 3 business days after your order, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included)

Okinawa prefecture, remote island: 1,400 yen

Other areas: 850 yen


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